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USB Audio Recorder PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 5, 2014.
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  1. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Hello @Toshu

    Yes! Its using the powerful Amlogic S922x. It has its drawbacks: SPDIF not working, Saturated videos, wifi OR ethernet you can't use both...

    BUT it IS speed demon. Playing DSD512 (from NativeDSD) downsampled is no problem at all.

    Hooking my 8TB HDD in it using an USB 3.0 enclosure on its USB 3.0 ports. Please check your chain and cables. Maybe your cable is USB 2.0.. It happened to me.

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  2. richardloh
    Hey Mickey,

    Thanks for further good sharing ..

    Checked Himedia Q10 Pro to find it to be a dated product but not inexpensive and not sure if even still supported.

    More importantly, it seems that it cannot do 24bit 192khz and down samples to 16 bit 192 khz instead ?

    New to such android TV box ... we cannot install uapp app like other android TV boxes I read with playstore ?

    Btw, also looking at cheaper Q5 pro since I will have external hdd which should be same SQ consideration to avoid noise , vibrarion etc.


    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
  3. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Hello Richard.

    Yes I can attest it can play upto 24/192 and DSD64 in Toslink and SPDIF.

    But I don't know if it can downsample to 16/192 (the player I mean).

    Tested higher resolution files like DXD or DSD128 or DSD256 but no sound.

    PM me if you wanted other info. Don't want to derail the thread. Too much OT already.

  4. richardloh
    Hi Mickey,

    My bad and I apologise to all.

    Thanks again and cheers.

  5. Toshu
    My cable is 3.o and came with the HDD....But....I need to check which of the 3 USB ports on my TV box is 3.0.....thanks
  6. m-i-c-k-e-y
    If you want a bit of bump on your SQ. Use iFi Audio's iPower on your Android TV. Its just a $49 investment.
  7. Rob Geebivi
    Thanks everyone for the feedback--I appreciate the variety of perspectives.

    To buonassi's point:
    Could you explain a little more about high frequency roll-off and "NOS" please? I don't know much of the vocab or what you're describing, but I'm very interested in learning nonetheless!

    I like the philosophy of "trust your ears" and "enjoy what sounds the best to you," per Dan and others, but what do you mean exactly, buonassi, when you say this about FLACs?
    Would you argue that the process of MQA decoding / rendering is restrictive in such a way that, for example, 96 kHz has to be upsampled to 192 kHz? (Please correct me if I'm off-base)

    Lastly, these are questions for Davy (or others that are extremely familiar with UAPP):
    1- What flags should I have set in "HiRes Driver Flags" if I want to best use the internal DAC on my LG G7?
    2- When I have my own offline FLAC files on my device, and I want to use the "Library" feature in UAPP, how do I go about getting Album art? I just ripped a bunch of my CDs to FLAC, and there's currently no album art. I'm not surprised, but what is the best way to go about this?

    Thanks all!
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  8. Davy Wentzler
    Seems like you've opened the can of worms! :)

    1) Only (and this means only! You wouldn't believe how many complaints and bad reviews I received from people who fiddle with these flags even where there is warning in the preference summary to leave it untouched) turn on the MQA flag IF you listen to MQA tracks. Leave everything off otherwise
    2) Normally, the PC software will gather the album art and you would just copy the jpg's that come with the folder. UAPP can use embedded album art, jpg/png's is in the folder and album art stored in the Android media database
  9. Rob Geebivi
    Haha! I admit, I am a curious person :wink:
    So you're saying that I should turn off the MQA flag when listening to FLACs of any quality? (And then back on when I listen to MQAs, obvs) Or is it safe to leave it on at all times, even when I'm not listening to MQAs? I assume since I use bit-perfect mode at all times, and sometimes I listen to MQAs and sometimes to FLACs, I can just leave the flag on. That said, if it would improve the quality of FLACs to turn it off when I listen to them, I have no problem doing so.

  10. Davy Wentzler
    Safe? Always. However, non-MQA tracks will go through the LG's MQA system if you have that flag turned on, which will highly likely go through an upsampler.
  11. buonassi
    I probably shouldn't have gone into that much detail in this thread anyway as it is a bit off topic. however, I'd be happy to explain some basics if you want to private message me. But I am on vacation and don't have access to my typical resources (links), so it might be a little while before I can answer you properly.
  12. jt25741
    Davy, I dont think it is going out on a limb to presume that most if not all of UAPP users that listen to MQA tracks also listen to standard non-MQA tracks too. WIth that said, I would like the behaviour of the MQA flag to resort to the bitperfect path it would take if not checked, when MQA files are not detected. Forcing non-MQA through through MQA path and resulting in less fidelity or resampling is probably not the preferred behaviour most audiophiles would prefer.

    Motto -- do no harm (if avoidable)

    So if at all possible, please add some logic that effectively unchecks flag on a per-track basis if it is both checked, and MQA file detection is negative.


  13. SoFGR
    V30 owner here, I just received the pie update yesterday, do I have to uncheck the MQA flag as well in order to avoid resampling ? my tidal library is like 70% flac 30% MQA, manually toggling the flag on/off can get tedious.
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  14. Larethio
    Is it possible to have an in-app setting that would switch the DAC on Quad DAC LG smartphones from normal impedance (0-50ohm) to high impedance mode? Would that require a rooted device?
  15. sakt1moko
    Hi all!

    Ive got a Xiaomi Mix which is capable to unfold mqa vis UAPP+ MQA plugin. I could connect to the dac to send the mqa already unfolded to the DAC?

    My DAC is a DX3pro (non-mqa capable)

    PD. Thanks for make the greatest music app for android
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