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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. caenlenfromOCN
    My Golden Lion tube gets here tomorrow (Sunday Prime shipping from Amazon). Can't wait, I already know I like my Vali 2 sound over the Magni 2 though, and that is just with the stock tube... so looking forward to this tube swap :)
  2. dbaker1981
    Ok got a question. I'm looking to either get a EH 6sn7 with adaptor or a gold lion ECC88. Can anyone tell me the difference between the 2?
  3. happysappy
    I just got my Vali 2 and they sound amazing with my IM02! The body of the product itself isn't premium (lopsided volume knob and headphone jack), but it's not a problem. I'm just glad the tube didn't break, getting shipped all the way to Korea with "special" USPS handling. 
    I am very new to tubes and I was wondering if all tubes have the same pins. If not, what kind of pin type/family do I look for? (9-pin? I don't even know how to call them). I have seen several recommended tubes, but I would like to know how to tell if a tube is compatible with the Vali 2. Do I need to look for a specific set of code? 
    I have a pair of powered speakers running from the amp through RCA. Due to my lack of knowledge in physics and engineering, I can't tell if the audio going to the speakers actually went through the tube. I can't tell the difference subjectively since the speakers are kinda crap (Kanto Yu3). If I get some passive speakers, would the speakers benefit from the warmth of the tube? I am not familiar with the schematics of these things.
    I'm sorry for the questions. I am trying to educate myself. Any useful links to a comprehensive beginner's guide would also be appreciated. Google returned me so many sites, I don't know where to begin. Thank you!
  4. KoshNaranek
    Tubes that can be placed in in the Lyr 2 can go in the Vali
    If you like a 50s sound, try the ECC804. If you want More Clarity, try ECC88. My favourite in the Valhalla 2 is the JJ ECC88 Gold pin, but these break up in the Lyr. I have not gotten a Vali yet.
    Do not go too crazy trying out a multitude of tubes. I did, and I am ashamed of myself.
  5. happysappy
    I am deeply sorry about your addiction. Maybe it's about time to get some professional help... :D
    Thanks for the link! I promise myself I won't spend too much money on audio equipment. Hopefully I can stick to it.
  6. bharris
    This entire thread is full of suggestions for which tubes to use and what kind of sound you can expect from from them. You definitely need to make sure you're using the right tubes but there are plenty to choose from. There will be suggestions for expensive and rare tubes but also low cost options that you can try without emptying your wallet (and experiencing deep shame. lol. @KoshNaranek). It's good that you already like the sound of your Vali, that means that you can always go back to the stock tube you are using to compare.
    As for using your Vali as a preamp, you will probably just have to use your ears and see if it's something that you like. It will depend on the tube you are using, the character of your speakers and the source you are using. The tube is used in the preamp stage of the Vali which is what you will get from the RCA outs but that may or may not be an upgrade to the sound that you're hearing without it. It will be up to your ears! 
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  7. KoshNaranek

    I thank you for your concern. I can now say that I have hit rock bottom as there exist no other tubes for me to buy.

    The withdrawal symptoms were severe, but the five step program is working.
  8. dbaker1981
    Can anyone give me there opinion on the difference between a golden lion ecc88 and a telefunken ecc88. Or would you recommend a 6sn7 EH with an adaptor. I would like to get an idea of the differences.
  9. caenlenfromOCN
    Do tubes limit the sound stage some? I swear the sound stage used to be bigger on my Pioneer SE-A1000 cans before I went to a tube amp... maybe its placebo though lol
  10. tommo21
    Different tubes have different soundstage, so it can be limiting, but also better. The 6sn7 tube I use at the moment have quite a wide soundstage.
  11. caenlenfromOCN
    what brand? i would like to buy it ^^
  12. tommo21
    Ken Rad 6SN7GT, but I must warn you that it won't add soundstage to Headphones/iem's that don't have good soundstage in themselves.
  13. bharris
    Are you using one of the more expensive iterations (black glass, etc.) or are any of these Ken Rad 6SN7GTs good? I might have to try one...
  14. tommo21

    Oh...sorry  it's the Black Glass...should have mentioned that. I have a picture of it on the previous page I think..
  15. caenlenfromOCN
    can someone recommend a a tube for under $30 shipped (amazon or other website) for my vali 2 that has really good sound stage/imaging/bass depth, only ones I own are golden lion, and a cheap $5 RCA one, I am thinking of buying one of the stock ones directly from schiit as i bought my vali 2 so i have not heard the official stock one yet.... unless one of you wants me to sell me yours, PM me on here lol
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