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  1. McCol
    But we’re not being thick. I ordered via PayPal with credit card, if my R1 hadn’t turned up after say 7 days I would’ve claimed a refund, which I would’ve got through credit card company.
  2. mashuto
    And thats totally your choice to purchase from him, and I am not blaming you for it or attacking your decision. My issue is with the people who act like I am the crazy one because I dont want to do business with that guy after all the crap that was pulled with trinity, and then defend it by saying its a totally separate thing and therefore what happened in the past isnt relevant at all. I think it is, but I also dont think people who choose to buy his products are wrong. And I personally sincerely hope that nobody buying from IMR gets scammed in the same way trinity people did. But buying from IMR is a gamble I am not willing to take after everything that happened, regardless of whether or not they seem to be doing things better.

    Edit: And in the case of the massdrop thing, I think people posting their stories about trinity (i was one of them) are totally relevant to IMR and important for people to know. If they still choose to buy, great, no skin off my back. But as I said in another post, its a warning, not an attack on your personal choices.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  3. phthora
    It seems like that approach only works if you've heard the horror stories first. Normally, I, at least, wouldn't sweat no action on a purchase after a week.
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  4. Karendar
    Saw the post after I posted. :p

    As for people that are quick to dismiss, we're all super eager to believe in something... I guess some people thought they could believe in Trinity. Bob did play a major part of this blind trust... He did come off as someone trustworthy and while he dissapeared at one point, he came in with a mea culpa that felt plausible and heartfelt. Then dissapeared again... And now is still playing the victim card to gain sympathy. "They owe me a bunch of money, I can't talk about it though". I believed him to an extent, but when all the info came out about his wife being financially involved came out and him not being able to own a company due to an old bankruptcy... I started doubting more. By then, I already had the R1 in hand and a PM6 + Air coming my way...
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  5. McCol
    Fair point and to be honest can’t disagree with you however some of the posts over at Massdrop by some(don’t know if it’s you!) seem like personal slights to those who are thinking of buying.
  6. McCol
    Your probably right but I think if when I ordered I read the thread here then after a week nothing had turned up I might be getting a bit sweaty about it!
  7. mashuto
    Nah probably wasnt me, I just posted a couple times this morning responding to a few of the crazy overzealous defenders that seemed like they were personally offended that anyone could say anything bad about IMR (and bob). I know there are crazy people on both sides that take things way too far, and im glad we are at least having a nice civil discussion. As with all purchases one way or the other people have a tendency to wrap their own personal self worth in them, and anyone not liking their products seems like a personal slight against them directly.

    I actually left this thread many months ago once I got my refund for the PM6 cause I just had had enough. But I still jump in here to read if there are any new updates and felt today was the day to jump back into the discussion.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  8. phthora
    I get that @Karendar I bought the Icarus IV right as the concerns about Trinity passed out of the realm of rumor into established fact, but I figured they had probably already made the IVs. The real shitty part about it is that the Phantom Masters that I do have are excellent and if the company were legit, I'd be forking my $550 over on MD right now. Acceptable risk is a very personal thing and I have my own reasons (bet you can guess what they are) for boycotting all of Bob's endeavors, so I won't try to talk anyone out of rolling the dice. I just want them to realize that 'rolling the dice' may be exactly the metaphor that applies here.
  9. sejsel
    Any news about the advertised, (pre)ordered and not thus far appearing product, Icarus II DAP ?

    Any news about the Trinity new web page, that was supposedly (according to one post in this thread , with the screenshot of that new page attached, couple of weeks ago or so) in preparation or build ?

    Any news about any new headfiers that have received the products they have ordered ?

    Any new word from Trinity about all of this ?
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  10. bjaardker
    FWIW, Bob isn't the only person left.

    Joe Watts is actively telling people on one of the rockjaw kickstarters that he's sending out refunds to them.
  11. HungryPanda
    Re my feelings about trinity Audio

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  12. grs8
    Two month passed by since Kieran told me, that they are starting the refund process - since then radio silence.

    No replies to my last two mails, asking when I will receive my refund at last.

    Bob can send me a B stock R1 instead :smiling_imp:
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  13. Midgetguy
    Except Joe's sending out refunds on behalf of the Rockjaw KS version of the Phoenix headphone. Nothing to do with TAE, especially since he's said that he isn't a leading figure there anymore either.

    Also, got my Airs, obviously not in the color I ordered, but whatever. Now to eventually find some time to attempt fixing them. FWIW, they do fit well and are comfortable and lightweight. Case design is super questionable though. Why design a case that is completely unsealed? And hilariously, the charging cable has the TAE logo on it, but the case itself has no logo whatsoever. Everything feels quite nice, but things just don't work all that well. And the volume stepping on them is horrible; quiet to quite a bit louder in a single volume click.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  14. OldDude04
    As I said in an earlier post, I don't even pretend to know what has truly transpired behind the scenes with who owned what, who still owns what, and who screwed us buyers over. I've had my fair share of issues with Trinity, waiting on headphones, attempting to RMA a set of Masters that were somehow lost in their offices for over a month, and many other silly things. Believe me, I won't be defending Trinity for anything. And while I've heard the IMR R1, it was a review pair. I don't think anyone that has heard the headphone has been disappointed with it. But what holds me back right now isn't Bob, as he has delivered on every pair ordered from what I've seen and heard, it's the current price. I believe it should be selling closer to $250 to $300.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  15. Midgetguy
    B-stock pricing basically. I haven't heard it, but I could agree with that. Considering this was designed at the same time as some of the TAE IEMs and directly after (or concurrently?) to the Hunter, the price is a bit steep in today's audio bargain world. A lot has happened in the world of bang for your buck audio experiences and that's not just limited to the <$50 bargain bin anymore. There's been some really good-sounding stuff costing $200-300 that sound like they could've gotten a $500+ tag a couple years ago. It's sometimes still weird to say something that costs $200-300 bang for your buck, but there really have been some exceptional sounding releases lately.
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