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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. Change is Good

    As in modern? Please tell me you are joking...
  2. luberconn
    you stated he's "game changing".  how is he game changing?  he sounds like the voice on the intro of Outkast's Aquemini joint.  except it was cool on Aquemini, cause it wasn't an entire album of having to listen to that high pitched demon sounding voice.  am i the only one who feels like this?  all i see is praise for the most part.  you guys like high pitched demon sounding voices?
  3. MaztotheUla
    Listen while reading the lyrics, theres a reason why he uses the different types of pitches and effects
  4. luberconn
    yeh, i'll have to give it another try.  i have no doubt he's lyrically gifted since i'm seeing 10/10, 9/10, 4/5, 5/5, ratings on his new album.  he must be doing something right.  i mean artists like talib qweli have kinda annoying voices, but it sounds natural so i can tolerate it.  from the 3 songs i did listen to on the new album, i just thought it sounded fake and wasn't buying it.  there were a couple of songs i did like from his mAAd City album, but it was mostly because of the beats.   i'll give him another try tonight and listen to a few more tracks. 
    i mean, i like rappers that go off tangent into other characters like kool keith, MF DOOM, or DMX used to do, or even gimmicky rap like fu-schnickens or dasEFX, but for some reason i can't get into kendrick thus far. 
  5. KamijoIsMyHero
    Yes but not just modern standards, it doesn't even come close to game changing
    Don't bother with mainstream reviews, there is too much hype and parroting going on. I talk with older hip-hop heads and the general consensus is that it is a fine album but if it were to released by some other MC out of nowhereville, it wouldn't get the same recognition.
    There is something wrong with an MC's delivery if it comes down to fans needing the lyrics at hand to fully understand what they are saying. Give it a couple listens sure but if you really need your handhelds to get what the MC is saying, then the MC failed somewhere.
  6. Change is Good
    Being an old head, myself, I'm quite surprised at your consensus on what this album brings forth. If you really are ol' skool, you would know damn well that lyrics are the backbone of hip hop. This is why I hate debating about modern rap. It's clearly garbage, all you hear is wack ass lyrics that make no sense, just rhyme, on a dope ass beat. If that's what people like, so be it. To knock on rappers that actually rap poetry on their tracks, however, and don't need a dope beat to reach the audience, well... matter of taste, I guess?
    Edit: By reading your quote on your signature, I can see you know what I am trying to say in regards to hip-hop and what it stands for. I'm still baffled at how you knock Kendrick, though, but that's just me. To each his own, I guess...
  7. KamijoIsMyHero
    What? I am in no way part of the newer gen of mainstream hip-hop fans. You may want to read my post again. I only mentioned how the album compares sonically with other conscious albums by other rappers. 
    If you paid attention to this thread and the music I posted you would know I know my **** when it comes to hip-hop. I am only 23, so no, not old school at all but the hip-hop discussion group I am in FB are typically older than me ranging from 25-60ish. I didn't knock on him lyrically though, I didn't even mention anything relating to the lyrical content of the album. I said sonically meaning musically in terms of voice, beats, album flow  etc.
  8. JuanseAmador

    "Shook Ones (Part 2) - Mobb Deep

    IMO modern rap can't come close to this. NO SWEARING INVOLVED IN THIS SONG ("nigga" doesn't count), can you believe it? Lyrics rip right through you.
    Some will remember it from 8 Mile.
  9. Change is Good
    I fux with mobb deep, heavy. What I meant, however, by modern is anything past 2010.
  10. JuanseAmador

    I despise modern rappers, I really think they are soul-less.
  11. NebraskaX24
    I never felt the same about TPAB as I did GKMC. Felt like generic rap over john coltrane beats, although I will give his voice control major props. He really did use his voice like a brass instrument. Altogether, I just can't get into music for the sake of telling everybody how great you are at music and I think this was his weakest storytelling of any of his releases so far. 
    I'll give it a few more spins as I'm sure there is a lot I'm missing but I too think the critical acclaim is mainly because it is kendrick, not because it is an amazing album. 
  12. luberconn
    lol, i had to look up TPAB and GKMC.  :shakes head:  kids these days. 
  13. JuanseAmador

    Not very keen on Lamarr, huh. Me neither.
  14. nastynice
    oh sick!!! I never knew this thread existed, nice, I'm a hip hop head to the core!!
    Well, I know there's no such thing as a best rapper, or best album, or best song, but I gotta say I DO have a favorite verse, verse number 3, courtesy of Planet Asia, check it out.  verse starts at 2:10 if u wanna skip to it

    "picture me holding, riches from fallen soldiers dead n deceased", "to the lifeless vision of freedom everytime we're imprisoned, to the righteous victims of people of a higher position", damn, whatever tho, entire verse is just ridiculous.
    I love hip hop man, the amount of power and wisdom in these words, there is nothing else like it, not even close, I ****** love hip hop.  Mind of a revolutionary.  It hurts a little bit to see what corporate has done to this artform, but I'm lucky I was raised in Cali, still very pure underground scene
  15. nastynice
    I don't think its fair to say that, everybody got their own style, their own artform.  I think the thing I miss from most modern rappers tho is the lack of knowledge, the lack of a message, like they used to BREAK IT DOWN back in the day.  I remember that Bells of War track off Wu Tang Forever, RZA like "I told shorty you ain't even gotta go to summer school, pick up the wu tang double cd n u'll get all the knowledge u need this year", lol, so true!!  Its definitely not like that anymore
    Some nice underground still out there tho, there's this label called "mello music group", they got a real good thing going on, and they get rappers and djs from all over the states, west coast, east coast, midwest, down south.  This is their bandcamp page, oh they even got some OGs up in there, like Pete Rock, absolute legend  
    Some real unique producers and production.  I'm not to schooled on them, I only came across a couple things recently, but one thing I do know is the talent is heavy

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