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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. Capt369
    I'd like to hear from others who have rolled the 6dj8 etc. with this amp and what their impressions are of each tube tried, from cheap to exotic.
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  2. Designer79
    Could we extend on the idea of this thread a bit? It seems the Vali 2 is shipping with different stock tubes. Would be nice to know what everybody got as the stock tube, and what it's sonic performance is compared to the tubes used for rolling. I got a US made Sylvania, have to check the exact spec and number once I finish work, will add a pic as well.
  3. Capt369

    Sure, anything to do with tubes for this amp would be great.
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  4. GrouchoMarx1933
    Subbed. I'll be picking up my Vali 2 today, and I've got an Electro-Harmonix 6CG7 (current production) on the way from Tube Depot. I have my eye on one or two NOS tubes as well, but I didn't want to order them yet, as they're more expensive, and I think two tubes is good enough to start.
  5. a44100Hz
    I'll try to contribute to this over the weekend. I have a handful of tubes I've tried with it that need more listening time. So far a NOS Amperex Bugle Boy from Holland is taking the lead.
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  6. rgmffn
    I just received my 6CG7 EH from Tube Depot today.  I've only got about 3 hrs on it so far but it's not sounding anywhere near like the 6922 EH.  I have a post in the main thread on the 6922 EH.  I'll give the 6CG7 some more time to break-in but it's got a long way to go equal the 6922 EH. I don't have much faith it's gonna make it.  The difference is great and easily apparent as it stands right now.
    I also have a JJ 6922.  It doesn't have much time on it.  I was pretty much underwhelmed when I tried it.  It was bland sounding.  I'll have to put some more break-in time on it, but it's last in the queue.
    And I have the stock tube.  Mine is an ITT 6BQ7A (Japan)  I have a great idea for that one.  A hammer.
    Ok, that might be a little extreme, but I don't like the one that came with mine.
    I'll give some kind of a comparison post sometime later when I've had more time with em.
    Oh,,, and I'm so smitten with the Electro-Harmonix 6922 EH, I've ordered another one from a different supplier just to see if the one I have just happens to be something special or what!   I'll let y'all know that too.
  7. volly
    Subbed, I'll be back....
  8. GrouchoMarx1933
    My Vali 2 is plugged and I'm listening now. The tube I got was stamped "Standard TV" (or TU possibly, the writing is a bit stylized). On the back is the number 6BQ7A, and on the side are numbers 4-17 and 274.
    This hasn't been plugged in long but I'm feeling it's more crisp while simultaneously less harsh than the single-ended out of the Geek Out V2, which I was previously using for my amping needs. There seems to be a touch more clarity and instrument separation/definition as well. It's not night and day, more like dusk and day, but it still feels like a good upgrade.
  9. a44100Hz
    My Vali 2 stock tube is a "6BZ7/6BQ7A CANADA". No other markings.
  10. rgmffn
    I think that's /6BQ7A.
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  11. GrouchoMarx1933
    Oh, mine says "Made in the USA". I just checked.
  12. h2rulz
    Here's my stock tube,
    GE Electronic TUBE
    Currently listening to the 6CG7 electro-harmonix and enjoying its more laid back sound compared to the stock tubes.
    I also have a gold pin JJ E88CC. Will have to give the Electro Harmonix 6922 a try.
    So far, from my limited time with all the tubes, the JJ E88CC falls somewhere in between the stock and 6CG7 in terms of sound.
  13. volly
    Ok, here is my stock tube...
    And this one is the Philips 7DJ8...
    After some reading around I finally decide to roll the 7DJ8 tube in, works fine, very very quiet and first few hours of listen is a really airy and smooth sound.
    Bass is big and solid with a beautiful smooth mid range to die for! High's are noticeably more airy than the stock tube.
    However the stock tube is a great and I mean great start, Schiit picked a very decent tube to pair with the Vali 2.
    I can't wait for this tube to really burn in and open right up. 
    Got my eye on a few tubes, so stay tuned!
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  14. NewEinstein
    I also received a 6BZ7/6BQ7A CANADA as the stock tube. I need to listen to it more to see what way I want to go. I will follow this thread to see how other tubes compare.
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  15. nordkapp
    Any thoughts on the EH 6922? I just ordered one for my V2. I know it's a big time input/gain tube for a lot of the upper echelon stereo preamplifiers out there(ARC, BAT, MCINTOSH etc.)
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