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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. zenpunk
    Whoaaaa! A free pair of Fostex TH900. How cool and generous of you.[​IMG]
  2. EddieE
    If I have three posts it's only just so would feel cheeky going for it, but I'll help the thread on another one...
  3. Dazhead
    Andy, the effort you've put in and the subsequent popularity of this event astounds me.

    Well done sir.
  4. shadesbass
    What a completely awesome guy! Enjoy your holiday.
    (I found my profile pic in a newspaper)
    So, to get some posts going, what raffle prize(s) are people coveting the most?
  5. Somnambulist
    I know, I thought last year's was packed full of good stuff and had a good turnout but this time round it seems even bigger and better!
  6. tracylynn MkII
    I'd definitely love to get those Hifiman's from the raffle *drool* :p
  7. SpudHarris Contributor
    Where you on hols Andy?
    I  really wouldn't mind any prize in the raffle, there is so many quality items....
    I'll keep checking in periodically as I'm away also but have very limited access to internet. Can't even use my company Blackberry in Cyprus as Orange only has SOS coverage.
  8. jr41
    Listened to a pair of Sennheiser Amperior in an Apple store today - I came very close to asking Andy to update the equipment list!
  9. OK-Guy
    I had them... not suited with my WM-Z... but were great with the narrower soundstage of my WM-X... strange
  10. titusgroan
    I there still space at this event? Do I have to register?
  11. julianbell92
    I did the same a while back, they're really nice aren't they! The silver ones look gorgeous but they're so much more expensive than the HD25-IIs for probably a minimal improvement.
  12. MrQ
    There's only one man that can answer that question.
    Some say Camelot have approached him for raffle tips.
    Some say he may enter himself as the top prize.
    We just know him as Andy.
  13. jr41
    Yeah I have the HD25-IIs, so couldn't justify the expense. Of all the headphones I've listened to, when it comes to bang for buck and flexibility, I don't think either can be beat.
    Ha ha. I don't think ANY Head-Fi Meet has had a raffle as good as this one!
  14. Stormfriend
    I don't think you have to register but I'm not sure - my stuff hasn't been listed yet, although I may have scared Andy off talking about its condition.  I'd just list what you have and see what happens. 
    Actually, it might be worth Andy confirming which systems he has room for shortly before the event as there seems to be a *lot* of stuff listed!
  15. OK-Guy
    40 to go... do you feel lucky?
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