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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. cesdag
    It did it the first time. Now when I plug in the ibasso it goes directly to the app where you can adjust the volume. When I unplug it, it says device disconnected. Actually it seems it recognizes the dongle correctly, as no sound is coming out from the speakers when it's plugged in and the small headphones icon on the status bar of the phone is on.
  2. artpiggo
    Can you adjust volume in uac app?
  3. newtophones07
    You have to install the ibasso app from the play store


    I have the same phone and the DC01 and mine works perfectly

    Woops I read your other post, saying you already installed the apk. Maybe you have a bad device, if it doesn't work in ANY of your devices. It should be plug in play in your win10 computer, using the USB a adapter.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  4. cesdag
    Yes, I can.
    Yes indeed it should work plug and play. Thanks for helping out, I guess i got a detective unit. I'm in touch with Penon already, let's see how that goes.
  5. artpiggo
    If you can adjust volume i think it should work.

    Do you set setting music volume out at max? And control via the app
  6. newtophones07
    When plugged into your win10 machine, do you see the device in audio settings, and have you set it to default audio device?
  7. cesdag
    Yes I set the Android volume to max and then I control the volume via the app but no sound is coming out. In Windows I do see the device selected in the speaker icon in the right corner. Everything looks like that it should work.
  8. gr8soundz
    DC01 works fine on my Oneplus 7 Pro as well and I did not install the UAC app yet. It also works with my Chromebook.

    If yours does not work and gives no sound on Android nor Windows then it probably is defective.
  9. TooPoorForHiFi
    Does it work with Computer?
  10. cesdag
    Yes indeed must be that. All my other dongles work just fine with all my devices and unfortunately the ibasso does not work with none of them.

    No it doesn't.
  11. dacari
    Just a quick question...Which is the behaviour when adjusting the volume with UAC app using physical buttons? It would be ideal to have all 64 steps with the screen off.
  12. SupremusDoofus
    Better than or just as good? How can a $50 dongle sound better than a $450 DAP?
  13. audio123
    Try it if you can. These are the opinions of me & @artpiggo and we find the DC01 to be better. Cheers!
    SupremusDoofus likes this.
  14. SupremusDoofus
    Damn... Thats impressive
  15. snip3r77
    It would be good if Amir can test it
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