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Enter to Win an Heir Audio an All New 4.Ai  

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“Be the Heir to the Throne”


Heir Audio’s customers all have one thing in common, they demand the very best. Fashioned by the artisans of sound and the pioneers of wood, Heir Audio’s custom IEM’s are revered not only for their physical beauty, but also their consummate sound. Each custom IEM is bespoke, handcrafted from the finest materials and componentry available. The end result is something only a Wizard could produce.


For a chance to win a spot amidst audio enthusiast royalty, tell us what your headphones say about you and you will be entered to win a pair of the all new Heir 4.Ai’s from Heir Audio. Feel free share pictures of your headphones along with your response.


Your throne awaits.










The 4.Ai, a hand crafted In Ear Monitor (IEM) utilizing the same internal design and components in the 4.A Custom In Ear Monitors (CIEM).


· 4 Precision tuned Balanced Armature drivers.

· 2 Dedicated drivers for Low Frequency production

· One driver for Middle Frequency production

· One driver for High Frequency production

· Dual Bore Design

· Detachable cable

· Quality ear tips



Shell color: “Black Mamba”

Face Plate: Hand Carved Amboyna Burl


The 4.Ai requires the same painstaking hand craftsmanship that all Heir Audio CIEMs require.  The 4.Ai offers all the advantages of an IEM

built with the same exacting standards of all Heir Audio products.


Like its cousin, the 4.A (CIEM), the 4.Ai (IEM) offers a clean neutral sound signature that should satisf those that listen to classical, jazz, and acoustic or those that demand accuracy and clarity. Hear every breath, every turn of the page, even the “tic” of a metronome. 


“If it’s in the music, it’s in the music. 


Full Contest Rules: http://www.head-fi.org/a/heir-audio-s-be-the-heir-to-the-throne-contest-official-rules


Disclaimer: The rules are set forth by Head-Fi. Heir Audio appreciates all members of the Head-Fi community.

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Dr. John Moulton

Here at Noble, we craft some of the finest universal and custom in-ear monitors available today. 

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While I have never had the opportunity to listen to Heir headphones, from the pictures I’ve seen on your site one word comes to mind “Striking!” So I assume that the Heir 4.Ai's sound quality is striking as well. Very nice contest FullCircle, wish all good luck and hope you enjoy them as much as I wood (pun on would).


What your headphones say about you,” for one to take their hard earned cash and invest into a great pair of headphones shows how much one really cares about their music and sound quality.

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wow cool! I have a Beyer T1 and T50RP Mad Dogs... I think both of them show that I like all-arounders... good balance. Great bass but not overpowering or muddy. I, myself, am also a pretty good all-arounder.  played many sports, interested in many places, foods, music. 

I also love trying new things so its actually my second go-around with the T1 because i originally sold them to fund other headphones.  since headfi, ive tried probably around 50-75 different headphones/earphones but im extremely satisfied where i am now!  the only reason i would sell what i have now is for financial reasons... hope that day doesnt come!

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i'm in!

mine are the new ATH-CKM500 Blue. they say i like earphones made in japan and J-music. and also that i look good in blue


thanks for the chance!

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ahaaa this is what the Wizard was hinting at... you doing the same with the 6A?


they look superb btw.



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The Hammer

Here at Noble, we craft some of the finest universal and custom in-ear monitors available today. 

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My headphones say that I love color in my sound and yet I love neutrality just as much.  I just love sound and always looking for something new that might bring to the table.  I seriously have no control in this hobby.  Heir brings the most beautiful work aesthetically and someday I hope to hear the beautiful sound also.  

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I use the Beyer DT990 Premium, they're incredibly comfortable, neutral, detailed, and have a broad soundstage. Bringing out low level details in all the EDM I listen to really makes me appreciate the vast genre a whole lot more. Plus, they look like a premium product. :P

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If in an audiophile meeting, my earphones say: "This bloke could eat broccoli every day for the rest of his life - or until he turns green." The earphones are the CK10, an earphone I still swear by after four years, despite being a voluble member at one of audio's great money pits, Headfi. I like my music, but I'm a sucker for a good, long-lasting investment.


The same could be said of my 2005 DT880 600Ω. 


I'm a broccoli boy.

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As a Panda, I am but a simple one. I need not money or interaction. Just my simple things of bamboo and water. My bamboo and water, however are different as the moon that shines and sun that beams. They are my headphones and my music. The necessities of any Panda's life. Only a haiku can explain the ramifications of what my bamboo, my headphones say about me...a simple Panda.


With Every Can

Sound comes out another way

Matching with the music



For, with every bass drop in my dubstep to every Asian singer in my pop. My headphones will give me a different sensation. From my EDM with my Ultrasone's, and the vocals on my AKG's. My bamboo holds steady with my trustworthy amps, to deliver but a simple tune to these black ears of mine. Who are but ever so fuzzy!




I am but a simple Panda, my headphones say that about me. I can not afford to have much bamboo, but I can enjoy them. My headphones say that I have my own style and beliefs and that I like companies. They say that I have gone through a journey from a basshead, to a not as much but understanding one. I have ventured through the planes and sought bamboo after bamboo, only to be rewarded with one a many choices to choose from! They do not speak much, but my headphones themselves are words powerful enough for any Panda to bestow on itself.


And so I shall leave thee with my parody of a poem.


'Twas brillig, and the slithy Dre's

Did gyre and gimble with the fans

All mimsy were the fangirls,

And the band geeks outgrabe.


"Beware the Beats, my son!

The marketing that bite, the bass that catch!

Beware the SYNCH's, and shun

The rapper endorsed bandersnatch!"


I took my vorpal knowledge in hand:

Long time the manxome troll I sought --

So he rested by the headphone forum

And stood awhile while trooling.


And, as in uffish thought he wondered, 

The fan trool, with eyes of dis-information,

Came whiffling through the forum wood,

And screamed as it came!


One, two! One, two! And through and through

The knowledge of the forum members went snicker-back!

We left it with new knowledge, in its head

HE went calumphing back to Amazon.


"And, has thou defeated the troll?

Come to my arms, my champions

O frabjous day! Beats-away! 

We chortled in the joy.



'Twas brillig, and the slithy Dre's

Did gyre and gimble with the fans

All mimsy were the fangirls,

And the band geeks outgrabe.


-Parody of "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll written in 1871-



And so, I say adieu! I leave you with my bamboo and water. For all who come. For, I am but a simple Panda, on my journey through the planes of Head-Fi, searching for my simple nirvana.















Simple Panda Video:


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My headphones say I want the best bang for the buck and enjoy a good sounding pair of headphones. M50's
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My M50's reflect my fun attitude! The bass bumps with me, but the clarity still keeps me level-headed.

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I have the Sennheiser HD 600s and they say I demand my music be natural and neutral but first and foremost is enjoyment.  I use my 600s everyday and it puts a smile on my face every time i crank up my amp.  Regardless of genre or quality the 600s are my bread and butter and I will continue to enjoy them for quite a long time.

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Music is an art, painted not with pigment and paper, but with sound, as intangible as light and yet as beautiful and tender as the emotions it is wrought with. My primary setup reflects this view: to reproduce music with utter transparency so that it is not warped and twisted with distortion, colour or equalisers. For music is sound art, and like any form of art it should be respected and appreciated in its true, full glory, not enjoyed through tinted glasses.

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After roughly thirty years of being a avid headphone user I ended up with the HE-6 and LCD-2.  I had truly believed that they would be my last headphone purchase, until I read the reviews of the Heir Audio 8.A.  So I sold the HE-6 and LCD-2 and the dedicated amps and hardware to drive them and bought a pair of 8.A's.  Nothing fancy, one color, no plates or designs.  That 8.A is me, I do everything with it, I go everywhere with it.  No flash, just down to earth top tier sound quality.   That is what my headphone says about me, sound above all.



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What your headphones say about you?

My modded Grado SR60's say that I'm a hardcore diyer that wants nothing but the best from what he's got. 

All holes vented, and lots of dampening material inside makes the bass nice and tight! Plus pads made from only socks make it super comfy!

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