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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. sfwalcer
  2. KamijoIsMyHero
    Just done Rapsody's "The Beauty and the Beast" pretty good mellow hip-hop. She is calling it an EP but it is 40+ mins long which is an album in my books.

    Gonna try out Logic's release sometime this week, didn't even know this was his debut. I thought he has been around for years What
  3. Daniel4IEM
    great thread. would be curious to see a recap of the nominations for best headphones for rap. Same for IEMs
  4. linglingjr
    Ooh yeah you're in for a treat.  My biggest complaint about the whole album are the constant Nikki references throughout the whole alum.  I was like who the hell is Nikki? I don't care.  Stfu about Nikki.  Until I actually got around to listening to the song named "Nikki" I figured out who/what nikki is. Pretty underwhelming imo.
    A cool little guy by the name of Hi -Rez did the same exact thing with "Growing Love" a few years ago.  I think he did it better.  He also has some of the crazy weird philosophy rap that turns me onto Eyedea so much.
  5. sfwalcer
    ... LMAO'RLY??? [​IMG]
    Don't really see what all the controversy is all about cuz the song is just talking about her didn't Fff all doods in her crew. The visuals made the song 100000000Xs better tbh. ShciiT song period.
  6. linglingjr
    It's pretty obvious that those flags and symbols are depicting swastikas.  
    I wouldn't consider this music. Really makes me sad when I listened to it.  Sort of killed my day.  
  7. sfwalcer

    Welp way to state the DEAD obvious, but so what??? It's just reference to that history by the use of the iconography. I don't see mofos going ape schiit over Ladygagas Satanic acts on award shows as well as other pop icons. They do this type of stupid 'ish all the time in pop music. But it's ironic in that in this MV they are basically saying that they are the "Nazis" of hip hop pop music and that that is where they get their power from. haha But who runs/ funds them though like who REALLY funded/helped/enabled the Nazis during WWII???[​IMG]
    IBM, Union Banking... Prescott Bush... Project Paperclip.... to name a few.
    Anywho here is some good 'ish to get you back into the right mindset. :  )
  8. linglingjr
    lol I would never ever look that deep into any of the poop (that's poop not pop) released under "her" name.
     Saying you believe some magic devil character and worship him really isn't any more offensive/stupid than saying you believe and worship some magic dude in the sky.  Believing in Santa is by far the best option that will offend the least amount of people.  
     I watched like  40 seconds of that video and for the first time in a while felt I had enough of the internet for one day.
  9. sfwalcer

    LMAO dood ain't you a bit OVERLY sensitive. We talkin' 'bout hip hop here meng. GO HARD OR GO HOME!!! :wink:
    Like all contemporary popular music they all have the schiit side. Hip hop is no exception. 
    Guess i ain't as uppity as i thought i was. : P
  10. KamijoIsMyHero
    any recommended songs from KRIT where he "raps his a** off," from mixtapes, albums, wherever, link me please
    I still have to finish that album lol, got bored a quarter of the way in.
  11. iambasedgod
    that album was bad imo. I only liked 2 songs lol 
  12. moriez
    ^ Did he depart there from his usual approach? I much like that album. It's his other releases that I quickly heard and don't like :)
  13. luberconn
    new Wu Tang December 2nd.  i'm excite
  14. KamijoIsMyHero
    Ghostface and PRhyme a week after as well, killer start for christmas
     quite underwhelming
  15. luberconn
    dang, another ghostface album?  nice. 
    you listen to any action bronson?   his sound/style is similar to ghostface.  i like him almost and much as ghost.  you ever read big ghost chronicals?  i guess the site has changed to bigghostlimited.com.  schiit is funnier than all get out
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