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  1. DannyBai
    Anyone buying, supporting, using a picture of any product from these these scammers DOESN’T get it.
  2. mashuto
    I get that. And if people want to buy his new products thats fine. It may be a great product. But my issue is with those who are trying to defend his business practices to those who have been personally slighted by his past businesses (whether they were actually his or not). Thats what I dont understand, how the defenders are trying to discredit actual personal experiences with that guy... As if they are somehow not relevant to doing business with him again. They are absolutely relevant.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  3. Karendar
    So you're basically repeating what I said with other words. Hence, we agree. :p There's just something hazy and unclear about the whole situation and people are chastizing Bob for it, as he's the only link left to a failing/failed company.

    As for people defending him, I don't see much of those who were affected by the Trinity fall from grace. Mostly new users or people who never bought Trinity or followed the threads. Defenders that were hit by this whole fiasco are now few and far between...
  4. Karendar
    Nah, we get it, trust me. But then again, how the hell do you want us to sell any of our trinity products when everyone avoids them like the plague?? We're stuck with these products and they're worth A LOT. If you're made of money and can afford throwing away £300 worth of IEM's, good for you. I sure as hell ain't. :)
  5. phthora
    @mashuto At what point can we start hoping that Trinity-- erm, IMR rips these new people off as just desserts for being so stubborn and lacking in common sense?

    Honestly, whatever the reason you believed caused the failure to deliver, isn't that a red flag for the guy's future businesses?
  6. mashuto
    Yes basically saying the same thing. As far as the only link, yea... he presented himself as the face of trinity for a long time. So even if he technically wasnt the owner, he was still responsible for that mess in at least some ways, and he did straight up lie to everyone for a long time. And to me the way everyone at trinity behaved, I dont want to do business with any of those people again. The people that are defending him now yes, are clearly newer users that didnt really have any personal stakes with trinity. They probably have a product they like, and have had a good experience, so they maybe feel that "attacks" on the company or bob are almost personal as if our experiences somehow invalidate their purchases from IMR.

    I still wont be doing any business with them though regardless of how good of a product it might be or how much they have improved the way they deal with selling products and communicating with people.

    I genuinely hope they dont rip anyone off. People get passionate about things they like so I totally get that a perceived attack on the thing they like translates to an attack on them directly, hence they feel they need to defend IMR and themselves. But I still dont hope they get ripped off. At the same time, sharing our experiences is not intended to be an attack on them (from me at least it isnt) more of a warning to be careful.
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  7. majo123
    I think there are some that are outright defending like nothing happened, and my view is divided. on one hand I don't know if I can trust anything that he has said i.e was he trinity or not ??? For me the previous lies still make me wary. but on the other hand if others wish to give him a chance I also understand it.
  8. phthora
    No, you're right. It is just frustrating to watch. For so many reasons.
  9. Karendar
    That's a pretty horrible thing to say, hoping someone gets ripped off... :\ If people do things unknowingly, live and learn. If people do it knowingly, then they get what they deserve. But hoping they get ripped off? Nah... That's just bad.
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  10. Karendar
    My view was divided and I took a gamble on the R1 which paid off very nicely for me. I also ended up getting all my orders cancelled except the IGG and got both my PM6 and Air (Which suck immensely, but you know. What can you do). Would I gamble on anything else in this? Not particularly. But in hindsight, if I can sell my PM6, at least it ended on a positive note for me.
  11. majo123
    We have spoke and joked many times about all this and personally I think you had a result with your imr r1, as I said to you before I would love to try them you took the gamble and got a result and my respect to you....would I have done it probably not but as my previous post implied i am divided in my opinion.
    One thing i will will say is imr are not asking for money up front so not much of a gamble.
    If I were to be totally honest every time I read IMR I just think of money, items owed and it doesn't sit easy with me BUT that doesn't mean if others want to give a chance/ benefit of the doubt that they are wrong.
  12. Midgetguy
    These new customers have yet to be wronged by the man behind the curtain. And hopefully, it continues to stay that way for them. I'd imagine most of the people that got screwed by TAE wished it had gone down differently. For those who are purchasing from IMR, I hope things don't happen the way stuff happened with TAE, and while I likely won't buy something from IMR at the moment, I'd still advise for people interested to understand the history and make their own decisions based on it. If they're willing to buy from IMR given the history of the person who now reportedly runs it, then I wish them the best of luck.
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  13. majo123
    Thats sort of pretty much my take and feelings too, at the moment for me I probably won't buy from them but as you and karendar have also said if you are going into IMR with eyes open about the past then that is solely your decision.
  14. phthora
    Well, I was joking and then immediately agreed that I don't want others ripped off. Actually, in the post right before your stirring ethical argument.

    My frustration stems from the desire not to see others get ripped off, otherwise I wouldn't have shared my experience on the MD boards at all. It does astound me, however, that people are so quick to dismiss the numerous cases of others getting ripped off and just ignore all the warning signs.
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  15. McCol
    I’m not defending his past, I’m not a new user, I’ve seen people scammed here years ago by if I remember rightly the maker of an amp ‘supermini’, I think there were other products in his line but he just disappeared, similar to trinity - took money upfront and didn’t deliver the goods.
    As for IMR, I read nothing of this thread since it went pear shaped, I followed it early on but wasn’t really that interested in the product at that time. Now if I had read this first I still would have bought the R1, reason being that the product seemed to be made and in stock unlike the Trinity from which I gather people were kickstarting so to speak.

    I’ve been scammed in the past - I know the feeling however for user/s in this thread to wish misfortune on people now is a little low to be honest.

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