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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. Sceptre
    THere was a time when CD players were the only quality source.
    I have a Cyrus DVD7+ with upgraded QDAC boards in it, powered by the PSX-R PSU that I can bring if people want to use CD's as a source.  Yes it sounds great but I normally use my ALAC source to choice of DAC's as the CD collection is about 5 minutes away.
    Let me know if anyone wants me to bring the CD set up.
  2. shadesbass
    I'll be bringing an iRiver H120 DAP which has a pretty decent quality line out and also optical out (both on 3.5mm jack). Not sure if I'll bring any other sources though. I brought a Meridian G08.2 CD player to the last meeting I went to, but sadly don't have access to that anymore. :frowning2:
  3. Swimsonny
  4. tracylynn MkII
    Seeing all this high level gear makes me think someone should show headfiers how to get good sound from an amp/phones on a uni student budget! :p
  5. Dazhead
    Fair question. Guess it all depends on how you define a uni student budget???
  6. OK-Guy
    see page-2.... from the Wizard himself (the guy who runs Heir)

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  7. julianbell92
    The D11 isn't anything special in the grand scheme of things, but I'll bring it for anyone to have a play with if they want; when it's on eBay you can typically pick it up for a fiver or less, which may appeal to some. 
    Further to my earlier post, I liked what I heard on the Teac UD-H01 at RS and so it will be coming to the meet with me as well as my Little Dot Mk III.
    3 posts to go guys!!! Good luck to everyone [​IMG]
  8. Toxic Cables
    2 more posts, who will it be, i can see 5 others currently viewing...
  9. FragmentedGod
    Definitely excited to hear the Stax. I have a strong feeling after the meet I'll be picking up some Hifiman headphones :).  Saving the pennies to have enough around to get something after cause I know I'll be itching!!
    Well, here's 999 for the people out there waiting.  I'm fine not winning this and I think we might otherwise be waiting for a long time and I want to keep the thread flowing!
    Cheers again to Andy for making even the run up to the event so much fun!
  10. Dazhead
    Way to build the tension....
  11. Biesas
    I should be bringing my GF's laptop so I can hook up my E-DAC cause my only other source is a S9 which is nearing it's retirement [​IMG]
  12. shadesbass
    Is anyone staying at the Bar Hill Travelodge on Friday/Saturday night?
  13. julianbell92
    Congrats Dazhead!
  14. Dazhead
    Thanks. Was planning to put something highly amusing and wItty (Oscar Wilde style) but the missis was nagging me for the iPad so just put in what I thought was 999 and gave up. Must have only got it by a second or two.
  15. smial1966
    alvin sawdust,
    Not yet as the amp is still in transit. Rest assured that a sonic update will follow soonest.
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