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What cans do you plan on buying in 2011

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cifani090, Jul 25, 2010.
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  1. cifani090
    What headphone do you plan on buying in 2011. I may buy the T1.
  2. kingtz
    Hopefully nothing. [​IMG]
  3. David.M


    smart man [​IMG]
    how are those HD650's treating you?
  4. kingtz
    They've gone back into their box until I can decide on which desktop amp and dedicated DAC to buy. The uDAC alone just can't drive them, unfortunately.
  5. boomana
    None, but I said that I would buy none in 2010, and I bought JH13s, JH3A/16, HF2, and two pair of SRH840s, though I sold my MDR-R10s, both 840s, my UE11s, and an old pair of HD600s, so it evens out.  Still, I'm happy with what I have now, and am not looking to buy.  I was quite fond of the LCD2s at CanJam, and they interest me, but I really don't think I'll get them this year.
  6. AudioTroll
    a compliment to my hd-25´s
    a completly diffrent something,so open, big and..yeah, opposite..
    a "fun" home,in front of the compter HP.
    reading till my eyes bleed her to try picking ONE, not 15.. :p
    I wnat to try new stuff, but my wallet wont let me..hehe
  7. JwangSDC
    HD800, UE8, JH16 Pro
  8. SolidSnake3
    Well hopefully this will happen before 2011 but I really want to get a pair of Senn HD600. Aside from that I'm content with headphones...I think [​IMG]
    Amps/Sources and DAC's are another issue entirely and I won't even attempt to scratch the surface in 2011
  9. chinesekiwi
    Less than in previous years as I got life ambitions :wink:. It won't stop me from being tempted though :p
  10. Mr Joboto
    Maybe an IEM, but we'll see. I'm happy with my current setup.
  11. Seamless Sounds


    x2. I've burned my wallet for now and I'll have to burn some more later for an amp build. I'll remember the year 2010 well enough as my first Canjam meet and my first money spent on headphone gear. Tis' is the first time I'm feeling sorry for my wallet.[​IMG]
  12. Szadzik
    If I get the new 180 Euro per day job I am working on getting ATM I will be getting the T5P from Beyer. If I do not get the job I will probably get the phonnee either way :wink:
  13. Bigrock2150
    Wow, that didn't make sense at all....... [​IMG]
  14. Pyriel0
    Probably a diy headphone with these.  500_Picture_14.jpg
  15. wind016
    May I suggest the Woo Audio 6 SE? I have yet to hear a headphone that didn't sound good with these. =)

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