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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. artpiggo
    I tried it long time ago. And i think it is still too bulky for portable use. The sound is bright though.
  2. udesign48
    LG DAC module sounds better than iBasso DX100, Sony ZX1, Pono Player. I think If you have LG V series smartphones, you won't need any other DAC...
  3. artpiggo
    That means you love lively sound over reference sound.
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  4. udesign48
    Do you think iBasso DC01 sounds better than LG Hifi Plus DAC module?
  5. artpiggo
    Do you like fiio's sound sig? If yes, dc01 is better. If not, it is not better. :wink:
    udesign48 likes this.
  6. udesign48
    I have Fiio Q1 mk2.. and I'm not a huge fan. I think I'll stick with LG Dac module and V30 phone.
  7. artpiggo
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  8. NotKunvinced
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  9. artpiggo
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  10. wwyjoe
    I've owned quite a few audio adapters for use with mobile phones, namely:

    Audioquest Dragonfly Red
    Nextdrive Spectra X
    Creative SXFI
    Audirect Beam
    Cozoy Takt Pro

    Amongst these adapters, Cozoy Takt Pro sounds the best. But I still prefer LG V50 over the Cozoy.....
  11. cesdag
    Hi everyone. I received my Ibasso dc01, unfortunately doesn't produce any sound when I connect it to my OnePlus 7 pro, HTC 10 and my laptop with Windows 10. I used Spotify, uapp,Poweramp but no luck. I installed the ibasso UAC app but and there are no changes. Do you have any ideas what that can be? Thanks
  12. artpiggo
    Does the dac ask you the permission to access?

    Or at least does the small blue light come out?
  13. cesdag
    The UAPP app does ask for permission, but If I want to use Spotify I don't grant it. Android doesn't ask for permission. And yes the blu light is on, as well as the headphones icon on my phone. Of course I tried with multiple cables and iems. My other dongles (sonata, odissey, htc) work just fine with both phones.
  14. artpiggo
    Does ibasso uac app ask for permission?
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