1. chihwahli

    LG V30 or V40 really improvement over V20?

    Hello All, Are the V30 and V40 really an improvement over the V20 as music player? I wonder if it is really boost audio quality if I buy an second hand V30 or V40. Edit: added webpage with specs between the different LG V series smartphone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LG_V_series LG V20 DAC...
  2. tamburash

    TRN impressions thread

    I think it is time for TRN to get its own thread. It is a young company of 2 individuals that came from KZ family and are trying to produce similar low budget IEMs. They got 3 products so far under their name: V10, V20 and V60. V10 was a partial failure, good on paper, bad in reality (harsh...