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What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

Discussion in 'Mike Moffat (Baldr)' started by baldr, Oct 13, 2015.
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  1. Ableza
    Yea, I remember dose and grind from the Disco days...
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  2. SpeakerBox
    Getting more complicated than rocket science!
  3. SpeakerBox
    In the listening room with my pup (who is not listening):

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  4. bosiemoncrieff
    18.5 at 1.0 was great. 18.5 at 1.1 was decidedly mediocre.
  5. RickB
    That's like 5 less angels on the head of the pin, dude.
  6. Derrick Swart
    Nice speakers!
    Does your little dog there in that position improve the sound? Or sleeping with the legs up sounds better?
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  7. Derrick Swart
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  8. SpeakerBox
    Thanks, the large ones are my design and driven by the vintage sx-1250. The smaller ones are LS3/5A clones that I built forty years ago while in engineering school. Drive those with the Fisher 400. Glorious sound from all. The listening room is in the basement and is not finished yet. Kind of bright so my 70 lb lab absorbs some of the brightness along with his bed.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
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  9. bosiemoncrieff
    It’s here.
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  10. jimmers
    If only I could see the whole THING on my screen at once ...

    It seems often the pictures that would be worthwhile in high pixel count, aren't, :disappointed:
    and those where it is of no value are. :rolling_eyes:

    just my POV, see sig

    P.S. loved Bosie's pics of the opera houses etc., so nothing personal :v:
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
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  11. Derrick Swart
    we ve a lab too, crazy dogs! especially with water; ours has a plastic and orange fetish, once she ate my sons glasses. The vet was not worried because labradors seemingly have an iron stomach
  12. Timster
    Nope, but it IS organic

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  13. Timster
    Yup, sure is.... An I have learned not to get too caught up in it, otherwise more and more time on that as well!
    Sounds like you are having a lot of fun... enjoy the experimentation and the coffee :coffee:
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  14. Timster
    I had a tamper custom made, with the handle made from Jarrah (an Aussie hardwood).
    On the top of the handle is laser engraved the chemical symbol for Caffeine.
    Around the top of the handle is the saying : "Making Espresso, unlike other coffee, ..... is Rocket Science"

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  15. GearMe
    Thinking I'm missing possible sarcasm/joke/etc. based on your 'see my sig' comment...but if not, then passing this tip on for those that would like to easily see 'the whole THING' on their screen at once.

    For Windows w/Chrome browser -- Right Click on the image and select "Open image in new tab" and then view image in the new tab
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