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VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

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  1. RealSlimSeto


    I much preferred the Monster Foams to the Gels, at least when I had them on my MTPCs.
  2. tomscy2000
    Wow, this is frustrating. GR07s are deceptively fragile. Since I first bought them in May, I've already had my left earpiece go dead on me (in late August), and now just over a month after I received my replacement pair, the strain relief in my left ear fails. It's the same problem as what has been reported by several other members --- the glue comes apart and the strain relief comes off the housing.
    The most disconcerting part is that I even wrote in my review that I thought the GR07s were rock solid!
    Sigh... very disappointing indeed.
  3. louisnomad


    The thing that concerns me is how you seems to handle your IEMs. I'm not a picky guy, so, I don't transport them all the time in cases or even put them on cases when I'm not using them, but all my IEMs could last forever if wasn't for some issues with strain relief at the 3.5mm jack. I use my IEMs "A LOT" and most of the time they coming out from inside my pockets, and the cables will brake some time, always at the same point. That's why I have always extra 3.5mm plugs at home... 
    GR07 is an expensive IEM, very well built in my opinion, but i can notice a flaw on the design: they are extremely hard to take off your ears, and I can imagine a lot of people, when in a hurry, using the cable to pull them out. The Strain relief in the ear piece is not the best thing I saw in my life, they are too rigid and small. I can see the cable breaking right there if someone don't take care of the IEM.
    Remember, specially GR07, for more than 150 bucks, is a little jewel that you need to take care... If you're not so careful, you'll be buying new IEMs and upgrading your profile just the way it is right now:

    - Fischer Audio DBA-02
    - Klipsch Image S4 (BROKEN)
    - Philips SHE 9850 (SOLD)
    - Superlux HD381F (BROKEN)
    - VSonic GR07 (NOW BROKEN AGAIN)

  4. tomscy2000
    I know how it must look, being that several of my IEMs have broken, but I assure you, I baby my IEMs. I never pull them by the cable; I know that they're difficult to remove, and thus I always grab the entire housing. My IEMs also always go neatly into my cases whenever they're being transported or stored. I completely understand where these things can break, and thus I always take measures to prevent situations like that from happening. I'm not saying the track record is perfect, but there have been very few times where I've yank them out of my ears.
    I feel I'm justified in saying that, at least for the GR07's design, the strain relief is a definite weak point. It really is held together there mostly by glue, and I noticed that it came apart right during a period of significant change of climate from warm to cold.
    So please, don't patronize me.

  5. louisnomad


    I'm not trying to do that, i'm just trying to understand the whole situation. You need to be kind to me, because english is not my first language! :)
    I live in a very humid place (near the sea) and very, veeeery hot (Salvador - Bahia). I have air conditioner  at my bedroom and I use it very often. My GR07 is quite new, so, i'll keep my eyes open to any problem on that strain relief... I don't know why, but my heart tells me that the  worst part of it is the cable... I'm trying not to do the same thing I do all the time with my other IEMs (like wrap it around the player), but so far I can tell you that I'm afraid of it... It seems strong, and for what I read in this thread they are not a weak part, but the strain reliefs all over it are soooo hard... that the cable needs to do the job instead of them...
    But beside this part, i think it to be very well made.
    i'll let you know if everything goes wrong with that glue! :wink:
  6. Freefallr4545


    Maybe you should start beating on your IEMS. Show em who's the Boss[​IMG]
  7. louisnomad


    dude... I'm laughing here... thanks for that! xD
  8. midoo1990
    hmm,this thread has grown since last time i bought these iems:)
    not sure when i bought them but i think im one of the early adapters.definatly an amazing iem imo.i just enjoy listening casually with it.one of the best iems i have owned.
    ya they have a few drawbacks but nothing major.they are great when i dont want to listen to my jh13 or want an iem to abuse:)
    they seem to have fit issues i assume by reading a couple of posts in the last few pages,but im using the stock tips and never bothered with the other tips.
    just like my previous ie8,i used stock tips.those kinds of iems shape fit me very very well and extremkly comfortable.
    as for build quality,hands down one of the toughest iems i had.i would rank them slightly behind ck10 and ie8,but for a $140ish iem it is superb and no problems so far with my constant abusing to them.i just toss them around and they dont complain:)
  9. louisnomad
    so, I think tomscy2000 is just a guy with bad luck... I'm happy to have this little baby with me now... They are burning in on my desk while I'm watching some movies... :)
  10. gnarlsagan

    Could you perhaps give a quick comparison with the j13? Thanks!
  11. Varley
    The strain relief was failed on mine pretty much out of the box - This was ages ago now; but I glued it and it's been fine ever since - I've never broke a pair of IEM's. Ever. And I use them a lot [​IMG]
  12. louisnomad


    my main problem is with 3.5mm jack... other than that, I cannot remember of a broken IEM... OH! Just remembered one! Some Altec Lansing that left ear turned into a mess... the sound is reaaaaly low and if you use the pan function to let them in equal volume and turn the volume knob up, it will distort a lot... but it is the only one!
  13. tomscy2000
    I still think the GR07s are very good earphones. I have no problems with the sound at all, and I can easily glue my GR07 together and it will be as good as new. However, I maintain that the design of the strain relief is flawed. What I meant about the strain reliefs being the weak point are with the seam between the plastic housings and the strain relief. As I mentioned before, it is held together largely by glue, with few physical footholds that reach into the housings themselves. The strain reliefs themselves are way too firm, which was a criticism of mine even when I first received them. If a strain relief is too hard, it might as well not be there. My problem with the GR07 has never been about material quality --- those housings are very sturdy and should withstand anyone accidentally sitting on them or whatever other mishaps may happen in the course of everyday use.
    The other day, I recommended the GR07 to a friend (not an enthusiast) and his pair had the same problem with the strain relief coming apart right out of the box. I have read about several other people encountering the same problem. While my pair didn't come apart on the first day, it did come apart right after the weather here dropped a good 10 degrees Celsius within a day. In retrospect, I think my problem arose from the fact that I began using ear guides, which probably put unnecessary torque on the wires and strain reliefs.
    Personally, I think the revised version has much better cables, and I'm assuming that the manufacturing process has improved to the point that perhaps the gluing won't be as much of a problem. The fact of the matter remains, however, that the GR07 is a hand assembled IEM, and thus will show greater variability between samples. I've seen multiple (4-5) copies already, and each copy has had a different amount of extraneous glue coming out from its seams.
  14. DaBomb77766
    It's odd that I've never had any problems with the strain relief, and I'm not particularly careful with it.  The most damage it's sustained is a small scratch on one side.
  15. MaxwellDemon
    Hmm, strange. My GR07 is still pretty rock solid with its build. It has went through a few incidents where I had the wires caught onto something, ripping the earphones out of my ears (one time, it even just left the tips in my ears and sent the earphone flying).
    Nothing remotely even wrong with it yet.
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