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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. Biesas
    The list of gear I am planning to bring (if anybody want's to try any of it out) has changed to: E-DAC (odac). LittleDot I+ (various tubes), PRO900 (XB700 pads,stock pads), Q40 (Beyer pleather pads), CKS77, Atrio Mg7 and ZO 2.3. Does this list look a bit bass heavy? :)
  2. FragmentedGod
    I've almost bought the PRO 900 several times.  Really think I'd like it!  I'm guessing you'd recommend it? 
    Trying to decide if I want something else like that - closed, more for portable use than just at home - or if I want to wait and buy a better open headphone just for home, like the HE-500.  So not spending the money yet but VERY tempted to get a pair of Ultrasone's. 
  3. ElectroMod
    Hi Andy,
    Please give me a ring when you get back as i think it is time to get people talking about what we are going to connect to the Stax SR009 i think it will set the bench mark.
    Also got a few other new things coming so enjoy your holiday you deserve it and speak to you on your return.
  4. Swimsonny
    I can no wait for the Stax, am so darn excited!!!!!
  5. Toxic Cables
    Darn Mark, since when did you start stocking the 009, have to get myself some of those.
  6. Sceptre
    6 1/2 weeks to go.
    Will everybody have enough time to burn in their new purchases?
    I jest.
    With all this rain, I've had more time to sit and go through rotations of equipment.  It's been enjoyable going through the journey of 'upgraditus', or Gear Upgrade Syndrome,  all over again as I rarely sell my old gear.
    I bought a couple of mistakes but am happy with nearly all I bought.
    Waiting to find out what I'm missing out at the meet though.  Stax always make me smile but that is a big jump to make.
    Thanks again Andy for conceiving and arranging such a magnificent meet on my doorstep.  I often thought of going to CanJam but you have effectively brought it to me, with a raffle to dream of.
    NB. Gushing post I know, but it is +1 on the count to 1k.
  7. ElectroMod
    Well when you bring the SR009's you need to bring a 4000 dollar plus amp to drive them???
  8. smial1966
    Hi guys,
    Thought I'd upload some photo's of my holiday for you all to enjoy... just kidding!  [​IMG]
    Here's a few images of the upgraded Super II that the lovely thermionic guy Lloyd Peppard has built especially for the meet. Lloyd is a real gentlemen and completed the amps construction despite having recently undergone two surgical procedures. So best wishes to Lloyd for a speedy recovery.
    Keep posting messages!
  9. Sceptre
    That's why I called it a big jump!
    Half of my listening time is either bedside or travelling so I investigated and invested in portable rigs.  The 'mains free' set ups also have other advantages.
    So, I'll save for SR009's, £4k bespoke amp, and 70 miles of TWaG balanced cable for my commute!
    Is anyone bringing 70 miles of quality 4 core cable to the meet for me to try out?
    PS - I quite like 'old school' single stereo mike recordings of acoustic groups and found this Cambridge based bands rendition of Waterloo Sunset.
    Another great source is Ramseur Records 
  10. ElectroMod
    i think i have some bell wiring that might get to you?
  11. EddieE
    I got to audition the SR-009 on my holiday to Hong Kong last winter, got to say that for my tastes they are truly a quantum leap over anything I've heard before, and I've heard most of the big names now. Those who haven't heard it yet are in for a treat.
  12. zenpunk
    well, personally I don't like the price. [​IMG]
  13. Stormfriend
    I'd be very interested to hear the SR-009s as well, having never heard a pair of electrostatics before.  I've been reading about Martin Logan speakers needing replacement panels though, because they wear out with use apparently (a conversation on Hif-Fi Wigwam), and I was wondering if the same issue holds with the Stax or if they last for the lifetime of the phones?
  14. EddieE
    Yeah, the very definition of diminishing returns for sure, but if I'd won the Euromillions tonight they'd have been first on the shopping list...
  15. ElectroMod
    I am sure all you guys have heard most brands by now and yes there are always some surprises, most of the time you get what you pay for and it is only your budget that limits how far we go up that tree or want to for that matter?
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