1. gunting

    Hifiman Secret

    Question: How do you save a lot of cash and have great sonic performance from the original Hifiman HE-5 headphones?   Answer: Save the money you would spend on a powerful headphone amp and buy: the Emotiva mini 100 x ($180), the replacement headphone Hifiman cable ($150) which provides a...
  2. ethanw

    Going from IEM's to full size, or portable cans

    I apologize for posting this in two different forums, but I figured I may get additional expertise in the IEM forum on the IEm side of things here.    OK, so I think I want to give some full size or portable cans a try. But here's the thing. My main source will be an iPod Classic 7th gen. I...
  3. marshallmole

    A comparison between Beyerdynamic T1 and Hifiman HE-5LE

    As a starter on head-fi journey I'd like to try to share a little of my experience of these two, which are both highly appreciated headphones here. I have studied playing piano since the age of 6, but has gone relatively rusty since college, and have been to many live concerts (mainly classical)...
  4. 18inch

    Schiit Valhalla 2 for IEM & low Ω anyone?

    Just saw the description of the new Valhalla. The Valhalla 2.    Seems that you can now actually use it with low-impedance headphones... although only 180mW in 50Ω, what about 32Ω? You guys think it would still be powerful enough even if the output is somehow below standard (i find its usually...
  5. IaHawkeye

    Shure SE 535 cable?

    Someone told me that the best improvement I can make to any headphone is using the cable... Is there a noticeable sound difference to upgrading the cord for my SE 535's (clear ones) or would it be a waste? I use it mainly with my iPhone with music downloaded from iTunes.... If so what is the...
  6. jaywillin

    4 pin female xlr to 1/4 inch adapter ??

    i'm looking for a 4 pin female xlr to 1/4 inch adapter, i have a hifiman HE-5LE, i have both the balanced and single ended cables, and i've seen plenty of 3 pin female xlr to 1/4" adapters but no 4 pin female xlr to 1/4" . am i just not looking in the right place, or is this not possible for...
  7. kenshinhimura

    sansui g 4700 or pioneer sx-880 vintage amps

    which would be better to use from headphone out? it would be powering hifiman he-500/he-5le and philips fidelio x1 for the moment. thanks.
  8. maze

    Hifiman He5 le fakes?

    I went to demo a pair of he 5le's for sale by a guy that purchased them direct from hong kong. To me they looked like a fake model and here are the reasons why. A. the bill was from some hongkong store and said only $10 headphone, no mention of the model. B. Just after the velour pads comes the...
  9. eclein

    Is Lyr a good match for Hifiman -HE 5LE's ???

      I put in an order for some Hifiman- HE 5LE's- and a Schiit Lyr amp....does anyone here have that combo?? Does it sound like a good match, I know I'm in the wrong threads for phones but If I put this in phones they will tell me go to amps and it will be back and forth for days...LOL. So...
  10. matti620

    HiFiMan HE5

    hi, Will used HiFiMan HE5 for $465 be the best use of the money? I can't test them as I couldn't find them (or many other) headphones locally. They seem to have been discontinued and replaced with other models. I'll probably get the HiFiMan EF2A to drive them. I listen 50% to rock/pop...
  11. B

    Alo Continental 2 & HIFIMAN HE-5 LE

    Hello   Has anybody used or using this combination. Will the amp drive them to their full potential.   Thanks   Ian
  12. rykwn

    Westone 4 > Hifiman HE5

    Hi everyone,   First, sorry for my English. I own Westone 4 and looking for an upgrade, do you think going for hifiman HE5 is the right choice?, I choose this because I find someone sell it for around $550 (2nd). Does it need a good amp? because I don't have any amp for now. I like my w4...
  13. Asr

    Review: JH Audio JH13

    Review: JH Audio JH13 Pro dual-driver 3-way in-ear monitors www.jhaudio.com retail price at press time: $1099 date: April 12, 2010 Intro Much has already been written about the JH13 here on Head-Fi, most of it positive. So why am I bothering to write this review? Two primary...
  14. Uncle00Jesse

    ssssssssss BRIGHT!

    I've spent a pretty penny on all my head-fi gear over the past 1.5 years. But sitting here listening now to my setup, I'm pretty unhappy with it. I know I could always sell the stuff but thats a hassle and you end up taking a hit. Anyways, why is my setup so damn bright!?   flac/wav...
  15. labratoire

    HiFiMAN HE-4 vs. HIFIMAN HE-400

    Hi,   This is my first post here and I'm very happy to join to such a great community.   I want to buy a pair of headphone and upgrade from my AKG K240S. Hifiman HE-400 grabs my attention but when I went to head-direct I found out that it has another model that is 449 $. Can anyone tell...
  16. shinn

    Hifiman EF-5 for LCD-2??

    Hi, Anyone pairing the EF-5 with LCD-2? Are they a good combo together? For those of you who used to own this amp, what amp do you currently pair with the LCD-2 that provide better SQ? Thanks, would really appreciate your help!
  17. Farnsworth

    Hifiman HE-4 Impressions Thread

    I popped over to head direct to check out the HE-6's and noticed that the HE-4's are now available. I haven't heard any mention of them since they were announced for canjam but nevertheless there they are for $450! Something tells me I know what i want for Christmas .   LINK   They appear...
  18. eneloquent

    Solid State and Tubes, Ohms and Watts

    I think I've got it now - the idea of how impedance works with cans. Now, I'm trying to figure it out with amps, and I'm hoping the answer is way more obvious than it seems to me. I began trying to figure this out while looking for a new jack to plug my HD580s into. What I seem to have...
  19. Drag0n

    Review- Monster Turbine Pro Gold IEMs

    Review of the Monster Turbine Pro Gold IEM: Monster has been in the consumer electronics game for many years, manufacturing audio cables, surge supressor/ac line-conditioners, and close to 3000 products now on their list, but fairly recently with their introduction of their noise-cancelling...
  20. Chris_Himself

    What's all this buzz with the M50's?

    Are they really that good for everything? I've read so many posts about them these past few weeks that I think curiousity is about to get the better of me.   How will it compare to an HD580, SR-225, and K240?   I will say though, at least they look damn awesome!!!
  21. bcwang

    Headphone Sensitivity / Power Requirements Compared

    Prompted by the higher than expected sensitivity of the HD800, I spent some time creating a spreadsheet of headphones output power required at different level, using their official sensitivity spec to scale with. I thought it was quite interesting after looking at the results, so I'm going to...
  22. esteban92

    Amp for Hi-fi Man HE-5LE

    Hi to everyone.I finally got the money to get some good headphones and an amp. Honestly I am not an expert in this audiophile matters but I want to make a huge upgrade from my Ath-a700 and mainly I want to inmerse in this sound quality world .So I wanted to know if a ibasso d12 or d10 cobra will...
  23. kingvin60

    LCD-2 and treble.

    I want to purchase the Lcd-2 but im concerned about the laid back treble response. Is this something to worry about?
  24. ffdpmaggot

    The Complete List of "Audiophile" Headphones

    My objective with this thread is to create a a list for the newer members that details the "full name" and price of all of the headphones targeted at a more head-fi like audience (so well skip the cheap / no name headphones that are just that for a reason). When i first made my way over here to...
  25. hifijunkie

    HiFiMAN HE-5 balanced?

    Hi everyone! I am relatively new to the whole audiophile thing but my first real jump into higher end headphones was the purchase of the HiFiMAN HE-5. I have been reading up on them and I was wondering if the HE-5 comes from factory balanced minus the proper cable. I have the feeling that I have...