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  1. Shawn71

    TY! Thats a steal for the price,still......
  2. barondla
    Will there be any balanced cables? Have never used my Atlas with any of the other cables. Pono Player and Atlas rock in balanced mode. Glad there are going to be longer filters. The Atlas almost don't work for me.
    Bob A (SD) likes this.
  3. dbdynsty25

    Awesome news. When are we going to be able to order the long filters? Just ordered the Atlas and that's the one concern I have...depth. The Deltas fit perfectly because of the smaller housing so a little more length is always appreciated (haha).
  4. Midgetguy
    Looking forward to it, you always deliver [​IMG]
    Well, is it ever clearly stated that she isn't Master Missy? Maybe that's what it is and she just prefers to go by Missy [​IMG]. And no, I haven't gotten around to watching season 9 yet, but it's on my list of things to watch!
  5. TimothyJames
    Perhaps another quick question... since the Pnahtom filters will fit the Atlas and are interchangeable, will we also be able to purchase them seperately immediately when the Phantom series gets released? I love my Atlas, but when I can get the longer filters I'm sure I would enjoy them even more! :)
  6. audio123
  7. Bobtrinity

    As promised


    Divert your eyes from the crappy test cable.
  8. Walderstorn
    Cant, look, away, from, cable.
  9. Podster
    Hmm, I have that same cable on my Plextone X41M's and you could have worse ones[​IMG] I can see the need for the longer nozzles with these, can't wait to hear them Bob[​IMG] THX for posting
  10. uemitay
    Looks goods so far. Missing a Trinity logo tho..
  11. ejong7
    So if it sounds darn good on the crappy cable, it'll sound extremely good on the regular Trinity braided cable. [​IMG]
    (Jokes. I know its most likely the same cable just a non-production version of it.)
  12. Bobtrinity

    Only prototypes :wink:
  13. lukito09
    @Bob didnt know it will be over ear, i thought it would be on ear judging from the first pic . Is it possible to wear them on ear as well?
  14. Podster

    I have a much larger version of that baby except it has DW stamped on it[​IMG]
  15. Bobtrinity

    If you mean worn down it is possible but depending on your ear shape could effect the seal.
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