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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. tommo21
    Here's my favorite tube at the moment. Ken Rad Black Glass 6SN7GT:)
    Unfortunatly it's a bit Microphonic, but the dampers helps a lot for occational bumps to me workdesk.
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  2. Grado Diesel
    Just got my Vali 2 this past Friday. Came with the 6BZ7/6BQ7A CANADA tube. Loving it so far but what is another good tube to go with? I listen to a lotta classic rock and some of those 70s recordings where the S's weren't properly eq'd are super fatiguing on the ears. Same with organ rock like ELP and Purple.
  3. bharris
    I'm just got a Voskhod "rocket" 6h23n and it's my new favorite tube for the Vali. Good quantity of tight bass and present mids. I primarily have darker headphones so not much makes my setup overly bright or sparkly but I feel like they're pretty well balanced in terms of warmth and a touch of tubey-ness vs detail.  I actually got two for $10 each (s/h included)  so if you can find one, I think it's a good buy. 
  4. Grado Diesel

    I'm using Grado Sr-80i's so there's plenty of highs on my cans. They're easily driven and seem sensitive to the highs.
  5. bharris
    I still wouldn't rule it out, maybe someone else can account for their performance with brighter cans. 
  6. Grado Diesel

    I gotta check those out. I'd like to try out a variety of tubes and see what's out there.
  7. claud W
    Using Big Schiit stack to break in Ether Flows so decided to try Ether C's damn the little Schiit Vali 2/ Modi Multibite stack just rocks!!!
  8. Grado Diesel
    Does the Schiit Modi sound better than using the built in DAC in players like the Fiio X3?
  9. caenlenfromOCN
    Just got a new Schiit Vali 2 today, thinking of trying a golden lion tube for it, i want soundstage and quality bass... so if anyone know any tube that does that for vali 2 just PM me or post here, thanks
  10. vcmusik
    I have exactly that tube, and it does have a nice bottom end. Treble is a bit rolled off but not too much. Soundstage and imaging are pretty good as well. On some well-mastered orchestral recordings, I can easily place where the different instrument sections are placed in the soundscape, particularly strings and percussion. 
  11. HOWIE13
  12. claud W

    Thanks Howie
    YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!
  13. Grado Diesel
    That sounds just like what I'm looking for. Where do you find the golden lion tube and what size is it?
  14. AviP
  15. vcmusik
    I got mine from Upscale Audio but you could also do Tube Depot. It took me a little while to get mine because UA was in the middle of moving to a bigger location or something like that, and maybe they still are. But anyway, just for giggles I also got mine cryogenically treated. 
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