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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. sfwalcer
    Well, since that infamous "Rap Sucks" troll thread was recently locked I had this nagging desire to do something about it. It was truly an ingenious thread in many respects since it was created wayyy back in 2003, yet has managed to get resurrected and stayed relevant for so many years. I was dead serious when I stated that the OP should have gotten an award from head-fi for it because for an obvious troll thread to stay alive for that long is truly an amazing feat indeed. 
    So what is the point of making a sequel to such a hateful/ filled troll thread???  Lets just say I have a deep love for the HipHop/Rap genre so I just want to turn all that negativity into a positive by making an appreciation thread. It was really interesting to read what other head-fiers honestly thought of rap/hiphop music. Despite all the heated and sometimes even hateful debate, all the comments were really interesting and insightful. For me that thread served as a pretty good platform for a healthy and meaningful discussion on a music genre that a lot of people have misunderstandings about. I was even able to change the mind of an individual that had a strong disliked for "rap" music as seen here.  I might have gotten myself a follower. haha
    And with that I'll leave you'll with something that is relevant and meaningful. An updated version of a hip hop classic.

    Dat Classic.

    And LMAO @ what happened to Lupe today, the man got balls of steel.
    I hope this thread will have the longevity as that classic "Rap Sucks" thread. So without further ado feel free to discuss what you really think of "rap/hiphop" but please people try to keep it classy, well at least a little cuz I don't want this one to be locked as well. haha
    Oh regarding the name on this thread. I purposely did it like that for many reasons. The main reason is that i want it to carry that "Rap Sucks" threads legacy but want to give it a positive spin. To an extent i agree with the OP of that thread because mainstream corporate "rap" does suck.
    Let me break it down: "W/rap" = Wack/ rap, as in cookie cutter assembly-line pop rap sucks. Which i believe is true. But real rap/ hip hop is amazing, hence what the "Appreciation" aspect of this thread is dedicated to.
  2. Sniperbombers
    I personally don't care what other people say, if rap sucks to them, let them be. No use in trying to persuade anybody.
  3. RoMee Contributor
    Maybe you should make a list of headphones that works the best with rap....  Just a suggestion
  4. sfwalcer

    hmmmm that is a great idea, RoMee since this is a headphone/ audio gear site after all. I'll start with the best and cheapest one that i know of, for now:
    Top Pick
    #1: Sony MH1Cs: super smooth/ refined sound across the audio spectrum with a thick and heavy bass note. Perfect for the bass end of "hip hop/ rap" beats/ instrumentals due to the weight it creates in your music. This lil' cheapo is the real dealio yo! I love these lil sonic bling blings, or as ClieOS properly describes them as "sonic diamonds".
    @Sniper, although I don't listen to the artist/ rappers in your MVs isn't it great that this "genre" is so diverse with so many mind blowing sub-genres that can cater to almost every mood that you can experience? I mean what other musical genre can do it? I personally am a BANGERZ kinda guy cuz i can blast that while balling with friends.  [​IMG]
  5. Magicman74
    She it   FruckerMother, Bee itches  B Trippin'!!!!
  6. sfwalcer

    Come again magic??? [​IMG] I think you still got a severe case of dat yellow fever. [​IMG] hohohohohoho
  7. Sukhdev
    I remember I use to love Rap/Hip Hop. Then I moved onto Heavy Metal music and left rap behind. 
    But I'm not very fond of most of the stuff releasing out now (All sounds a bit the same to me) but I've heard a couple of stuff in the past years that make me appreciate rap. Albums like Good Kid m.a.a.d city from Kendrick Lamar and Kanyes Dark Twisted Fantasy (Can't remember full name) had me listening for days.
    The use of King Crimsons song in here is a fantastic placement, and just adds to the song even more
    EDIT: Headphones that work best with rap? Well, I know of one pair, the Sennheiser CX200. They work really good with rap and are really cheap in ears
  8. itsthedanyole
    yay its back! i remember the 1st one that got locked. 
    as to the rap headphones, i guess that the Sony XB500-1000 should do.....
    i have the XB600's for dubstep and am pretty pleased. super comfortable! 
    and here is my little rap jingle id like to toast to....
    yellow fever? is that slang for spice? jurema?
  9. sfwalcer

    @ Suky Suky
    I know where you are coming from meng, i use to diss contemporary American hip hop a lot as well. Just wayyy too much over glorification of sex, drugs, violence, etc esp. in the mainstream. Most of the auto tune pop stuff is still garbage, but I have learned that like beats headphones of the audio world, it is a necessary evil of sorts and have learned to live with it, and even enjoy it to an extent. 
    Yeppp I would say i really enjoyed Kendrick Lamars debut album but all those strange voices he uses sometimes gets in the way. LoL
    The thing about Kanye is that i still don't get the hype on the guy. No doubt he is a talented producer but he sucks @ss as a rapper. For me he peaked after he dropped his first 2 albums or so. That Dark Twisted Fantasy album or whatever it's called is wayyy over hyped. The beats are alright but the content was awful. TBH i still don't get or buy into that Kanye hype by the media, same with Jay Z, just so meh to me. Jay at least got mad rapping skills but one of the greatest of all them as he is recently made out to be is laughable.   
    Hey you know what i got the Senni CX250s, probably sounds the same as your CX200 but just with a volume control. They are indeed great for hip hop/rap. The bass is big and strong, although it bleeds into the mids and highs a bit. Not the best cleanest bass, but they do justice to the bass and is really a fun iem to have. They sound even better with some foam tips. Man you gotta try those MH1Cs out then, they will blow your mind. Just sucks that that j-cord cable is horrid!  [​IMG]
  10. sfwalcer

    @ danyole
    haha that is why i had to make a 2.0 version of that epic thread, couldn't just let all that awesomeness die like that. [​IMG]
    Yeah i have heard, read i meant, those Sony XBs are crazy in the bass department, but the looks of them just brings the LuLs. DAT funky rubber tire look. Too bad Sony seems to have regressed on the new lineup, cuz many say the older cheaper version sounds better despite the new line up got all the looks. Sadly just not much audio substance. :  (
    Yeppp although i am not a fan of Tech N9ne is a great MC/ artist similar to Hopsin. Too bad both are not my cup of tea. : / but i am glad you are starting to enjoy rap/ hip hop more it seems danyole! :0
    LMAO, oh yellow fever is.... you know simply this:

    LoL enjoy!
    Oh and btw I LOVE YOU TOO!!! LMAO Almost didn't see your post cuz was busy replying when that old thread got locked. [​IMG]
  11. itsthedanyole
                   have u seen the new 600 and 800's???? look completely different, i love em! the brown,blk,gold....mmmmm   oh and the cord Really is tangle free.....
    and i have always been a slight fan of rap, just far and few apart. 
  12. sfwalcer

    Yeppp, they indeed look sexy, just a shame that the impressions of them i have read on head-fi are not favorable. Sony no doubt got the looks/ design down but they seem to have regressed in the sound department for these, which is the most important aspect of a headphone. Hey do you own them danyole??? I am sure they are very nice set of cans and probably sound wayyy better than beats that's for sure. LoL
    Oh and i was talking about these ol' rubber tire looking XBs.
    IMG_0146.jpg sure looks comfy though. : P
    Haha from your previous posts regarding rap, i would assume you were not a fan at all, so that's good to know. Ya try exploring on youtube a bit, cuz that is where i discovered a lot of amazing international artists, esp. Korean Hip Hop which is currently my bias. This youtube channel has some of the most AMAZING blends i have heard, featuring American MCs but beats from all over the world. The guy that does the blends and runs the channel is Korean American himself so lots of Korean producers are featured. I have rediscovered a lot of classic American hip hop as well as found a lot of new ones via this channel. Here is an sample:
    ....................InntimateSound Owns!!!
      Enjoy! Hope you like it.
  13. KamijoIsMyHero
    2nd post is quite ironic though lol, take that **** down
  14. sfwalcer

    LoL, actually T.I. is not bad, but jezzy is.......... That MV got a pretty good message in it despite all the sex/ bling bling. The fading away of the material wealth/ women/ goods at the end seems to say that life is very transitory and you better make the most outta it cuz we all will "fade" away one day. And these "gangsta rappers" are doing exactly that by gunning for the money/ living in the moment and not looking back despite they have to sell out etc to do it. Well not the best message around but it is what it is, at least they are making a living making music and not the bad things they glorify in their music. LoL
    haha I am reading wayyy too deep into it it seems, but yeah that Young Jezzy MV ain't that bad. Although i can't say the same for that lil' Wayne track. LMAO So bad that i can't even make it through it, damn his voice is annoying but like i said at least he is making music and not doing other shady things for a living so all love from here. [​IMG]
    Oh and welcome back aboard Kami my man!!! 
  15. KamijoIsMyHero
    oh believe me I meant the second one, Jeezy and T.I. are legit dudes
    as for headphones, bassy ones will only suit modern beats, not older beats, depending on the producers, older beats had certain funk to them, hard to describe really other than mids will matter
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