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UE 20 // The Ultimate Experience Giveaway

  1. beauxrichards
    We're celebrating 20 years of manufacturing in-ear monitors with The ULTIMATE Experience Sweepstakes.

    Win an ULTIMATE hi-res listening experience with a pair of UE Pro Reference Remastered in-ear monitors and a trip to Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA. Enter to win >> http://ultmt.rs/UEPRO20


    Must be at least 18 years of age. No purchase necessary. Sweepstakes ends 12/16/15 at 11:59pm. Open to US and CANADA residents only. 

    Rules & Regulations can be found at >> http://ultmt.rs/UE20Rules

    Criss969 likes this.
  2. Deviltooth
    I hate how these contests involve the use of social media.  Twitter and the like repulse me, I'm not joining.
    piotrus-g, GREQ, VandyMan and 4 others like this.
  3. glassmonkey
    What's up with audiophole? This makes the sweepstakes  seem like a hoax.
  4. Criss969
    As a drummer, I would love to win the grand prize! Although I am not too well versed in professional audio to justify me getting the tour and not someone else. Runner up would be da bomb!
  5. Niyologist
  6. Bob A (SD)

    +1 bazillion!
  7. Aevum
    US and canada only :p
  8. oldmate
    There are countries and Headfier's outside of North America ya know!!
  9. Wyd4
    Guess I will sit this one out as well.
  10. vnmslsrbms
    That's a sweet ultimate prize.  
  11. Jobbing

  12. Jobbing

    (not just Headfiers, (potential) customers as well)
  13. Narayan23
    There is quite a bit of world outside of North America, or maybe Ultimate Ears doesn´t sell outside that market?
  14. Whitigir
    I am not gonna keep my hope up, but my enter is in. Thank you for the opportunity, and happy thanks giving

  15. Mshenay Contributor
    I work in sales, Face book an Twitter are great tools for generating Buisness, I can understand why you guys despise them, how ever for you to be elligiable to be given thousands of dollars in stuff, you need to generate some buisness. Or at least offer a potential for the generation of buisness for their company
    either way nice contest guys! 

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