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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. Paladin79
    I am going to be in the area the following week so I will just miss the get together. I am more likely to go for lobster, oyster bars, and crab cakes.
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  2. Ripper2860
    You may not have Captain D's in IN ...

    Capture.JPG Capture2.JPG
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  3. Paladin79
    Nope but we had them in Louisville during some of my college days.

    In the DC area I hope to get to Linear Tube Audio, David Berninig designs.
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  4. Mr Trev
    I got one myself, definitely would recommend it - even though it has taken a backseat to the ecc40s. Although, you can find em for much better prices than that. I paid ~$10 for mine.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
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  5. Shane D
    May I ask where?

    Shane D
  6. Mr Trev
    Vivatubes.com. Even with exchange and shipping it was still way less than $40
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  7. bcowen
    The clear top (side getter) RCA 6CG7 is a great tube for the money. They used to be super cheap -- I think the going rate was around $5 a tube back years ago when I was stashing up collecting them. I don't remember trying one in the Vali2. Might have, but if I did it didn't stand out or I'd probably remember it. :smile: Sounds good in the Lyr 3, but not as good as some of the more revered 6SN7's to my ears (and equipment). But it's a lot less expensive than some of those too especially if you shop around some. Vivatubes has some on Ebay right now. I've bought a couple tubes from them and they were exactly as advertised. They have a regular web store as well.



    Edit: Apparently @Mr Trev and I were typing at the same time. Great minds think alike. LOL!!
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
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  8. Mr Trev
    They also had a bunch of relabeled ones too if your looking to cheap out. Mine was branded "Sears" and supposedly has perfect matching sides.
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  9. Tjj226 Angel
    Correct. I deleted and retyped something.

    And just for clarification. I am not against tube rolling. I am against throwing different electrical components at the wall and seeing what sticks. If this were a tube rolling thread about how different 6sn7s sound, you would have never heard from me.

    Im just going to see if I can't buy a cheap vali 2 off ebay and probe it myself. I will see if there are any other upgrades that can be made without too much fuss either.
  10. bcowen
    Sears is believable. I'm still scratching my head though on the ones @Ripper2860 has that are labeled Wal-Mart. Must have been a price rollback on those. :smile:
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  11. Ripper2860
    You laugh, but they sonically beat the crap out of the Dollar General labeled tubes I found at the flea market. :unamused:
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  12. Paladin79
    Lol good luck seeing if you can’t buy one.
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  13. Tjj226 Angel
    Yeah? I am going to see if I can not buy one for cheap. Its the same as I am going to see if I can buy one for cheap. Its a glass half full / half empty statement. It works either way. Stay focused here.

    In any case, ebay didn't return any results. If anyone knows of vali 2 for sale let me know. Im trying to keep the price down to below 100 bucks and preferably closer to 50 since I will probably just give the amp away when I am done with it. I will also be more than happy to buy a broken or damaged amp.[/QUOTE]
  14. Paladin79

    Watch B stock, they are usually $100 when you buy directly from Schiit. How many of those amps have you seen the inside of by the way? I own or have owned everything except a Saga and the original Lyr so perhaps I know them a little.
    If you want some practice you can start with the Coaster, (Vali Mini), it comes with a schematic so that might help you understand the Vali 2 a bit. I worked with Jason early on with those and found an issue with the bom and schematic but it is fixed now.
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  15. bcowen
    Dollar General labeled tubes were made by GE. I bet if you look closely you'll find some little dots etched in the glass under the logo.

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