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TRN impressions thread

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  1. Nene93

    I have an IM2 with the original cable. Do you think it is better to buy a new cable or something better like V90 or BA5 ? Thanks
  2. DynamicEars
    Burn in them, pair with good copper cable, use foam eartips or spiral dots.

    NX7 / pro is smoother but they are both have boosted / full trebles, NX7 pro is better than the BA5 in many aspects but the highs character is about the same, they can sounded tizzy too.
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  3. backdrifter
    Just curious, if you're not self-proclaimed, where did you get your certification? Did they spell "audiophile" correctly on your certificate? :thinking::wink:
  4. goa604
    Received my V90 few days ago. Everything is excellent and i wont go into it except say that mids/vocals are indeed behind everything else.
    I managed to get around it because these IEMs eq very very well.
    With these settings they sound incredible for their worth.


    My PC audio source is bass light, i do not believe they require any "bass boosting" on majority of the systems, just fixing the mids.

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  5. goa604
    Oh and i am looking for an upgrade cable. Im having trouble finding nice ones that have the same angled connector, they fit me right now better than any over ear IEM i have ever tried and wouldnt want to risk that comfort with a cable that does not have same 2 pin connector angle.
    If im talking nonsense ignore and recommend me something anyway. Thanks!
  6. Nene93
    Yinyoo 8 or 16 cores are often recommended in a budget of around $ 10. But they don't have the angled connector. If anyone has a recommendation I also take it.
  7. martiniCZ
    It depends on what genres you listen to, what is not enough on IM2 and how much you want change, because as you can see, not everyone perceives changing the cable.
  8. citral23
    I was born with the Hi-Res sticker on my left buttcheek, but it's not before my late 30's that I begun to listen *critically* to Lady Gaga, and became a true *audiophile*, despising consumer devices that were not good enough for my educated ears, which I now refuse to treat with anything less than 24/192 on multi thousand dollars setups.
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  9. peter123
    But you do? Lmao...
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  10. peter123
    Why do you need a new cable if you're happy with the one your using?
  11. goa604
    Because the one provided while comfortable feels very cheap. It feels like insulated paper.
  12. yorosello
    I guess that's enough of arguing now :) If you guys still wanna argue about that, I suggest you guys just open a separate thread for it instead of using this TRN impression thread.
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  13. RvTrav

    Been using the BA5 for awhile now and have not noticed this issue. Just to confirm last night I listened to Weird on a Monday Night by Younger Brother, Cities of the Future and Guitarmass by Infected Mushroom and Telefunken by Cosmic Gate, specifically listening for the problem that you are having but did not hear anything unusual. As these particular songs might not cause the problem you are encountering, if you want to point to some particular songs I will give them a listen. Hope this helps.
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  14. peter123
    I see, most of the good quality cheap cables I've seen (I'm speaking about ergonomics and feeling here as I've personally never heard any significant differences between cables) do have straight connectors. This may, as you say, have influence on the ergonomics so I'd guess there's no other way of knowing but trying. Let me know if you find any nice and cheap cable options with angeled connectors as Id be interested in this myself.
  15. mochill
    US $27.65 21%OFF | Newest TRN T3 Pure silver cable 8 core cable braided cable 3.5 / 2.5mm Plug MMCX / 2Pin Connector For TRN V90 BA5 ST1 V80\T3\P1
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