1. gunting

    Hifiman Secret

    Question: How do you save a lot of cash and have great sonic performance from the original Hifiman HE-5 headphones?   Answer: Save the money you would spend on a powerful headphone amp and buy: the Emotiva mini 100 x ($180), the replacement headphone Hifiman cable ($150) which provides a...
  2. ethanw

    Going from IEM's to full size, or portable cans

    I apologize for posting this in two different forums, but I figured I may get additional expertise in the IEM forum on the IEm side of things here.    OK, so I think I want to give some full size or portable cans a try. But here's the thing. My main source will be an iPod Classic 7th gen. I...
  3. marshallmole

    A comparison between Beyerdynamic T1 and Hifiman HE-5LE

    As a starter on head-fi journey I'd like to try to share a little of my experience of these two, which are both highly appreciated headphones here. I have studied playing piano since the age of 6, but has gone relatively rusty since college, and have been to many live concerts (mainly classical)...
  4. 18inch

    Schiit Valhalla 2 for IEM & low Ω anyone?

    Just saw the description of the new Valhalla. The Valhalla 2.    Seems that you can now actually use it with low-impedance headphones... although only 180mW in 50Ω, what about 32Ω? You guys think it would still be powerful enough even if the output is somehow below standard (i find its usually...
  5. IaHawkeye

    Shure SE 535 cable?

    Someone told me that the best improvement I can make to any headphone is using the cable... Is there a noticeable sound difference to upgrading the cord for my SE 535's (clear ones) or would it be a waste? I use it mainly with my iPhone with music downloaded from iTunes.... If so what is the...
  6. jaywillin

    4 pin female xlr to 1/4 inch adapter ??

    i'm looking for a 4 pin female xlr to 1/4 inch adapter, i have a hifiman HE-5LE, i have both the balanced and single ended cables, and i've seen plenty of 3 pin female xlr to 1/4" adapters but no 4 pin female xlr to 1/4" . am i just not looking in the right place, or is this not possible for...
  7. kenshinhimura

    sansui g 4700 or pioneer sx-880 vintage amps

    which would be better to use from headphone out? it would be powering hifiman he-500/he-5le and philips fidelio x1 for the moment. thanks.
  8. anthony81212

    For sale: HiFiMan HE-400 + premium wooden box + pleather/velour pads [PRICE DROP]

    Hello!   [PRICE DROP!] [Canada/US preferred, as the included box is quite heavy--see below]   Potentially selling my HE-400 in hopes of getting some good Boxing day sales in the upcoming month :) The HE-400 came from here http://www.head-fi.org/t/674334/hifiman-he-400 and got virtually no...
  9. penger

    FS: Head-Direct HE-5

    My pair of HE-5's haven't been getting much use for the last couple of months, so I'm putting them up for sale. They are pretty much brand new. I'm not really sure how much these still go for, so how about $450 + actual shipping + paypal. Reasonable offers accepted.
  10. elwappo99

    FS: ~~~ Hifiman HE-5 ~~~ SE Orthodynamic Headphones ~~~ Price drop

    ------------------------------------------------------   Looking to sell these, as I just upgraded. They are certainly very similar in sound to my new HE-6, but I do need to pay off some recently acquired debts from the aforementioned purchase :-).   These are in good shape, overall, but...
  11. maze

    Hifiman He5 le fakes?

    I went to demo a pair of he 5le's for sale by a guy that purchased them direct from hong kong. To me they looked like a fake model and here are the reasons why. A. the bill was from some hongkong store and said only $10 headphone, no mention of the model. B. Just after the velour pads comes the...
  12. johangrb

    Hifiman HE5/6 Blue Dragon V3 cable (10ft)

    Bought from Drew Aug '10.   Like new.   10ft Blue Dragon V3 HE5 headphone cable with 1/4" Furutech Plug.
  13. Angaria

    Hifiman HE-5

    Have really enjoyed these.  Sonically good as new.  There was one small crack in the wood casing, carefully/neatly repaired with epoxy, and no easily noticed.  Also have an upgraded EF5 - will cut a deal if you want both.  Feedback on audiogon under same username.
  14. 1

    FS: Stock HE-5 Cable

    I have a stock HE-5 cable (no 4-pin XLR) for sale. I bought a Moon Audio cable so I no longer need my stock cable. Can include spare connectors for $5.   Ships to Con. US only via USPS.     PM a offer.   Disclosure: That photo was not taken by me, I pulled it off Google images...
  15. eclein

    Is Lyr a good match for Hifiman -HE 5LE's ???

      I put in an order for some Hifiman- HE 5LE's- and a Schiit Lyr amp....does anyone here have that combo?? Does it sound like a good match, I know I'm in the wrong threads for phones but If I put this in phones they will tell me go to amps and it will be back and forth for days...LOL. So...
  16. ujamerstand

    FS: Hifiman HE5

    I have a couple pairs of headphones that I'd like to sale. This pair haven't been touch ever since I got into stats last year. It's just sitting on the shelves untouched, so I thought I should put it up for sale and pass it on to someone who'll give it more love.   I am the first owner of...
  17. thehadi

    FS: Hifiman HE-5 and EF-5

    This is interest check. I bought this combo April 2010. I am first owner. It's in good condition, nothing wrong, not cracking.   I am open for trading too.   Cheers   SOLD
  18. ptl

    HifiMan HE-5 (plus EF-5 amp)

    SOLD is a pair of HifiMan HE-5s. The HE-5s were purchased unopened from another Head-fier in January 2010 and have not had much usage since (probably less than 100 hours), so remain in v. good condition with no scratches or cracks/splits in the wood. I am also willing to sell the phones with...
  19. olsonc84

    WTB: Hifiman HE-6 / HE-5 LE / HE-5

    PM me if you have a pair in good or above condition. Thanks. 
  20. NaturalMusic

    Hifiman HE 5LE Headphone Excellent Cond Original box

    HIfiman HE 5LE Headphone- Excellent Condition- Original box Critically acclaimed life like realism . If interested: PM Natural Music
  21. sizwej

    Hifiman HE-5 /EF-5 combo (can purchase seperatly)

    For sale is my HE-5 headphone as well as the matching EF-5 amp. Both items are in great condition, with no cosmetic blemishes. The HE-5 is about 2 years old, but is fully functional with no cracks in the wood.   I would prefer to sell both items as a package, being that they complement each...
  22. SanJoseCanJunkie

    FS: HiFiMan HE5 (no cracks) *revision and price drop*

    For sale are the originals that (re)started the ortho revolution - the HE5.  These are in good condition with not even a hint of cracking.  I would rank these to be in “very good” condition if it were not for the fact that somewhere along the road one of the little spacers on the left armature...
  23. ManBeard

    FS: HifiMan HE-5 w/ APS V3 6ft cable - Price Drop

    For Sale: HifiMan HE-5 headphones with APureSound V3 single ended 6ft headphone cable. I am the original owner, I bought these through Apuresound. They are in excellent condition. No cracks in wood at all. Asking SOLD shipped in the US. I will ship outside the US at the buyers expense. Paypal is...
  24. W0lfd0g

    Trade my LCD2 Rev 2 for your HiFiMAN HE-500 or HE5

    Thanks for reading   Looking to "down size" as I am moving from full time work/part time study to part time work/full time study.    I am offering up for trade my beloved LCD2 rev 2 for your HiFiman HE-500 or HE5 plus cash from your side.  First preference will be given to Australian...
  25. 0rangutan

    Hifiman HE-5's **Reduced**

    I am selling my HE-5's - the original Hifiman orthodynamic model. I really love the sound of these, possibly more than my HD800's, but the Sennheiser fit is a little more comfortable and so I will keep these.   These are just over 1.5 years old and in great condition with two small...