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Venture Electronics (VE) Duke - a new high-performance IEM

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  1. peter123

    Lol! I know the feeling, I've spent my hifi budget for the first six months this month :wink:

    There's always a next month though...
  2. ozkan
    I wonder how Duke compares to ER4S for the treble presence of course. :wink:
  3. bolmeteus
    I recently posted this in the VE thread, how does it compare against the Orivetti Primacy? There's a cool 100$ difference between the two, I wonder just how much better that 100$ gives on the orivetti :wink:
  4. leobigfield

    Maybe Hisoundfi could answer your question :D
  5. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I give the Primacy an advantage but the Monk is no slouch. Both are a winner. If you want brighter and leaner sound go with the Duke. If you want smoother and more dynamic sound go with Primacy
    bolmeteus likes this.
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    FYI: I'll have the entire VE earbud lineup + Duke out for audition at the Portland meet. If anyone's in the area, come on by!
  7. fleasbaby
    ...rocking the Duke today, driven in balanced mode via the Pono player...every time I put these in I wonder why they aren't still being talked about more...natural, accurate...enough to make even a cans/earbuds guy rethink his position on IEMs...
  8. mynamesjeff
    Hi I've been recommended these in the chinese IEM thread. Would people that have the Dukes already say that these are the closest to the signature of the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pros? These are probably my favourite cans as the treble extension is incredible and airy but i obviously cannot take these around with me being an open design and a bit clunky for portable. I was wondering if the Duke will satisfy my needs.
  9. Ngoliath
    I love these things. I ordered them through Aliexpress along with the Zen 2.0 and the Monk Plus. All of them sound amazing. I paired the Zen 2.0 with the Dragonfly Red and it has become my favorite night listening setup. I turn off all the noise and get lost in my jazz or some late night electronic chill. Last couple days, I've spent more time with the Duke and I'm super impressed with the simple form factor and big sound. If I could only have one headphone for all purposes, I think these would be very difficult to beat. They have good isolation, are fairly easy to drive well, and sound wonderful with or without any amp.
  10. thamasha69

    Thank you for the impressions. How would you compare the sound to the Monk Plus? I have been mostly listening to Monk Plus lately, but have been eyeballing VE Duke since last year... Thinking an IEM may be nice when traveling.
  11. Ngoliath
    The Duke is a different feel than the Monk Plus and Zen. Those are very much like close in speakers, and in a quiet place I prefer the soundstage over the Duke. The Zen gives great clarity with some decent isolation and a more intimate experience. The Duke is definitely more versatile, as it can work in all circumstances. You do need to get them seated in the ear canal pretty well. Both do a great job of putting the mids in your face and making the music sound balanced.
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  12. bolmeteus
    Tip suggestions anyone?
    Anything which tames the highs just a little/ doesn't change the signature but gives comfy fit & insertion.
    :blush:✌ Please suggest products which are available on amazon/aliexpress only.
    Hisoundfi nmatheis RedJohn456
  13. james444 Contributor
  14. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I use RHA tips. Anything that gives a deep insertion and good seal should give you best results.

    Hope this helps
    bolmeteus likes this.
  15. bolmeteus
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