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  1. Tommy C
    Once they started to have some challenges ethics and honesty went out the window.
    Bob can claim whatever he wants to and even come up with a new story but at the end of the day their lies are all well documented.
    He kept in touch with a few people from here, some of them have their own theories and you can catch up on the IMR thread I guess.
    I go with facts and what I know and can back it up - this type of behavior has no place on Head-Fi.

    The fact that Bob’s wife was the majority shareholder of Trinity is just the final straw, after he claimed that he was “just a contractor” to dodge the bullet; and although it took some time the truth finally came out. I guess he thought everyone is stupid and can be fooled.
    It’s all one big hot mess, some products didn’t even make it to production while Trinity took the money and most likely invested it in IMR.
    You see a pattern here?
  2. sejsel
    TommyC, I think all of this is, at this point, beyond any comment(ing) really.
    I could write a lot (more) in lines with what You have said, but as I have stated even earlier, somehow, on my behalf (please do note that I am not implying what and how anyone present here should and could write about all of this) I do not see that I personally would contribute anything by repeating what many of you at the thread have already said.

    Very depressing, all of this. It is, unfortunately, a big hot mess indeed, the way things are.

    One could and would (want to) hope that the issue still could be with the supplier - manufacturer, but none of us can know for sure and we can only speculate, or make qualified guesses on that speculation (wishful thinking, really).
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
    Tommy C likes this.
  3. voxie
    Once I saw the "picture" of the Trinity Dap on forums.. it was time to walk away.
  4. Tommy C

    Agreed. The whole situation is disgusting.
    I know exactly where you’re coming from and I didn’t mean to correct you or anything.
    I hope somehow, someway yourself and people will get their money back.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  5. sejsel
    Oh, no, don't get me wrong, I never comprehended your post in such manner, or anything even close to it.
    My observartions were not related to your post in that way at all.

    I was just spontaneously reflecting on the whole situation, it is very odd, strange, all of it.

    I am a bit in disbelief about all of it, this situation with the Trinity, while it is still going on, but then again, that's probably my own naïvity coming through.
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  6. sogetsu
    I think it's canned.

    I do apologise for not getting back to you , we were expecting a stock shipment , we were told we would be getting them late February, but it looks like now we be getting them middle of March, which I understand it’s frustrating probably more so , we don’t like disappointing our loyal customers , wish there was a better , positive update . This is all we been told on the shipment at the moment



    Trinity Audio Engineering Ltd

  7. Karendar
    They never answered me about the Airs...
  8. Midgetguy
    What gave it away? :p
  9. nealwm
    Trinity is probably just airing out some of small details before they get their "ground breaking" wireless IEMs to their loyal backers....like getting them to work or getting them manufactured or just spending our money.
  10. Layman1
    Is there actually an official IMR thread on Head-Fi?
    I had a quick search for 'IMR' just now, but only saw pages of results from this thread!
  11. OldDude04
    HERE you go.
  12. lbritish
    well.... my order has gone from GB over here to Los Angeles.... it then went to Lyons Colorado because my phone number matches a zipcode there.... and then it came BACK to California. Then they tried to deliver it but it requires a signature so it got redelivered today... and now I have a nice mooshed up looking outer box. But.... inside it appears that it's all there... intact... and looks to be in new condition. Literally no signs of finger prints or having been opened or scratched or anything so it SEEMS new... there's packaging dust on a lot of the items inside at various levels... I'm waiting for my DAP to recharge (oops... forgot I was redelivered today and didnt charge it up)....
  13. Karendar
    We're talking about a PM6 order here?
  14. lbritish
  15. nealwm
    So you did receive a tracking number prior to the delivery or was it just delivered? I am still waiting on any information on any of my orders and a tracking number would truly be a cause for a small celebration! The celebratory bottle is aging quite nicely.

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