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  1. Karendar
    Man, I need a nap after reading all this. I'm pooped!

    Special mention for you using y'all. Felt very Arkansas. :wink:
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  2. Layman1
    Now, Im not one for paranoid conspiracy theories, but I can't help feeling that some of the 'pro-Bob' and 'pro-R1' posters on Massdrop sound a bit like.. stuff written by people who *might possibly* be mates of people connected with the company.

    Now, I'm not saying that this is the case. Because that would clearly be the work of a paranoid conspiracy theorist :p
    But you know, you have to wonder :D
  3. McCol
    I'm no mate of Bob's or anybody associated with Trinity or IMR and I've posted on the discussion.

    I've recommended people buy the R1, it's a cracking earphone. People having go at others for buying etc, I hope they scrutinise every purchase they make to check it's ethical etc etc etc.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
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  4. majo123
    By all accounts the r1 is a cracking headphone but the vendor was involved with a company that still owes a lot of people products, that tends to make people high and mighty and scrutinise.
  5. McCol
    I get that however from what evidence I can see he didn’t own the company.
    It would be difficult to buy any product in the western world that is free of any kind of corruption, child labour, low pay and poor working conditions.
    So if Bob’s ‘crime’ is that he worked for a company that went bust - doesn’t bother me to be honest, there are far worse examples on these forums that we all spend our cash on.
  6. sososerious
    You may want to read back in the trinity threads a little further, I'm not preaching to others about what they should or shouldn't be doing with their money like some others but you can be sure I've made my mind up on my view of this all.

    I had to commence legal proceedings to get a resolution, many still wait for a simple reply let alone their products.
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  7. Intensecure
    You are correct, he never owned the company. But then he couldn't, because under bankruptcy restrictions he was not able to "form, manage or promote" any company. Being taken on as a contractor would have avoided any risk of breaching those conditions.
    However, his wife was majority shareholder from some date in 2016 to augAug 2017 - the same date Bob "left" Trinity. You can see why some would call that ownership by proxy?
  8. Layman1
    Hey there! Ha, I do indeed recognise your name from the IMR page on Massdrop :D

    You've been a long-term Head-Fi member too, so you may have seen me around on here, but just to be clear, I'm all about the light-hearted banter and love of music/audiophile tech.
    Absolutely no personal attack intended, just a bit of mischief on this thread for fun and laughs :wink:

    I personally would love to hear the R1, but definitely would want to hear it before I buy. Despite my best audiophile intentions, I'm still something of a closet basshead and these really sound like they might tick my boxes :D
  9. OldDude04
    As a fully out of the closet basshead, I can tell you, they would click that box, then smash the box, lol. Despite all the "did he/didn't he" going on in this thread (and I don't even pretend to know what really happened), the R1 is a spectacular IEM. If it had something like a CA or EE instead of an IMR in front of R1, these would get a crap ton of love.
  10. Karendar
    While the R1 is a really nice pair of IEM's (My daily driver, and I own a 64 audio U8), I feel it's priced a little too high. Personally, had I not had a deal from Bob, I wouldn't have jumped onboard, considering I'm now stuck with a PM6 new in box I don't use.

    Bob's "crime" to some is the haziness of his involvement in leaving a bunch of people in the dust about preordered items that they might never receive. They are legitimate in being angry, but they direct it at Bob because noone knows who truly is responsible anymore. Kieran's address is the only area people can get in touch with Trinity since the site died. Bob is the only other tie to that debacle. If you had bought over £200 in equipment that you won't receive, would you be a little angry? Can't really blame them. :)
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
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  11. McCol
    No offence taken,as Wilberforce55 pointed out he's having a bit of laugh on Massdrop winding the situation up, I'm probably doing the same in a light hearted way similar to yourself and wilberforce55.

    The bass on the R1 is excellent and I've not even tried the bassier filters yet!
  12. McCol
    Oh don't get me wrong I understand the anger but I don't see Bob as being totally to blame but like you say people need a target and he has put himself in that firing line.

    The R1 I think at the RRP is probably priced about right, it easily surpasses earphones that are more expensive but then maybe they are overpriced. I don't mind though as my set are B-stock and for the price they are a total bargain.
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  13. Karendar
    Yeah, people are looking for a target. Bob is a prime one considering the Trinity history and the info... Hence... This. :)

    Right, at B-Stock price, it's a great deal... :) That I agree.
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  14. mashuto
    His "crime" was pretending that it was essentially his company the whole time, acting that he was finally making the headphones he always wanted to make, lying to everyone many many times about production and delivery, switching his story immediately when he started IMR (about how he was just a contractor and he wasnt involved in any of the fiasco and that now he truly was going to make the iems he wanted) and then mailing customers based off a trinity mailing list.

    The R1 might be a great IEM, it might even be priced great too. Hopefully his "new" company actually has it together this time and will be able to actually fulfill orders and wont lie to their customers if they arent able to right away. In my mind though, as good as they might be, I just cannot support that guy, and it baffles me how some people immediately jump to his defense as if he was totally innocent and everyone is just out to get him.
  15. McCol
    Again I get how people feel, however if I was too think into every product I bought on an ethical manner - I wouldn’t be able to buy anything.

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