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  1. Tommy C
    He should have done CanJam as well...
    I’m sure many would like to meet him in person and have a close talk with him.
  2. Layman1
    Backlash for what?
    Not trying to be argumentative lol, you know I have great respect and liking for you, in a manly kind of way :p
    Just lying in bed exhausted and can't think clearly, and can't see anything much wrong with him selling them on Massdrop (as opposed to anywhere else)? :S
  3. Karendar
    Hey man, appreciate it. You're not too bad yourself!! In a manly respect kind of way. :ksc75smile:

    When I say backlash, you can see it from the posts already on Massdrop... People are still angry about the whole Trinity/Bob/Bob's Wife/IMR potential incestual relationship. It was obvious some people would post comments that goes against recommending the R1's.
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  4. Karendar
    First attempted murder at CanJam. :p haha
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  5. Layman1
    Or people taking the name literally and jamming cans where they ill belong :p
  6. Layman1
    Ah, that would explain it. I didn't actually go to the mass drop page.
    I might take a look, just for schadenfreude's sake :p
  7. Kundi
    you better get the popcorn ready if you are lol.
  8. Layman1
    I just took a look. There seem to be two key 'perps/ringleaders' lol.
    I think I remember both of them from this thread actually :D
  9. majo123
    Perps lol hahaha your on fire tonight dude.
  10. Kundi
    agreed. i was never out any money with trinity and the R1 is getting good reviews. but i dont want to spend that much money.
  11. Layman1
    Haha, cheers! Time to go choose some lottery numbers :wink:
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  12. Tommy C
    It’s not me lol
    I’m not on MassDrop hahah.
    On a more serious note, FWIW, I was able and still can back up all my claims.
  13. Tommy C
    Just popped in to see the offer on MassDrop. The IMR defenders call the paying Trinity customers conspiracy theorists.
    They also claim the documentation about Trinity is fabricated lol
    Why does it sound so familiar?
  14. wilberforce55
    I’m having fun baiting the apologists
  15. Midgetguy
    Now I've never done this, but faking legal documents and getting them verified and into the appropriate public systems is much harder than it looks like in movies and TV shows :p.

    There's no reason to conclude any of the things some of you have found (again from OFFICIAL state-sponsored resources, not random forums) are fake. I just can't see that being the case.

    I'll defend TAE to a certain point and Bob to a certain point, but you can't just explain away everything as being fine and dandy. TAE used to make some good products and they used to be a great company for the first year and a bit of their existence; Bob seemed like a good honest stand-up guy who had a customer-oriented way of working on his products so as to accommodate the customers as much as he reasonably could have done. And then things started going south: dodging questions, missing deadlines, evading customers, and finally just posting outright lies. They employed the strategy of "tell them it will happen at this point and hopefully it will. If it doesn't, we'll let them know and they'll stick by us".....and then they completely ignored the second part and all customers got was a whole lotta nothing and some radio silence. TAE of old was fantastic and many of us highly recommended them and their products for a reason. But at this point, they've spent more time being lying sacks than they ever did as a reputable entity.

    I don't want to bash Bob or TAE outright: there has to be a reason to and as far as I can tell, there is. So I don't want to speak ill of them, but at this point, they leave me no choice; it's hard to say that they didn't bring this upon themselves. I'd like to believe that Bob has truly started a new leaf with IMR, I really would. But frankly, the proposed business plan/strategy is eerily similar (aka, identical) which leads me to believe it will meet the same fate. I can believe the office location thing; it's where he's always worked in that business complex and that's where he intends to continue working, whatever. But the stuff that really does Bob in is that he's not going back to what worked when TAE was flourishing, however much of a hand he had in that, regardless of what title or role he officially had. The thing that TAE shared in common with some of the big boutique names today like Campfire Audio was how genuine, honest, and transparent they were. They excelled at that and it's part of how TAE becme as successful as it did. But after all the problems, Bob leaves and attempts to wash his hands of the debacle. And one of the things that happens in all this, whether you believe his explanations about not being the guy in charge or not, is the email list. The email list that we can all only assume got passed on to Bob one way or another for his new personal no-strings venture as IMR Acoustics. And the reason we believe this to be the case is because people have reported that they got the IMR R1 promotional material, but didn't ever sign up to receive such promotions. One could argue that the email list was another source, not TAE; I can't discredit that idea because while TAE is a good conclusion due to the company ties and whatnot, it objectively isn't the only possibility. Emails are scraped everywhere from all manners of online interactions. People have to be able to electronically advertise somehow and there's the possibility (whether a remote possibility or not) that the email list is simply from some specific subset based on data scraped about the populace.

    Still, our natural thought logic is to connect the dots with what we have as long as it doesn't seem too far-fetched and deem it as the true conclusion. As such, TAE being a Bob thing and Bob leaving TAE in order to free himself of the bad rep and start IMR fits the evidence known and is deemed the correct conclusion. By association, that means IMR is the same thing as TAE, but in a different guise. I can't say it's wrong, but at the same time, I would also be hesitant in saying it's right. Such reservations means that to me, it might be something to watch, but not something to invest in considering its current state.

    Y'all are fake news! Can't be running around these forums doing that :p (and yes I'm playing, y'all are great people, even if we sometimes disagree on things)
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