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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. Mimouille
    Cannot tell you about waiting times...just shoot em both an email and see what they say and also check who you have the best contact with.
  2. precsmo
    Slightly more than 1 month :)
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Today the Vision Ears tour kit reached me. Thanks Rudi for your wonderful packaging.

    These are just early brief check in impressions and anything can change!

    Having listened to all 3 this afternoon I seem to have a soft spot for the stage 2 for some reason, Lee will probably immediately think that's because I'm "into mid fi" but I find although it's a tad bassy in the low end it gives me great detail extension with the Rocco BA, I keep leaning for it over the 3 and 4 (so far) but it's very early days and I've not spent nearly as much time with the others.

    Even though these are simply demo shells Vision Ears have spared nothing into the build of these units, the finish is of excellent quality and could easily, I repeat easily be sold as a Universal for it's appearance. I'm going to post some macro shots of the finish to give you guys an idea. Take a look at what happens when light shines through the stage 2 shells.

    Stage  2 Demo

    Now that up there is what I call pretty cool.

    Next we have the stage 3 which seemed to sound  more neutral to my ears over stage 2, and the mid range wasn't necessarily clearer to my ears but certainly a tad brighter with more clarity and edges out on extension over the 2. As you can understand having 3 IEM's of such class at the same time can be a little overwhelming, considering I've only had them *looks at watch* 5 hours I need a good few days to gather solid impressions.

    Stage 3 Demo

    Now onto the stage 4, the big kuhuna, the big mumma bear. I've grabbed two shots, one of the shell faceplates and another of the internals please zoom in on the internal shot to see what's going on inside. out of all three stage diver 4 sounds the most advanced technically but it's either my sources or tip selection because to me it sounds a touch veiled over the 3 or 2 and I'm trying to work out why because others are rather fond of the 4 driver unit. it has the widest stage and emits the most clarity but for some reason I'm not getting the same amounts of extension for example from vocals like Taylor Swift. 

    Stage 4 Demo


    There's a sneak peek at what arrived today and I feel very spoiled and somewhat overwhelmed with it all, little like a kid in candy store, and time is of the essence with only one week between all three. I'll return in a couple of days but can answer any questions in the mean time. I'd also like to thank Mimouille for offering us this wonderful demo.

  4. superachromat
    I see. That is a very short lead time!
  5. Mimouille
    Thanks H20 for the early impressions. Hope you will enjoy your time with them.
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I am very much enjoying them, especially amping the Stage 3 this afternoon. Amongst some other gear I had arrive today this mysterious Project Palaio prototype wooden amplifier, which I know very little about besides it runs off a 9V battery and pairs absolutely great with Stage 3. Soundstage expands detail comes out and simply with some tracks Gavin sent me I was a little jaw dropped with pleasure listening the past 30 minutes. Really brings out the low end and mid range detail. Don't know what's inside this little amp but she's a winner.

    Really cool sound coming out of my IHIFI-760 line out with this mysterious amp and the Stage 3.

  7. lin0003
    Do you guys reckon that I can please join the tour? 
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor

    You'd need to ask Mimouille as he's runnings the tour, I really can't promise anything here mate.
  9. Mimouille

    I am sorry but the tour is already full up and everything is planned. I do not want to make it longer and have to reorganize everything as I am paying the deposit for the ciems. Maybe next time :)
  10. lin0003
    Ok, that's cool. 
    You guys have fun. Mim, do you need THAT many IEMs [​IMG]? How many ears do you have [​IMG]...
  11. Mimouille

    I just have three pair of iems, including 1 universal. And I am waiting for 1 more custom (NT6) and might get one more at most :) No soooo many.
  12. lin0003
    If I have many IEMs I find that I only ever listen to one. 
  13. Mimouille

    I listen to SE5 the most, but also switch with 1Plus2 and Kaede. Kaede I keep more for the collection.
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I'm still leaning towards the Stage 2 here listening late this morning, for some reason with my DAPs it gives better detail to my ears,it's kind of aggressive raw detail like that I enjoy while to me the 4 especially sounds much smoother around the mid range. I dunno what going on but, that's how I'm hearing it guys, while the Stage 2 isn't as refined or hold as good posture / control the detail digging in wins me over.
  15. rudi0504
    Hi H20
    You are welcome and like usual very excellent pictures and very nice early impression :beerchug:
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