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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. Hapster
    Not even prog trause :frowning2:
  2. waynes world
    I don't really even know what the definitions of the trance sub-genres are. Anyway, I am listening to We Are All We Need, and I guess I know what house/trause is now. It sounds nice, but I'm not sure how trance-like it is.
    I really like the kind of trance from CID Inc and Hernan Cattaneo. For example:
    What type of trance would you call that stuff?
  3. Youth
  4. zNapalm
    Temple One is my favourite trance producer, hands down. Definitely check him out.

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  5. Weee
    my top tracks of this year so far



    chopped vocals!
  6. Hapster
    New albums I've added to my collection over the last few months, in no particular order:
    Airwave - Touareg (Reminds me of Bright Lines)
    Chicane - The sum of its parts
    Shogun - Dragon (Entire album is radio edit versions :frowning2: )
    Dan Sieg - A sense of Wonder
    Gregory Esayan - Impressionism (HIGHLY recommended album)
    Stoneface & Terminal  - Be Different (Can't tell if radio edits or just short songs)
    T4L - Biogenesis

    Tube & Berger - Deeper Sessions (COMPILATION) - Actually pretty decent
    Way Out West - Intensify
    Way Out West - Don't Look Now
    TyDi - Redefined (Coming from TyDi, this album was utter garbage, didn't sound like him at all, might've mistake it for something by Avicii)
    Markus Schulz - Without you Near (I'm a bit late on this one, aren't I?)
  7. fabian005
    Hapster Whats your impression on the Chicane album? Markus album? Sad thing about TyDi. :frowning2: . Where do you get your albums/suggestions those all look appealing.
  8. ian209

  9. Hapster
    Uh, so after hearing Chicane's new album, it reminded me of Thousand miles stare & Giants, using a lot of the same sounds, but it did evolve, not totally positively, but it did change. He's started to use more common transitions that resemble dance more than trance, and some of the vocalists weren't exactly my favorite. Still, it did have a few good songs, I was really digging fibreglasses.
    I haven't finished Without You Near yet, but overall it's much much diferent than what he's producing today. I really like the songs without lyrics from him, he does a great job. I do like Carrie skipper too, so that's a bonus, it's a good album with only a few mediocre songs. (Not a fan of You won't see me cry)
    edit: Yea, I couldn't believe it when I heard the first few songs on TyDi's album. I just sat there straight faced thinking "what".
    I buy a lot of CDs off eBay or other sites I use DB audio converter to convert the FLAC into 320kbps & Mp3 tag to add album covers, info, etc.
    As far as how do I find them? You kind of just have to listen to the huge compilations and find artists that way, the A State of Trance Year Mixes & Anjunabeats Volume X albums are very good for that, I've found many artists I enjoy through those. Then it's simply a matter of finding the artists (wikipedia is useful) and seeing what albums they have.
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  10. DJScope
    @Hapster I'm really digging the Tube & Berger Deeper Sessions
  11. Hapster
    Glad to hear, the style reminds me a little bit of Jaytech.
  12. DJScope

    Its deep/dark house. Reminds of my high school days.
  13. fabian005
    It seems by a majority of artists that I have listened to that were great changed their sound which is sad indeed. Pursuit of pleasing the masses rather than creating music within the parameters of their original sound(actual trance). I know this has been spoken of a lot in here before so I will leave it at that. I have found some great music that is not trance but I am leaning on that many of you will enjoy if you like acoustic and instrument based music. The artist is Piano Guys and they have various albums but I do encourage everyone to wet their toes on this great sound. (Great at least to me.) I mean who doesn't want to hear all the Batman themes in beautifully rendered instrument format.
    edit: That is on the Wonders album in case curiosity bites the lure.
  14. erikfreedom

  15. skimrn
    This is not an Uplifting Trance, but just picked up DJ Tieso Elements of Life Bluray Audio(no pictures), recorded in LPCM 2.0 24bit/96Khz and DTS-HD 24bit/96Khz.
    This is the best sounding trance recording I've ever heard so far.
    BTW, I am a big time techno fan.  I own hundreds of techno CDs. :)
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