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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. r2muchstuff
    Yes, one will do for the Valli 2.  Valhalla 2 needs two savers stacked then the adapter, have not tried that though.
  2. claud W

    Well, I guess I am prepared for FrankinVali2. I ordered two 9 pin socket savers on Ebay and the 9 pin to 6SN7 converter. I then ordered one of Tubemonger's fancy socket savers to see if it made any difference. Its funny. I have lots of tubes, but never bought a socket saver or converter.
  3. dbaker1981

    And what is a frankinvali 2 by chance?
  4. bharris
    Pretty sure he's just referring to the Vali 2 fitted with adapters to accept giant tubes like the 6sn7 on the previous page. IT'S ALIVE...
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  5. r2muchstuff
    What HOWIE13 said.  Using an adapter to allow the use of two single triodes.  
  6. AviP

    Something like this
  7. r2muchstuff
     post #343
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  8. dbaker1981
    That's cool looking. I'm not there yet though. Lol
  9. HOWIE13
    Hey Guys
    Well done for knowing/working out what Frankenvali is[​IMG].
    For some reason I can't recall, I posted it on the Ember site, though it should be here too.
    Anyway, it was originally intended to refer to dual 7193 or 2C22 tubes, with the 'monstrous' wires, but could apply to any dual single triode set up as you have already described.
    Here's part of the original post. Enjoy their lush, capacious soundstage.
    'The wires are to connect to the two metal terminals at the top of 7193/2C22 type tubes. In the Ember this setup is called FrankenEmber, so in the Vali it could be called FrankenVali' (#1571,Project Ember Tube Rolling)
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  10. thekorsen
    Quick question about those 6sn7 tubes, do they get hot in the vali 2?
  11. r2muchstuff
    My setup runs cooler than normal tubes and no socket saver. 
    Normal tubes with socket saver runs cooler also.
  12. thekorsen
    Awesome, guess I'm going $35 deep on a 6sn7 mouse ears with a converter then.
  13. volly
    How do I feel about the 6sn7 tube conversion:
    First impressions:
    Second impression:
    That is all!
  14. bgaugs
    Hey everyone, so I recently got the vali 2 in with a 6922EH, listening with my K7xx. I've been running them for probably around 20 hours now, and I feel like I'm missing something. So many of you have fallen in love with this amp and swapping tubes, but I just can't seem to find a noticeable difference between this amp and going straight into my phone (HTC 10) or computer other than volume increase.
    Maybe I'm missing very slight nuances, but I've been listening to music which should show the difference pretty clearly- Coltrane, Hiatus Kaiyote, Depeche Mode. I've been listening to how deep, extended and pronounced the reverb and sound stage is on specific points in the music and just can't find a difference. The posts above about using that 6sn7 tube has my mouth watering but I'm afraid to dump more money into this amp only to be unimpressed again.
    I've heard that the Little Dot I+ has a more pronounced alteration of the sound especially with tube rolling, and its on Massdrop right now for ~$100 less than the Vali2...unless I can figure out what I'm missing I'm probably going to return it and go the LD route.
  15. bharris
    I would recommend you try another tube before you throw in the towel and sell it. What qualities are you looking for from your amp? Just generally thicker sound? Warmer, rounder, tubier? I picked up an EH 6GC7 for $15 and it brought the mids out  and made everything much sweeter. You've already got the amp, I'm sure it wouldn't take a huge investment to find out if there's another combo that would give you what you're looking for.
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