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VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

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  1. louisnomad
    Just to mention, I have the new version! Still burning in! I noticed that at higher volumes the sibilance is a lot more pronunciated. I'm trying to let it there and not listen to it, but it is hard!!! 75 hours non stop since they arrived. I still love it as I said I was loving it right out of the box!
  2. RealSlimSeto
    are there any pictures comparing the old gr07s and the revised ones?
  3. MaxwellDemon
    Look-wise, I think they are the same (can't say anything about the build quality). The new ones is just packaged with different ear guides and tips.
  4. tomscy2000
    It seems that the latest batch has cables that are a lot more supple, with less memory, and smoother to the touch. I noticed the difference when I accompanied my friend to change out his faulty one for another pair. The L-plug and Y-split are also color matched to the housings, instead of that tan/green color that it used to be.
    I might've just received a couple of pairs that have had problems; as I've mentioned hand assembly allows for more variation between samples. Usually when an earphone is machine assembled, there's less variation. It's either equally good or equally bad.
  5. midoo1990


    no point to be honest.the jh13 caused me to sell all universal iems and full size headphones and stay away from headfi for a year without looking for the new products.thats how good it is and how it is unfair to compare it to GR07.
    but i will say this.when i listen to gr07 instead of jh13,i enjoy the couple of hours i spend with it and as i said i dont really find any major downsides in gr07 except maybe the soundstage,especially in depth which i find "obviously" lacking.
  6. sulkoudai
    i found the silicone monster super tips best for me.....unlike most people who says they are crap....
  7. gnarlsagan

    I'm sure the j13 is miles better. I'm more interested in sound signature. Bass quantity, mids, highs etc.
  8. sulkoudai
    guys, the super tips stays on too loosely without the adaptor, and with the adaptor, its too big and it streches the tips(gel and foam) and becomes really hard....
    what should i do...
  9. louisnomad
    wrong place!
  10. ericp10
    Might have to find some foam cores (like the grey foams in the old packaging) and put them inside of the Monster hybrids. That's what I did and it worked great for me.
    On another note, I've been extensively A/Bing the GR07 next to the FXT90 to see if one is pulling out more in front of the other one. Short answer is I can't find one reason to get rid of one or the other. Both so complement each other. GRO7 still rules in drums and some details in the highs, but the FXT90 beats the GR07 in micro-details in vocals (I'm really surprise but you hear more nuances in the vocals of the Vsonic although the notes are much thicker and warmer than the GR07).
    The FXT90 also has that unique layering of sound (gives more front to back depth) that I've only really heard in the DDM prior. The difference is that the DDM can't touch the FXT90 in details and micro-details.The FXT90 also has better instrument separation, but the instruments seem to mix and blend in better with the GRO7. The GR07 has more bass (especially sub-bass). Everytime I think I like one over the other one I hear something that brings me back to a tie (although they really sound nothing alike). I just thought I would flush this out a little bit more here because I've been getting quite a few emails lately asking me which one would I choose if I could have one of these two. 

    Well, I can't really pick one over the other. My best advice is to look at the differences between the two that I've stated (if you want to go by my word - and I know nothing...lol). Choose whether realistic drums or micro-detailed vocals are more important to you and go from there. Choose if a thicker note or a more cohesive sound is better for you and choose from there. And etc....
  11. louisnomad


    fit is still giving you nightmares? :frowning2:
    here I can have a good fit with the included tips, and that means almost all the tips from medium to large size. The one that was attached to it did a nice job, but now Im using the medium Hybrid... So far, so good!
  12. louisnomad
    110 hours...still loving it... and getting better...
  13. putente
    So, it's great to own both! You're lucky... [​IMG]  If someday the FXT90 show up in a seller in Europe, maybe I'll give them try...

  14. DuoPad
    Iknow this have been posted but cant find it
    Does Comply P-serie fit ?
    Of topic: Does the material itself (P-serie material) isolate more than T-series? or is it just the lenght of the foam wich mean deeper insertion (whick mean better isolation)?
  15. AlexRoma
    GR07 Mid-Bass Enhance EASY MOD :
    The mod if fully reversible.
    1. Prepare some wadding .
    2. Pull some wadding balls inside the nozzle of your favorite ear-tips. You don't need to take those tips of GR07 nozzle, leave the on.
    3. Play with the size of the wadding ball until you'll get the perfect balance you want. 
    4. Make sure those wadding balls stand still inside the nozzle. Pull them in as deep as it goes.
    The more wadding you pull in use, the bigger bass you get, the more treble energy you lose... 
    GR07001.jpg    GR07007.jpg
    The mod is highly recommended for guys using bright/digital sounding source like Teclast T51 , Colorfly, Apple ...
    Same mod works even better with HifiMan earphones, especially RE0
    Freefallr4545 [​IMG]
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