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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. sfwalcer

    Welp that just goes to show ya' how bad of a taste you have in muzik kami, i know it's a hard thing to say but someone gots to say it. It's for your own good in the end meng. [​IMG]
    Th beats, hooks, flow and production even the mastering of that album in nowhere hear top shelve quality tbh.
    Run the Jewels 2 still is the one to beat. But oh wait.............
    ......you don't play Bball so you wouldn't understand kami. : P
  2. KamijoIsMyHero
    Run The Jewels sounded like a** Nothing but fast rhyming and signal-tone beats.
  3. moriez
    It's straight wack! IMHO :)
    Ghost on the other hand. The only member who seems to be putting out good enjoyable music.
  4. luberconn
    yeh, i peeped that new wu last night and it was just so so.  i've listened to like 10 of the 15 tracks thus far.  i bobbed my head a little bit, but it didnt make me go buckwild or do any headspins or nuthin.
  5. KamijoIsMyHero

    carry on
  6. Change is Good
  7. nick n
    another bump for this, actual Presto discs incoming.
    Two in one here, mainly posting the first, but the second grooves.
     Presto - "Conquer Mentally" and "On"
    I'll fire this up also
    Main Source -  " Faking the Funk "
    sure another why not
    Sadat X " I Know This Game "
    moriez likes this.
  8. sfwalcer
    Welp new Lupe album is dropping soon, but not sure how i really feel about it. Will most likely not buy since his past two albums i bought in support but had very little long term replay value. The Cool is still his best for me and is truly a mature classic.
    .... "so sad cuz the pizza man don't f*** with us no more" line has me dying every time. LMAO
  9. nick n
    Some more worthy Nerdcore
    Star Wars track :0
    Dr. Awkward - " It's A Trap! "

    Random ( Mega Ran ) and Lost Perception  ( Final Fantasy 7 rap Remix )  "Avalanche"

    Schaeffer The Darklord " The Opener "

    Put this next one up before
    Kabuto the Python "The Guest List "  ( about 20+ nerdcore guests )
  10. razevi3
    What up guys,
    After a long hiatus from Head-Fi, I'm back with an open mind -- especially because the hip-hop scene has been thriving beyond my expectations lately. Since I got some time now, I'm going to check out every suggestion on this thread as an inspiration to better my art.
    What can I say? I missed this deeply, haha.
    With that, here's Kendrick's latest, untitled track debut on The Colbert Report. Surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet:
    EDIT: the other YT footage has been removed. skip to 4:07.
  11. sfwalcer
    you're telling me, feel the same way of late cuz been on my Korean Hip Hop swag for a longgggggg minute now but only recently has the American hip hop scene picked up enough steam to make me listen to new releases of late. Hip hop in the states is FINALLY getting mo' interesting/ towards the right direction again after many years of detours. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    LoL when will Kdots songs EVER not have strange voices/sounds in them??? [​IMG]
    Great song though, and his beat choice is always on point it seems.
  12. nick n
    King Pheenix ( ft Dale Chase ) " Bottle It "
    King Pheenix " Fighter "
    His albums are free BTW.
  13. linglingjr
    Hahaha yeah I was laughing at that too.  Not very excited for this.  
  14. Kiiskinen

    Somehow I felt obligated to share this here, though I doubt most people here are going to really get anything out of it.

    A young Finnish rapper made a song about headphones. Everything mentioned, from Koss being pretty much the best value for money (SR-60's not mentioned, sadly) to Beats being decent but overpriced.


    A second one from the same guy, which you should be able to enjoy even if you don't understand the lyrics, just because the beat is so freakin' good.

    And no, I'm not him, or anyone in any way connected to him.
  15. moriez
    ^ The pinnacle of Gangstarr's work. Flawless and then some. Last week I was remembered that it's nearly five years ago that Guru passed away. Dead and gone but far from forgotten. My man!
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