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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. SupremusDoofus
    It will be, but he wont unless someone sends him a unit.
  2. artpiggo
    Let me answer from my opinion, in this price range of $450, it depends.

    Cuz there are shanling m5s, ibasso dx120, fiio x5iii/M11. They all sound differently.

    So it depends on your preference in addition to quality.

    For example, I can prefer dx120 more than dc01. So I rank it above while I dont like shanling, fiio signature much then I prefer dc01 over them.

    Or you might prefer sony / AK over this dc01. It all possible.

    However I pretty sure dc01 can win on <250$ DAP as a baseline for me. Over than that, preference needs taking into account.
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  3. dacari
    I just received it and I anwer myself. Outside the app you can't use the buttons to adjust the volume, anyway you can slide the notification area and there is a - and + to make quick adjustments (it remembered my V10) it works for me.
  4. Chessblitzer2017
    Anyone know when the 3.5 version of the dc01 will be available
  5. artpiggo
    Mid August I think
  6. TooPoorForHiFi
    Does the iBasso DC01 have Dual DAC?
  7. artpiggo
    No single
    TooPoorForHiFi likes this.
  8. koziakauzu
    A $450 DAP has way more components than a dongle, so actually if a "simple" dongle cost $50 I'd imagine it to to sound better :beyersmile:
  9. artpiggo
    First $100 for DAP is for OS development and screen

    Next $50 charged for body design and battery and QC all wiring and solder

    Next $50 charged for convenience (BT,Wifi,Streaming license) that user can get from its DAP instead of just dac/amp with no UI and control

    The rest is value of sound quality.

    If we randomly compare dac/amp and DAP at same price, most likely dac/amp wins in SQ.

    Ibasso is good at squeezing the best SQ while reproduct at most reasonable price so it is possible to acheive better.
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  10. SupremusDoofus
    I was thinking the same
  11. superuser1
    Got the DC01 and I must say I am enjoying the dynamism in the music it serves. For the price I think this is really a no brainer. If course it won't compete with the zx300 I have, however as a USB c dongle I just think it's very good value for money and a convenient way to transform the music out of your Android devices.
    I even tried it with a MacBook Air and the stage was even better than from an Android device imo. I wanted to ask if anyone tried the iematch with this for sensitive iems? Ricky and Alex... Please shed some light on this
  12. adolchristin
    Can I ask where you got the DC01? I'd like to obtain one here in the United States.
  13. superuser1
    I got it from Penon
    adolchristin likes this.
  14. adolchristin
    Awesome; thank you. I wasn't having any luck finding it out aliexpress.
  15. tiamor988
    Just saw on taobao the DC-02 will be release on 5th August there.
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