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TRN impressions thread

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  1. yorosello
    Wow, that's a lot than I had expected. I will get the 256gb then so I don't have to buy a lot of sd card later. Thanks!
  2. Mr Trev
    Noice. How exactly did you go about cracking them open?
    I'm going to assume that the v90 use the same assembly method, and since one of my earpieces is out of phase, I wouldn't mind cracking it open and flipping the connector around.
  3. Spiralman
    Based on this photo i suspect it's same as BA5 - a glued faceplate. I used a classic double edged razor blade to losen the glue strength inside the seam. Then used some flat thin metallic tweezer-like blade instrument and started slowly pushing faceplate outwards using 2pin terminal as a base.

    TRN V90  Reviews  Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org - Opera.jpg .
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
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  4. ericlikeseatin
    Any update on the IM3? The TRN IM2 is currently my favorite IEM. If you guys are improving the next iteration, I would be one of the first in line to get it!
  5. Slater
    The IM2 seems to be hugely polarizing. I admit, it's damn sexy looking and some people seem to like it.

    It just seems like every time I think about ordering one, someone posts about how the sound sucks or some other thing that makes me hold off...

    I've waffled back and forth so much on the IM2, it makes me laugh more on a daily basis
  6. HungryPanda
    Tomorrow I'm going to dig out my IM2 and ZS5 for a listen. It will be like going back in time
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  7. baskingshark
    I have the TRN IM2 for a couple of months. I think it doesn't do much wrong except for overly recessed mids (too V shaped) and an artificial timbre for acoustic instruments. The mids are kind of missing on certain tracks I'm familiar with.
    Otherwise for the sub $20 USD price, I haven't seen any CHIFI that comes in such a well built resin shell. Details, isolation, clarity, instrument separation are good.

    I think it would be a good entry CHIFI for those new to the hobby and it is quite bang for buck, but for experienced pros like @Slater , you'll probably own something that is better.
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  8. Spiralman
    After some experimenting with switching off high freq armatures in BA5 i ended with two configurations that give most pleasant sound to my ears aka smoother mid-highs and cooled off highs without loosing that extension above 10K:
    Mod consists of double layer of rolled micropore inside nozzle used with spiraldots eartips + then you put back metallic mesh-grill.
    Or you can desolder 1 high ba + remove stock metallic grill with mesh to balance lower amount of highs from 2 BA's = you get most open and unrestricted balanced sound with excellent extension toward higher highs yet not harsh, peaky.
    P.S. Also i found that left earpiece have more like U-shaped tuning, while right one is V-shaped. With around 3 dB difference around 800Hz-1K, left having more flat FR. Lines well with probable bad QC based on Crinacle's BA5 chart where Left channel has 10dB lower level of sub-bass.

    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
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  9. illumidata
    I will definitely try this mod when I get a working pair :thinking:. For the 10 seconds I had them going before the bass kicked in and I realised the left BA was fried, they did seem very enthusiastic up top, but engagingly so. Separation and clarity are indeed very nice.

    Thanks very much for the tip!
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  10. eclein
    Just received BA5s and these will get maximum fiddlecation (made up word) in order to beautify the sound even more...Wow!
    So many incredibly inexpensive great sounding iems this past year!
    So I guess I’ll wish everyone a HAPPY NEW IEM YEAR!
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  11. BadReligionPunk
    BA5 is definitely one of my top picks for 2019. I'm really blown away at how well they are tuned. The $30 - $50 bracket is getting very interesting
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  12. ShakeThoseCans
    I ordered a BA5 for 12.12 and would like to post impressions when they arrive...about a month from now.
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  13. DynamicEars

    So here my 3rd item from 11.11 which I received 3 days back, 1 day after the DT6 Pro.

    Currently in burn in about 20 hours, but I don't believe much changes with BAs actually, just maybe to get rid of edgy end of the frequency peaks.

    So my impressions about them :

    Overall signature is warm with bright on trebles. Think of Tinaudio T2 with slight hump on midbass but still lack on subbass. The highs are most dominant part, from the resolution, quantity and extension, that included details also here. But they aren't harsh and piercing.

    They are lacking of bottom end extension, sub bass is rolled off, so no sub bass presence here, while actually they are sitting down below with very good texture but there is not enough rumble made by the bass BA here.
    On mid bass the quantity is decent, mid bass is well controlled, there is no bleed, only giving warmness with mid bass to the upper bass to the lower mids.
    Overall bass part is very clean, keeping the mids still clear while giving a touch of warmness and body to the mids.
    Bass decay is fast but not dry, quite natural, like the fastest DD, but avoiding being unnatural dry bass.

    Mids region are very clear and just right. They are forwarded without being overly forward, much forward than their hybrid brother V90, note weight also right, vocals aren't thin sounding with surprisingly very good timbre.
    High mids also safe from shouty but in borderline. While not being smoothest mids, they are smoother than KZs, similar with V90.

    Highs part are boosted, with great extension, a lot of details, they have peaks starting on high mids around 2khz and second one on 4-5khz and last around 8-9khz. Trebles can be intense and tiring for long session but they are really extended, have great details and sounded crisp yet not so harsh. Not very smooth but not sharp. Resolution on high notes also perceive more clarity here. Its similar to the v90 full extended highs but they are more clear and details. Treblehead will love this part.

    Technicalities on BA5 also considered very good for their price at around $60. Separation is great, a little bit better than ZSX, details also great with crispness. Soundstage is wide here with great imaging, better than V90 for sure. Being the all BA config, timbre is very good also.

    I have to add thelat they are very easy to drive and very sensitive. Using BT20 (not the s one) usually i go for max volume on my phone or 1-2 level (80-90% volume) and no or slight hiss. But with BA5, on 70% already very loud and i can't take it louder (im listening music with loud volume). Meanwhile hiss is very audible. I wonder if someone using BT20S they will be disturbed with the hissing. So just take a note about this.

    I think TRN really did a great job with their BA5, i like their shell design with gunmetal color, looks very high tech tactical-ish. If they can nail the sub bass portion, this will be my best bet under $60. V90 bass is too much for my preferences while this BA5 is not enough. I would like in between quantity of sub bass, like ZSX. So many pros on this IEM, clarity, soundstage, imaging, details and high extension. While cons for me is on sub bass part, and there is an improvement room for a little bit harshy edges, I have yet to put sponge on nozzle but I think it would helps like usual.

    Compared to V90, BA5 have more technicalities, and forwarded mids are more to my preference. But for sure BA5 isn't for basshead. Basshead stay with V90 for now.

    Compared to ZSX, ZsX have rolled off trebles, separation, soundstage, imaging and details are on BA5, even not by much. But soundstage sounded more natural on BA5. Tuning wise on bass part ZSX is better for me with nicely done proportion of subbass and midbass. BA5 also smoother than ZSX on edges.

    Compared to DT6 Pro, they are have same boosted trebles, but vocals on DT6 Pro sounded thin compared to BA5 especially om female vocals. Details on highs are better in BA5, but DT6 Pro have more airy feeling. Sub bass on DT6 Pro is nice but mid bass on them is bleed.

    Thanks for reading!


    *edited : add about sensitivity.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
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  14. Nene93
    I'm pretty new to the CHiFi's world and I have an IM2 that I'm pretty happy with. Do you think it's worth it to go on a V90 or BA5? I also think about buying a new cable without microphone, I feel like I have a better sound on the headset without microphone currently ...
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  15. eclein
    I try and always order IEM or cables without the mic (unless you need it for work of course)because I like you, hear better sound without it. I’m a stickler for as little as possible between ears and source so nix the mic I’d suggest.
    I have a-lot of TRN IEMS and always thought the IM1s were in top two, I never got with the IM2s as the low end sounded odd like way too much midbass and not TRNs usual excellent smooth low end. I just got BA5s and haven’t heard V90s very much I need to make time for them.
    Find folks that like and mention sound like you enjoy and check what they have in they’re collection.

    DynamicEars I’d love to hear what your liking or disliking about “unmentionable” pro.
    I’m eagerly awaiting some.

    One thing about the BA5s that I love is the shell material. It looks very cool and feels nice, TRN found a perfect signature type look with BA5 I think and hope we see more of that shell material.....I bet Blue would look fantastic.
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