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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. Tuneslover

    I hear ya and kind of get what you're saying. I added a Modi MB and that really made my setup crazy good.
  2. bharris
    Oh, "return", not "sell". I must have misread that before. That does change things a bit.
    As an owner of both Little Dot 1+ and Vali 2 I can say that I do feel as though the shifts in sound are more pronounced with the Dot. I feel like I have more of an emotional connection with my Little Dot than I do with my Vali but I'm not sure that it's what I would keep if I were only to have one amp.
    There are certain pairings, like my LA- D5000's / Little Dot 1+ / CV-4015's, which present female vocals in the most intimate way it gives me goosebumps on a regular basis (something I haven't experienced with the Vali 2). Unfortunately, that particular combo is limited and sounds pretty weak with most of my music. The hassle of having to open the amp and fiddle with jumpers and, most times, consult a manual to make sure that I'm set up correctly for the tubes I'm putting in is extraordinary. I really don't get around to it much. It's a great little amp, a great value, and definitely one that rewards rolling but, unfortunately, the usability's not great. If you're new to tubes and you want to experiment inexpensively it's a great choice. The Vali is much more plug and play and also more consistent from my experience.
  3. rnros

    Everything will need more time to burn-in but additionally I would ask: How are you feeding signal to the amp?
  4. rnros
    Thought this other discussion on trying to dial-in a new Vali2 might be of interest:
  5. claud W
    OK you guys using 6SN7s in your Vali 2, how does it sound? Which 6SN7s are you using? I have always thought, "Bigger tube=Bigger sound"
  6. Bleether
    He sounds like he is in the same boat I'm in. The k712s have opened up a little more on the low end. Still not where I'd like it to be, but ~30 hours of burn in has made a noticeable difference.

    I've pulled the trigger on the Reflector 6H23p-EB from tube store. Pretty excited about rolling in my first Russian tube. http://www.thetubestore.com/Tubes/6922-E88CC-Tube-Types/6H23n-EB-6922 Anyone know what year this thing is? Also what up with the tube being spelled "reflector" vs "reflektor"?
  7. rnros

    The photo shows 8911 which would be NOV 1989.
    Both spellings are used. Don't know which is correct, but I've seen Russian sellers using both.
  8. Bleether
     Okay that should make it easier searching ebay for stuff. Seems like there are more listings as "Reflector".
  9. rnros
    Here is a Russian vacuum tube resource with basic data for all Russian tubes. Might be useful in the future as you explore additional tube types.
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  10. bgaugs
    I'm going from my laptop to 3.5 -> RCA -> Vali2 -> 1/4 adapter ->K7xx
  11. rnros

    Are you going from the headphone out line?
  12. Bleether

  13. bgaugs
    Yes the 3.5 mm jack
  14. rnros

    Responded to your question posted in the Official Schiit Vali2 thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/790828/official-schiit-vali-2-thread/1590#post_12900118
  15. thekorsen
    Just got my Vali 2 back from Schiit (went in for repairs) and I wanted to post some tube impressions so far. This will be an odd set of impressions because the stock tube was not returned with the amp since I stupidly sent it with it (they ask you not to for this reason), so the tubes will be compared against each other without the stock tube as a benchmark. The differences are all marginal but can shift the emphasis on different instruments of many songs.
    Tests done with: ODAC -> Vali 2 -> HD800 / TH-X00
    EH 6922 - The neutral-ish tube, pretty even in response. It offered a more airy presentation and deeper sound stage (likely due not having a emphasis in the 6k presence region that the other tubes seemed to have.) Sub-bass doesn't seem to roll off like the others. Not the most exciting, not too boring and nothing really seems recessed; probably the least offensive tube.
    EH 6CG7 - The instrumental tube, slightly / shaped response; present vocals + highs, emphasized attack in many instruments, less bass + body, sub bass rolls off. Good for string instrument heavy songs like orchestra.
    RCA 6CG7 (questionable quality...bought for $3 on ebay)- The fun tube, it feels almost slightly W shaped in response; emphasis in mid-upper base for body, vocals are present (more than the EH 6CG7) and highs are slightly energetic (less than the EH 6CG7). Like the EH 6922 the sub bass does seem to roll off.
    Tung-Sol 6SN7GT - (Coming soon, waiting on adapter)
    *edit* - Updated impressions.
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