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  1. Shawn71

    Well, its an angled nozzle shell so it might be ok for straight down fit for some due to ear canal analogy.
    Alternatively,you can flip mod the earpieces,like left to right and vice versa for wearing straight down,If you are ok with right channel audio playing on left and left on the right earpieces.

    The earshells are made of metal than plastic and also designed to accomodate multiple drivers inside along with x-over too (weightier than conventional IEMs so better be over the ear than straight down) so the native style of over the ear design,also achieving perfect seal/fit and better isolation.
  2. lukito09

    yeas i meant worn down was trying to find the right words for it:p as long as its possible thats good
  3. lukito09

    i see thats good to know, i dont have many experience with over ear wear before atlas so i need to get used to it first but if over ear provide better isolation then its all good
  4. Shawn71

    Yeah, and thats the snake cable like it comes with new vsd1s, AE ie800 IEMs etc......
  5. Bobtrinity

    Dont worry ours wont come with that cable, they will come with a 2 pin version of this

    Podster likes this.
  6. Shawn71

    Nah,I was just sayin........as you quoted its a protottpe/testing sort alrready.
  7. audio123
    Bob is too awesome!
  8. lukito09
    @bob this might be the last thing id be worry about but just curious will it be nano coat with splash proof?just like atlas
  9. Bobtrinity

    Most likely, but not confirmed yet.
  10. Midgetguy
    This is shaping up to be pretty nice. I think based on the shape, it'll probably work better for me to use the longer nozzles. Also, since the Master is slightly larger than the Sabre, will the ear side be a little tapered, or will it also be just a flat disk? Definitely gonna buy these, looking forward to them [​IMG]
  11. canali
    that pic of bob wearing them...they remind me of the nice, small footprint of the vsonics gr07 classic...will the nozzle also be adjustable to assist in fit?
  12. audio123
    Podster likes this.
  13. Midgetguy
    If you're referring to the swiveling nozzle of the GR06/GR07, I doubt it since the design would also have to take into account the integrity of having removable nozzles. Though I did love how that design had a swiveling nozzle, it was a fantastic idea I wish would be implemented in other IEMs. So I'd imagine nozzle angle is going to be fixed, though we do know that removable nozzles will come in two lengths, and I like that cuz I like options [​IMG]
  14. Howlin Fester
    Not sure of the overall length, but I am still voting for 2-3 inches longer than when using the original Delta worn over the ear.
    Thanks for all your awesome work and communication, Bob!
  15. Bobtrinity

    The will come with 1.4m cables rather than 1.2m that they currently come with.
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