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  1. Rockcoon
    My hands are growing not from shoulders for that :)

    Found a small compay in my country, that doing such mods. Already mailed them.
  2. Malcuso
    Tribute 7?
    Sorry if this has been covered. I recently heard the Tribute 7 and was really impressed with the sound and fit, but felt the price did not justify the build (i.e. the headband felt cheap for a $3k headphone and I don't need the wooden box).
    How does the Signature Pro compare to the Tribute in sound?
    Can I get something close to the sound signature, portability of the Tribute in the Signature Pro at 1/3 the price?
  3. Kernmac
    The Tribute 7 has identical tuning to the Edition 7 (albeit the Tribute has S Logic plus). The Edition 9 was reportedly tuned the same as the Ed 7. The Signature Pro was billed as similar to the Ed 9 with the same driver. The Sig Pro should be very close in sound to the Tribute you have heard and liked.
    The Sig Pro will have slightly less bass emphasis. The Sig Pro is one of the best closed headphones available,even though it gets little recognition here.

    The DJ Pro has more bass focus than the Signature Pro and also the Ed 9/7.
  4. AC-12
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  5. stenog
    Got the Sig Pro a few months ago and have to say, yes they are very good. Don't know why they don't get more attention here, maybe because they are old? maybe because it's Ultrasone, they don't seem to have a big name here.

    For clarity, details and soundstage they are not far behind my Sony Z1R, maybe even touching the Sony. What they lack compared to the Z1R are bass quality/quantity and the warm natural sound that I love about the Sony. The Sig Pro have thinner mids and compared to the Z1R can sometimes sound unnatural, if that makes any sense. This is probably just my personal preferences. Comfort goes 100% to the Z1R, they are extremely comfortable. I use the Sig Pro as portable and the Z1R at home.

    It would be very interesting if anyone could compare the Sig Pro to the Aeon without any bias :)
  6. elwappo99
    The only real claim ultrasone had for a long time was they were in a really niche market of isolating portable high end headphones. IMO, they really weren't that good to begin with. In the last few years there's been a solid burst of competition in the market, and also the addition of a booming CIEM.

    Between those two factors Ultrasone has generally been left in the dust. They spent all their time and efforts on cosmetic changes to their existing line rather than making good headphones so they've generally been left in the dust.
  7. stenog
    Maybe you are right :) But what other headphones today at or under 1000 usd can beat the crap out of the Ultrasone ? This is a serious question. The Z1R is definitely a better headphone but it's double the price and not portable. I can't really find anyone and I have tried a few but of course not all and not the Aeon.
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  8. Kernmac

    Opinions are like bums, everyone's got one. And as for comparing CIEMs to circumaural headphones, that is like comparing motor bikes to sedans, different market. Personal taste aside, the Signature Pro is left in which headphones dust? There isn't a headphone that matches the Signature Pro's efficiency, clarity and neutral sound for anywhere near a $1000 and it retails in Australia for $780 AUD that is $590 US.
    I am not going to convince you otherwise, nor do I want to, but for those that have not heard a Sig Pro (or DJ Pro if you prefer a bit more Bass focus) don't be put off by the Ultrasone nay sayers, give one a try, it is one of the best bang for your buck headphones available today.
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  9. alucard177
    Guys, I just found these headphones for around 280 dollars at amazon mx. I have never been interested in ultrasone headphones in the past. I'm pretty happy with my Denon D5000 but the price for these ultrasones is insane in amazon us and ebay. I'm not in a really good position financially at this moment to be quite frank and I could get one and re sell them later. Not sure if I should pull the trigger, it might take a lot of time to sell them or I might end keeping them who knows.

    Never mind guys, I just bought them after I saw the insane price in moon audio website and ultrasone website and just for about 320 us dollars, paid them with my credit card LOL. I guess I'll be selling them soon... or if the reviews convince me maybe I'll just keep them.

    If anybody else is interested the headphones are being sold by amazon mx. Maybe you can import them or something like that.
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  10. cph2300
    How Do you clean the leather headband of these headphones ? It has become quite slippery inside the headband after years of use.
    Do you use leather wash or something like that.
  11. CobraVerde
    Has any one tried the pads from the Signature Studio? I am due to change mine and they at much cheaper.
  12. fomoz
    Does anyone have suggestion for a nice bag for these? The box they come with is too massive :xf_eek:
  13. stenog

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