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Venture Electronics (VE) Duke - a new high-performance IEM

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  1. bolmeteus

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B017A8UJQ4/ref=pd_aw_sbs_23_1?ie=UTF8&dpID=31qTIuBXdWL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL100_SR100%2C100_&psc=1&refRID=AVXA06ZVYN2GKKTRYMQZ this one?

    Or the dual density?
  2. james444 Contributor
  3. bolmeteus
  4. bolmeteus
    Note: Posting this form a facebook post I made after getting the tips


    OSTRY OS100 - OS200 - OS300 Earphone Turning Tips paired with the VE Duke

    Get an idea from the picture, not going to lengthen this review which is already too big for eartips.

    Surprisingly good. Moderately hard silicone domes adhered/melted onto a central plastic cylinder. The plastic comes in three colors indicating the different variants; Blue = OS100 Red + There is a metal mesh up front gives a premium feel to the tips.

    Fit, Comfort and General Impressions
    Fit & Comfort
    The tips will not insert through the whole length of the nozzle, but what gets through is enough to get a solid fit, doesn’t wobble or fall off when force is applied.My preference was the S (small) size, it gave me a tight fit, not uncomfortably tight but tight enough to keep it from falling off during a 2hr long painting session( I have to move a lot in my studio). Did not hurt my ears after prolonged use , YMMV because of ear anatomy. The mesh did touch the walls of the ear canal during insertion, did not cause any irritation but felt cold.

    The variance in sound comes from the density of the metal mesh. The OS 300 had highest density followed by 200 and 100 respectively.

    OS 100
    MInimal change on sound.
    Soundstage was almost identical to stock, gained a slightly “Oval” soundstage against the stock “Cylindrical” soundstage of the Duke. Not a negative, some tracks sounded better with it ( I’m looking at you Chamber-music)
    Clarity and lows were same.
    Perfect for those who prefer the stock sound of the Duke + extra comfort (Double flanges feel strange, is it just me?)

    OS 200
    Treble is tamed down a little, reaching a tolerable level.
    Overall the sound was more pleasing, I could use it for more than 45 minutes( which was my previous limit until fatigue caught up).
    Soundsatge was similar to OS100.
    Lows gained a bit of body.
    Clarity/Details took a little hit, but you won't be able to notice it without focusing a lot ( Quality of your files will be the defining factor here)
    This is the winning tip for me, perfect balance between comfort and clarity.

    OS 300
    Biggest drop in sound quality
    Highs have been reduced to friendly levels, treble sensitive ears should find this appealing.
    Clarity goes down to mushy levels in well populated tracks, this is a good thing for your lower quality files, the Duke’s have a tendency to bring up every little detail of your tracks including artifacts and lack of resolution. Lows gain a significant boost, not on bass-head levels but still better than stock.

    If you read the whole thing you deserve an imaginary cookie.

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  5. peter123
    Nice post! I totally agree with your findings :)
  6. harpo1
    I've purchased quite a few iem's over the last few months and haven't listened to the Duke's during this time.  Today I pulled them out and man these things still amaze me.  The clarity and detail are top notch.  Probably my favorite iem when listening to a variety of music.  Plus I can wear them for hours without any discomfort.  
  7. malifact
    Hello, I was recommended to get this as I was looking for some bright IEMs for commuting.  I was wondering how is the isolation?  I'm concerned that it will be a problem as they seem to be vented from the photos on this thread. Also, I've read that they are designed to be used amped, but has anyone used them with the LG V10?  How do they sound?  Thanks.
  8. mochill
    Lg v10 user with duke here, they isolate very well for me
  9. kydu

    The duke is a beast!!!!
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  10. laxtrax
    After owning these for over a month, trying different tips and different sources + DAC/amps, I still don't understand how I'm supposed to enjoy them, and people who demoed it felt the same. The sibilance just ruins songs with a lot of vocals, and cymbals from even the best mastered tracks are just too shrill on the Duke. Is it really just a sound signature preference thing? I own quite a few headphones and earphones and I've never heard anything quite like the Duke. I appreciate its other qualities, but the treble really kills it - and my $200 - for me.
  11. kydu

    What source are you using? Have you put at least 200 hours on them?
  12. golov17
    nope info.....lolz
  13. kydu

    Haha yeah! So they made a profile to comment randomly on one iem? If they couldn't find a single recording that sounded more honest and revealing on duke, in a pleasing way, maybe they should find better recordings of quality music. That's only my opinion. Yes Duke will make bad recordings and gear sound bad, it's wasn't made to do otherwise, and I love it for that reason. When I need to hear/ test gear in it's raw form, The Duke is my go to.
  14. yacobx

    My suggestion is to boost up amp and turn down source. Then use comply foam tips to get a good seal and stop the sharp highs.
  15. laxtrax
    I couldn't possibly listen to it for 200 hours, the problems I mentioned are just too much for me to endure that. Including burn in I'd say it has seen a little less than 100 hours of use.
    Yes, this is a new account, I've never found a reason to make on HF, but this is the only place where I can ask about the Duke. There isn't a single thread about it on Reddit. I'm very open to suggestions.
    That's not what I said. My problem is the sibilance just ruins songs with a lot of vocals, and cymbals from even the best mastered tracks are just too shrill on the Duke. Sure there are tracks that the Duke work fine, like when there are no cymbals, but how is that a good thing? Especially for a $200 IEM? And I'm not the only one with this observation, because I had other people try it just so I know my ears aren't the problem.
    I love my Zen, I use it more than my HD600 mainly due to form factor and the performance is neck to neck, but I'm having problem with the Duke and I was hoping for constructive suggestions, not people making fun of the fact that I finally made an HF account just so I can figure the Duke out.
    Can you please name ONE song with cymbals that sounds fine with the Duke?
    Source, I've tried various, since I took the Duke to local hi-fi meets. xDuuo X10, Fiio X1/3/5, Cowon Plenue D, mixed and matched with various DAC/amps such as the Mojo, Fiio E11/17, Audioengine D1, the works. Plugged it wherever, whenever.
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