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Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

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  1. bvng3540
    The cable look gorgeous, the ipx connector does it screw in or snap in like Mmcx?
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  2. Eudoxa
    IPX wouldn't happen to be referring to this would it?


    It makes sense since radio frequency connectors seems to be the new age connector but this line is troubling:

    "Female U.FL connectors are not designed with reconnection in mind, and they are only rated for a few reconnects (approximately 30 mating cycles [3]) before replacement is needed"
  3. Koolpep
    Since Linum.dk and the mother company Estron put in a lot of research into their cables and connectors - it would be very surprising if they choose to create a standard that is supposed to be sturdier and has a longer lifetime than 2-pin and mmcx to be less sturdy and lasting that the old standards.

    I had a few mmcx connector issues in the past and can understand why everyone wants to move away from them. Downside as usual - new cables are needed.

    So short answer - from what I heard - this is a superior connecting standard over the old ones. aCS and Cosmic ears are using these for some time and I guess UE is not the last of the big names to join the club.

    JH has created their own screw on 4 pin for the same reason. Reliability and failure over time.

  4. ejong7
  5. crinacle
    First time I've heard anyone describe the 18+ as V-shaped, especially the comment about recessed mids and enhanced treble. I heard it as forward mids and shelved midtreble, with a warm-ish take on neutral.
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  6. theveterans
    Same impressions as you when I heard it on CanJam.
  7. VL Contributor

    We called it IPX as the system is the first known to us to be IP-67 certified being a water-proof spec. We learned from our development of UE 900 that RF connectors in general aren't reliable for IEM use and we had to tighten the spec with our supplier, however they are in general more reliable than the standard 2-pin connector. We have tested the the connector system with lab fixture up to 3000 cycles without intermittence of audio, a typical RF connector would have failed around 500 cycles under these condition.
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  8. Eudoxa
    and is the connection still snap-in?
  9. VL Contributor
  10. Jephre
    I just got the 2nd generation of the UE18+ Pro-To-Go, and it is amazing. After having owned the Campfire Andromeda, InEar Prophile-8, JVC HA-FW01, Sony XBA-N3AP, Aurisonics ASG-2.5, AKG K3003, LZ-A4, Noble X, that these are the endgame I was looking for.

    My first IEMs were the AKG K3003. While coherent and detailed with great imaging, they were a bit too sharp to my ears. I was basically looking for AKG K3003s with less sharp treble. The UE18+ Pros have decent bass, at times it seems like the bass is more solid than my AKG K3003s. With these IEMs, I feel like I get lost in my music instead of picking out the details. However, if I listen more carefully, I hear great separation between instruments, careful imaging, and exceptional timbre reproduction. Kudos to UE for making an IEM with stellar coherency, while retaining exceptional separation and detail retrieval.

    This might trigger some, but I felt the CA Andromedas, while pleasant to listen to, had too much of an exaggerated feel...too much of its own flavour to the music (artificially expanded soundstage, boosted bass) - it was also way too sensitive to source impedance. InEar Prophile-8s are nice, but a bit too analytical. JVC HA-FW01s, superseded by the UE18+ Pros. Sony XBA-N3AP - basshead IEMs. Aurisonics ASG-2.5, superseded by the UE18+ Pros. AKG K3003, superseded by the UE18+ Pros. LZ-A4 - no comparison. Noble X - no comparison.
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  11. John Culter
    Would you mind sharing some photo how big shell it is for those universals? Or how much it sticks out of the ear?
  12. ejong7
    I don't necessarily think that V and U shapes are all the same as V makes the midrange dip be represented in a higher magnitude than it actually is.

    For my case, I'm hearing mostly hearing the enhanced mid bass and upper treble. Of course, YMMV.
  13. linux4ever
    I would agree with Crinacle regarding the sound signature of UE 18+
  14. noplsestar
    So is there a switch or something where I can dial in a reverb? A small reverb for a small arena and a big one for a big stadium? Because the length of the reverb is the difference between these two venues, am I right?

    Edit: It was a joke :wink:
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  15. benchan2
    I think Cosmic Ears has switched to standard 2-pin connection.
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