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  1. Neotribal

    Bob mentioned before that the Phantom series will come in any color you like...

    As long as you only like Black. :)
    RedTwilight likes this.
  2. RedTwilight
    Well you know the customary Headfi greeting.. "Welcome to Headfi! Sorry about your w*llet!"
  3. ajaxender
    Alright, lets compromise here: Black shells with either Jedi Blue or Sith Red detailing.
    (You don't need to call the colours that but they should totally be neon)
  4. m1ck3ym0us3
    Hoping that these will be part of the trade-in program.  Having a hard time with the fitment of the Atlas, but that's okay since I'm looking forward to the upcoming Phantom series :)
  5. audio123
  6. Hisoundfi Contributor
    A guy goes away for the weekend and comes back to five pages on a new thread. Yowza!

    Well, Bob, this is going to be as epic as you usually do I assume.

    Just when I was oohing and aahing over the Atlas, here comes another gem down the pipe...
  7. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Maybe instead of the Phantom Master we can name it the Phantom Menace?

    Has that name been taken already?

    Spaceman24 likes this.
  8. peter123
  9. Shawn71
    Bob: 2 quick questions........first being, can the 2pin socket accept tf10's (UE) cable, like flc8,for ex: & the second, looking at sabre's price, so cld it be tagged somewhere between £95-£125 as its not finalized yet or its the base price of £95 and the highest carries a silver plated cable(spc)?.

    Btw, sabre shells reminds me of dita (ditto) with detachable cable!
  10. obsidyen
    Will there be a mic cable with the Master?
  11. Bobtrinity

    No idea if they fit without testing, sorry.

    The pricing will be that regardless of cable coating or not and after some testing today i dont think we will go with coating and just keep it ofc.

    Standard equipment will include 2 multi braid cables, one with memory wire and one without.

    At this stage the cost is most likely not going to be above £95 although optional mic cable can be added at an extra cost.
  12. Bobtrinity

    Phantom master is the menaces boss :D
    Hisoundfi likes this.
  13. Midgetguy
    So @Bobtrinity, got a diameter measurement for us for the Sabre shells (I'm running under the assumption that the Master will be maybe like 1-3mm larger)? Also, gonna upload that pic you promised us of them Sabres sitting in your ears? [​IMG]
    These need to come in red, blue, green, and purple, all of the lightsaber colors! And of course black for those truly on the dark side [​IMG].
  14. Bobtrinity

    I did take a picture wearing them today but i was so snowed under that i got side tracked.

    Tomorrow i will get that taken care of for you:)
    Shawn71 likes this.
  15. GrouchoMarx1933
    Please Bob, don't you know it's Missy now?
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