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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. sfwalcer
  2. sfwalcer
  3. sfwalcer
    i was wrong!!!
    Dat production value!!!
    Da' new Loopie album is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    He back!!! Smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth from start to fin.
  4. KamijoIsMyHero
    thank you for the spam multi-post, the previous page bogged down my phone everytime I clicked on it. 
  5. sfwalcer

    LMAO that was the EXACT reason why i did what i did. Mofo has to do what a mofos has gots to do so his damn comp don't crash every tyme he clicks on this thread. LoL [​IMG]
    Nice to know that cyclops also approves. Hasn't notice her much of late but her recent fan attack got my attention again. Wish that was me grabbing her godly locks of deliciousness for my personal stash, Ooops that was meant to be a secret. 
    Cough ***for headphone modding purposes why of course*** Cough. [​IMG]
    So cute <333s
  6. KamijoIsMyHero
    Just finished Joey Bada$$ - B4.Da.$$. The first 10 tracks are pretty much 90's boom bap, This is fully exemplified with the "Big Dusty" -.-

    The last five songs then turns into modern underground hip-hop. The album overall album is pretty good, worth checking.
    Will give Lupe a try next.
  7. razevi3
    It's Tetsuo & Youth season. Period.
    I was pleasantly surprised by B4.Da.$$, but it's got nothing on Lupe. Opinion, yes. But regarding poetry? Joey ain't no bad $$ in that sense.
    EDIT: can't say a** on this forum.
  8. KamijoIsMyHero
    Which reminds me to finish up that album, got bored a 1/3rd through. Maybe try using butts.
  9. razevi3
    That's classic Lupe. His verses are so dense that it's impossible to fully understand his genius without analyzing them line by line, time after time. It really takes work so if that's not your thing, understandable.
  10. ExploitedPixel
    Loving this thread. Lots of great picks. Here is some of mine. Some Jedi Minds Tricks Love:
    Uncommon Valor:frowning2:A Vietnam War Story)

    Trail of Lies:

    On The Eve of War (feat. Wu Tang's GZA/Genius)

  11. preslavnikov
    I don't like the commercial rap. The lyrics are always the same and the artists talk about their bank accounts .IMO  Most of the modern rap is mediocre .
  12. ExploitedPixel
    That's the way I feel about most commercial rap, but there is plenty of great underground rap out there that bucks much of the commercial lyrics. 
    There are also some like Lupe that do tend to favor more depth in their lyrics.
    Not trying to toot my own horn but check out Trail of Lies (about anti-commercialism)  and Uncommon Valor (2nd verse - Rugged Man's verse is about his father's Vietnam xp - his father was a part of the Screaming Eagles Green Berets - both of RM's siblings died from Agent Orange effects) I posted above they are not the mainstream lyrics your going to hear. 
    CunninLynguists (southern soul rap), Jedi Mind Tricks, Apathy, and many others gave me a whole new lease of rap after hearing the lyrics. 
    Edit: I also forgot Immortal Technique who is somewhat militant political rap, which is completely different from the norm. 
  13. luberconn
    action bronson's first major label debut album comes out march 25th.  i'm looking forward to that.  when i first heard him, i thought he was going to be a novelty white rapper.  but he's turned into one of my favorite modern rappers.  and he's got a food show on youtube/vice tv called  F*&%* That's Delicious, and it's my favorite show on youtube too.  check him out if you got time.  
  14. BrightSOUNDLee
    Joey Bada$$ surprisingly brings back the 90's New york flow. Very interested what the dude has in store.
  15. luberconn
    this joint had me doin backflips last night

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