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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. davidmolliere
    @mvvRAZ If the Elysium is anything like the VE8 (I now have over two years on them) it's built like a tank (shell are half filled I think - flipside is reshell is next to impossible from what I gather) and can endure a lot, this being said while I love the wooden faceplate I have two fracture lines on one side (not the wood, just the lacker) and I never bumped them that I can remember so I'd probably pick faceplate for durability and resilience over looks if you mean to use them a lot on the go (not my case, most listening is at the office or at home). Never bothered to mention it to VE as it didn't move at all since I noticed those hairline fractures in lacker... maybe should have...
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  2. mvvRAZ
    I really, really like the VE Elysium stock design. Those blue lines are drop dead gorgeous and the green elements inside finish me off.

    Honestly my IEM abuse has decreased significantly and you having yours for 2 years already is a testament in of itself. The guy at the VE stand was also really nice so that helps too
  3. davidmolliere
    The VE8 was my first custom, I decided to go straight at the top then and it's still a unique proposition the tuning manages somewhat of a conundrum of amazing musicality, uncompromizing technicality and fun. That may be why it manages to gather an unanimous respect like few brands and model can brag about. The VE8 is actually a mountain I have never climbed review wise... I might end up writing one :p

    I am quite curious at how the Elysium sound although I somewhat decided to drop the arms race so to speak price wise so it's a bit out of what I'll put into this hobby. EM64 and soon FIBAE7 are the sweet spot for me now. 3/4K flagship has become quite insane IMHO not that those products are not great but the law of diminishing returns does apply.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  4. chungjun

    Random photo taken with phone.

    VE8, one of the monitors that's high and heavy on my rotation. Had it for about close to a year now. Love the sound signature. Others come and go but VE8 stays. Easy recommend (save for price).

    I would echo what David mentioned - if durability is what you're after, might want to consider faceplate with more acrylic fill. I couldn't resist the wood grain faceplate then. Good thing is now VE have many more options available, the default design for Elysium certainly looks good and lasting!
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  5. mvvRAZ
    I do agree with you that it is getting ridiculous and a lot of the products in that price range are laughable given their cost (EE Wraith and AK Layla I'm looking at you). I do find that there's a lot of IEMs out there, at those prices, that sound like their money at least somewhat more. The VE Elysium and the FiR M5 come to mind, to some extent 64's stuff (if they fit your musical preferences)

    These look gorgeous!!!! I love the purple shells
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  6. Vision Ears
    Hi there,

    Let me try to ease your concerns.

    Regarding the durability: Acrylic shells are the best we know regarding the durability. We are lacquering the shells in the end. This has the advantage that it prevents allergies t the acrylic as well as it preserves the look of the CIEM opposed to polished shells which might become dull after a while due to the rougher surface. Also it is perfectly possible to refit the acrylic shells – even after years, if your ears might have changed. This will not be possible (that easy and effective) with silicone shells.

    That is correct! We are filling the shells with clear material in order to bed the technical components and protect them from hits. It also gives the whole CIEM more stability. On top of that it makes them shine brighter ;o)

    As part of our quality production process, we are working on the raw ear impressions before we scan them. Therefor we will need the original impressions here and cannot work with the *.STL files. We know it is an extra effort to send them, but we think it is necessary and worth it regarding the finished product.

    I hope that helps a bit!

    All the best from Cologne,

    Vision Ears Stay updated on Vision Ears at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/visionears.de/ https://www.instagram.com/visionears https://vision-ears.de/ info@vision-ears.de
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  7. mvvRAZ
    Thank you for information!! I sent you an email with a final “batch” of small questions and if all is good I will be placing my order mid September :)
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  8. mvvRAZ
    To the VE owners in this thread:

    Would you be so kind as to share some photos of your shells? @chungjun I’d also love to see a close up of the light purple!

    I am thinking of ordering my Elysium with the olive green shells but I’m a bit worried as nobody has ordered those before in that combo and I can’t see what it’ll look like :/

    Idk otherwise I gotta go for the stock look, and while I do absolutely love it, I’d prefer at least a little customization :)
  9. Vision Ears

    well the idea of these four settings was to make the ERLKöNIG more adjustable to the owners preferences. Some people like huge bass (setting 1), some prefer a rather balanced sound (setting 2), some may like rather low bass with more focus on the mids and highs (setting 3) and for the vocal lovers we have position 4. So mainly the switch is attenuating the Bass, so that you have maximum bass with position 1, moderate bass with position 2, minimum bass with position 3 and position 4 has the same bass as position 3 but also 3dB less high frequencies, so that there is more focus on the mids. All these tunings are made with the crossover components.

    Hope this helps

    Vision Ears Stay updated on Vision Ears at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/visionears.de/ https://www.instagram.com/visionears https://vision-ears.de/ info@vision-ears.de
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  10. chungjun
    PM-ed mine.

    Olive green like these? Look gorgeous too!

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  11. Deezel177
    Dunno if the green in this pair are from green shells or a green tint in the white balance, but this should resemble what you’re looking for:

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  12. Wyville
    One of my favourite designs, really like it.
  13. mvvRAZ
    These are spot on what I'm looking for I agree and I saw them on twitter, but I'm not sure if it's an actual green shell or a photo effect :/

    Also do you know if the yellow on their webpage is actually yellow or more like a neon?

    In the configurator it seems more like a neon but when I google the vision ears yellow shell it's actual yellow shells and not that same green-ish yellow

    Sorry for bother you all with this stuff, just a fellow design freak :D
  14. Deezel177
    From what I’ve seen, it’s a pretty fair yellow. But, if you consider the green that’ll come from the HALC unit and the e-stat transformer inside the shell, it’ll definitely tilt it towards a more neon shade.
  15. mvvRAZ
    Actually VE me that’s their old yellow, while the new one is proper neon!!

    One shell will be clear with the neon accents inside, the other will be full neon, I think that’ll look great! :)

    Thank you all for the help though ♥️
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