1. 2Stroke

    Reliability of Ultimate Ears custom IEMs

    Remember having some IEMs from Ultimate Ears back in the 2013, and they failed right after my warranty ended, after 3 warranty repairs. My friend, who have headphones store, told me he never had so much warranty claims as with UE. Are UEs more reliable now? I'm considering buying new...
  2. beauxrichards


    LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC LIKE A STUDIO ENGINEER. We’re excited to announce an exclusive experience inside the famous Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA taking place on April 7th, 2017.    If you love hi-res audio and if you’ve ever wanted to see the historic Capitol Studio now is your time!   See the...
  3. beauxrichards

    Cyber Monday Buy a UE CIEM and get UE Boom 2 or UE MegaBoom free!

    Ultimate Ears Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!    Buy a UE CIEM and get UE Boom 2 or UE MegaBoom free!      Every UE 5 Pro or UE 7 Pro gets a FREE Tropical UE BOOM 2. Every UE 11 Pro, UE 18 Pro, or UE RR gets a FREE Electric Blue UE MEGABOOM.   The free gift will automatically be added at...
  4. beauxrichards

    Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor Remastered in C|Net

    A wonderful review on CNet by the very well respected Steve Guttenberg.  He has a lot of great things to say.. Here's my favorite: The Remastered let me hear not only the music, but hear the music played in the room it was recorded in. I kept having "oh, wow" moments as I moved through my...
  5. beauxrichards

    UE 20 // The Ultimate Experience Giveaway

    We're celebrating 20 years of manufacturing in-ear monitors with The ULTIMATE Experience Sweepstakes. Win an ULTIMATE hi-res listening experience with a pair of UE Pro Reference Remastered in-ear monitors and a trip to Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA. Enter to win >> http://ultmt.rs/UEPRO20...
  6. Mike Dias

    Ultimate Ears Celebrates Black Friday Early. Get a free UE900s with all CIEM Orders

    Happy Holidays!!! Fill your new year with music!      This offer is valid even for the new UE Remastered but it does not include the UE-4's. 
  7. jude

    Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors: The *Custom* Custom In-Ear Monitor

    A custom-fit IEM is custom-molded to your ears, so it will fit only one person in the world perfectly--you. One would think, then, that a custom-fit IEM is already as custom as it gets. Not anymore. Today, Ultimate Ears is going to announce what might reasonably be called a custom custom-fit...
  8. deagol

    Ultimate Ears 11

    Featured in iLounge's new iPod book: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/new...ne-exclusives/ Post where they will be answering questions: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/bac...e-ears-ue-11s/ -deagol
  9. kazuhikoaikawa

    Recommendation for the best value CIEM?

    Hi, everyone this will be my first post.    I'm looking for the best value CIEM, i would like that it has well build quality and sound quality that can play all genres well.   Any CIEM manufacturer will be accepted, my budget is around $1000.   I hope you all can help me in buying my first...
  10. lindrone

    [Video] Behind the scenes look at how Ultimate Ears make your custom IEM

    Ultimate Ears posted a video a couple of years ago (the video is dated 2009) showing people how they make each and every custom IEMs. I didn't know this video existed until today, when Logitech re-posted the video to their Twitter account. It's a good in depth look at the various steps involved...
  11. Kyle76

    Beyond a certain price point, why would someone not get customs?

    It seems like a lot of folks have huge IEM budgets and yet still choose universals over customs. I've never owned a set of customs, but I have a pair on order and figured they were a no-brainer for those whose budget allows, but I read of a lot of people who apparently don't feel that way. What...
  12. lerxst

    Insurance for IEMs?

    Hello,   I've got a set of UE PRMs that I dearly love and cost a lot of money. I have most of my other expensive gear insured through my renter's insurance (State Farm) however they are refusing to cover my IEMs because, they claim, they are neither jewelry or a musical instrument. I've gone...
  13. Mike Dias


    We love the sound of the RM's so much that we wanted to make sure that everyone and anyone had a set so when Danny and Will approached us from MassDrop about a custom drop, we had to get onboard. With only 10 hours left, don't miss your chance to hear every note and nuance of your favorite...
  14. s0ny

    Is Ultimate Ears 18 pro worth the price difference of SE535LTD-J?

    I have a pair of Shure SE535LTD-J. I am thinking about getting customs, especially the Ultimate Ears 18 pro. I was wondering if it is worth the price difference. If it's $1350, I expect $1350 sound quality, not $500 sound quality. Can anyone who actually owns the UE 18 pro tell me the quality...
  15. mjlee181

    need help on choosing CIEM, jh16, heir audio 8.a, or ultimate ears 11 pro

    hi all, i'm planning to buy a new CIEM for myself and i'm considering the 3 models mentioned, i typically listen to kpop song and some slow english and chinese song, which one will u recommend for my songs preference, bass is one of the requirement, i like bass but not basshead though? any input...
  16. ThatKidGio19

    Help! Ultimate ears reshell

    I will be getting my ultimate ears reshelled from inearcustom for only about 120 with cable included. The only thing I need help on is deciding what type of cable to put on it. He said that he can put shure, westone and, ultimate ears styles of cables. Anyone with experience with the cables know...
  17. beauxrichards

    UE Dealer Profile \\ The Thinking Group.

    At UE University we have started to do profiles on the dealers in the UE community. Our first one is on The Thinking Group in APAC. You can read the article here: http://ultmt.rs/Vjgm8a
  18. synesthesiac

    Reverse engineering IEMs and design topics

    I recently demoed some really high-end IEMs (top of the line Ultimate Ears, Noble, and Aurisonics) and they raised a lot of questions in my head. Here are some of those questions:   1) What parts to they use? That is, do different manufacturers use the same drivers and whatnot? If so, I'd like...
  19. beauxrichards

    Buy a pair of UE Pro get a pair of UE900s included!

    If you’ve been thinking about stepping up to UE Pro, now is a great time to make it happen. For a limited time, when you order a pair of UE Pro you’ll get a free pair of UE900s (msrp $399). It couldn’t be easier, simply order online at http://pro.ultimateears.com/ and a pair of UE900’s will be...
  20. beauxrichards

    Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

    UE unveiled their new flagship CIEM today. The UE PRO 18+  http://www.head-fi.org/t/829098/ultimate-ears-unveils-the-new-ue-pro-18   Here's a bit from that post which is an interview with:   Philippe Depallens (General Manager), Mike Dias (Sales & Marketing Director), Vincent Liu (Product...
  21. beauxrichards

    Ultimate Ears unveils the new UE PRO 18+

    There is exciting news, and then there is EXCITING NEWS!!  This is the later. Ultimate Ears today announced the arrival of the new UE PRO 18+.                                       For more than 20 years, Ultimate Ears Pro has been the trusted custom in-ear monitor brand...
  22. Mike Dias

    Design a custom IEM faceplate for the Head-Fi community

    So Jude and I were brainstorming over Hot Pot the other day and I threw out the idea of an exclusive Head-Fi community faceplate — something that was designed by the community for the community. We'd offer it as complimentary artwork on any of our custom in-ears (except for the UE-4.) If anyone...
  23. Mike Dias

    Calling all Audiophiles: Be Part of the New Ultimate Ears Website

    Hi everybody —   Most of our posts are about sharing with the community whether we're offering a special promotional deal or simply providing a bit of industry insight. But this post is different. This one is about asking for help.   We're working on our new website and we need pictures of...
  24. Mike Dias

    Embracing the Community: Mike Dias is now Sales Director for Ultimate Ears

    I'm horrible with time but I feel like I've been a part of this community for at least 8 years. Maybe longer, it's hard to say. I've watched the site grow. I've watched the meets grow (I remember running into Ray at a local meet when he was first starting out so it must have been awhile ago:)...
  25. seals

    Ultimate Ears flip-flop mod (please help)

    I searched for (and found) the thread on the ultimate ears flip-flop mod. The only problem is that the first post is so old that the picture isn't there any more. Could someone please explain to me how to do it and post a picture? Thanks