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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. Hapster
    Better News:

    Their singles lately have been sort of disappointing, and the fact that two of their singles are in this album makes it sound like the entire thing may just be trouse music, but I'm still looking forward to it.
  2. DJScope
    I know exactly what you mean. This year has been pretty disappointing for all "big shows" in trance music. I'm even considering sending Dash and Tiesto an email to tell them how I feel. I know it probably won't do much but I feel like it needs to be done. I guess I can add AB to that list.
  3. zanox
    awesome songs ! keep them coming :D
    And holy smokes !!! DT 990 pro's are heavenly for uplifting trance. The extended airy treble, heavy bass, warm midrange and a beautifully wide and airy soundstage make these cans perfect for such music.
    I can't think of any other mid range cans performing better with uplifting trance.
  4. DJScope
    Been watching videos from Stereosonic Sydney all morning. Looks like John O'Callaghan absolutely killed it. Starting to regret selling my tickets.
  5. waynes world
    Excellent! I'll have to try them some day. I don't know how the X1's compare to the DT990's, but I officially endorse the X1's for trance (uplifting or otherwise!) :)
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  6. DJScope
    X1s are really V shaped. So they'd be completely different to the 990s
  7. waynes world
    Which headphones do you enjoy for trance?
  8. DJScope

    The HD650 are absolutely sublime but I don't own them. My usual choice is the Goldring DR150 but I've got the Having B3 Pro 1 on load right now and am thoroughly enjoying the crap out of them. These are really nice for trance and frankly have been enjoying everything I've played with them so far.
  9. waynes world

    Darn auto correct huh? Yeah, the B3's are great as well for sure.
  10. DJScope
    lol yeah, i meant Havi
  11. zanox
    I haven't tried the HD 650's , but don't they have more of a laidback sound with dull treble? the bass might be perfect for trance, but do they satisfy the treble needs? I really love V shaped sound for trance and my DT 990's are exactly that. They are extremely fast with heavy bass along with a very energetic treble and a wide soundstage.
    Also, how do the other two headphones sound?
  12. zanox
    And I would love to try the X1's. I heard many good things about them being excellent with trance. One thing I know for sure is both are v shaped sounding . The X1's are on the warmer side of the spectrum while the DT 990 pro's are on the brighter side because of the infinite treble extension leading to a very airy sound. They do have a touch of warmth in their mids due to the tight clamp bringing out the lower mids and more bass.
  13. DJScope
    They are quite smooth and warm sounding but they still have sparkle and some decent treble extension as well as damn near perfect bass impact. It extends well booth ways and the mids are pretty spot on if not perfect. They're extremely detailed though this will ruin a lot of badly mastered tracks. And lastly the imaging is top notch. This is what makes it such an awesome headphone for trance. The only area where the HD650 is lacking is the speed.
    The DR150s are very similar sounding to the Senns house sound but with more crisp treble and less overwhelming warmth. Decent bass impact and above par imaging. Treble extension is a bit lacking though, tops out at about 16.5kHz. They're no HD650 but they're definitely a very enjoyable listen indeed. Oh, and they are faster than most of the Senns.
    The Havi B3 Pro1 is a very interesting IEM. It seems to be quite neutral but warm with some peaks and dips but everything is very well spread out and where it's supposed to be. Has decent bass extension and smooth treble with a little bit of treble. They seem to have a little bit of an uneven volume matching issue which actually seems to work in it's favour but making the soundstage enormous for a unported and fully closed IEM. I'm still new to them as I have been using them from this Friday. Been impressed so far.
  14. zanox
    You have a different opinion I see. Many people say that the HD 650's lack upper treble extension. Some respected audiophiles claimed the same. HD 650's are going to be my next cans. Athough, I am not quite sure if they are an upgrade to the DT 990's. I like to think that both cans are technically at the same level. Just different sound signatures.
    I do want to experience those velvety and haunting mids on the HD 650's, though. The uplifting part in the trance must sound so good and euphoric with those mids.
    DJScope likes this.
  15. DJScope

    Wouldn't be the first time. I'm no seasoned reviewer so my opinion are my own. Plus I've not had the HD650s for long auditions and only tried the DT990s very briefly so my impressions are what sticks with me. So take it with a truck load of salt. But I have auditioned the HD650s quite a few times, so much so that I refuse to listen to them when I have an opportunity to try other cans because I like its sound signature so much that I will waste my time listening to them instead of trying the rest. One day when I have enough expendable cash to justify purchasing a HD650 and an amp to go with it, I will get them and will probably be finished with my Head-Fi journey. Till then though... :D
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