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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. alvin sawdust
    technoloy!  No, alcohol is a more wonderful thing [​IMG]
  2. zenpunk
    69 to go.....[​IMG]
  3. alvin sawdust
    ^^ Beautiful Didier!
  4. tracylynn MkII
    If I can make it I would bring the E7+E9 Amp combo, AKG K702's and Goldring DR-150 maybe as it seems you already have the k550's attending :p
  5. zenpunk
    I don't think there is a rule against having more than one pair of the same headphone [​IMG]. Who knows? there might be more than two people attending the meet, and they might both want try it on different setups.
  6. Swimsonny
    The more the merrier! I may have a CLAS on hand at the time do that'd be nice :wink:
  7. Somnambulist
    At the last meet there were loads of the same headphones - good chance to hear the same cans w/different sources and amps.
  8. Ra97oR
    I am off to holiday too, I guess there is no chance for me then. Good luck to everyone trying to reach #1000, been doing that quite a lot on my other forums.
  9. NuckinFutz
    Well this should be amusing, I suspect post 999 wil be 'GO'!
  10. shadesbass
    I guess I'm ineligible for the competition as I didn't post 3 times before it started? I guess nobody wins if I were to post the 1000th post. I wouldn't be that cruel... :wink:
    60 to go...
  11. OK-Guy
    just see me as a booster.... I have no morals.
  12. smial1966

    For having such a bizarre I.D. photo I'm prepared to overlook the 3 post stipulation in your case!


  13. smial1966

    Even though I'm overseas on holiday,

    As I consider you chaps (generic term which is non gender specific) to be my friends, you should know that the 1000th thread poster will receive a pair of Fostex cans and a headamp Pico USB/DAC amp. I will also throw in an 'accessory' item.

    So keep posting guys and good luck to you all.


  14. smial1966

    Shame on you. :xf_eek:
  15. Swimsonny
    :O a pico..... The winner wanna trade it for my AiAiAi cans I've one?
53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62
64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73

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