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  1. bjaardker
    Agreed, at this point it's time to unbury the bodies and uncover what folks know. Forget gentlemen's agreements about keeping quiet on stuff. Good people lost real money here and likely have little to no recourse.

    I'd really like to hear what Dan knows too.
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  2. VocaloidDude
    You expected them not to go bankrupt after they manufactured their products, and then people couldn't wait for their orders to come in and asked for a refund? Idk if you guys know this, but that's actually how financial crashes happen in general, which causes banks and businesses to go bankrupt. Good going. I'm happy as hell that I got the Trinity Atlas and the Trinity Phantom Hunter, because these really are the best earphones that money was once able to buy (although I still never got my extra Litz cables for the Phantom Hunter). What a shame.
  3. boblauer
    I agree as well simply for curiosity sake, I've long ago given up on the airs owed me. I do however think we will never know the real truth as it won't be spilled here. I've seen enough to make up my own mind and possibly the truth could sway me to believe it was all a harmless accident of fate but that's not my current mindset. It's a shame as I own DVII, Vyrus, Master and Hyperion and may just sell at least 3 of them as I got plenty of others that perform as well and don't cause a lingering What feeling.
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  4. pietro77
  5. Lurk650
  6. Karendar
    Yeah, that's not how that works... Go back to the drawing board. If they HAD manufactured the IEM's, it wouldn't have taken 1+ years to send them out. That and there's an entire product line missing from their roster because they were too busy stacking preorders to sit down and fix what was already broken. You came in REALLY late to the game, so I forgive you though.
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  7. Watermelon Boi
    If they were getting delayed just for a while, sure you're right. Though go check what happened & what is happening with TA. That stage is far over.
  8. sejsel
    +1 on @pietro77 's reply...
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  9. Tommy C
    On a side note based on a different thread, I don’t buy the “Bob wasn’t involved” claim.
    Trinity was Marie Timms and Joe Ashley Watts - who brought the money and the initial investment is irrelevant.
    Some claim it was Marie Timms’ money and there is a reason why she is no longer a shareholder effective August 2017, while others say differently - again, irrelevant.
    Bob wasn’t just a regular contractor or whatever the claims are. It’s the same people, simple as that.
    The whole thing is a mess, I wish customers will get a refund and those people behind Trinity will go away and leave this community alone.
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  10. VocaloidDude
    Maybe I don't know everything that happened. I just remember being around here when people were daily talking about asking for a refund from trinity and getting refunds. This was some time a year or two ago. I happened to get my Trinity Phantom Hunter in the course of a couple months, because I ordered it from Audio Sanctuary. It seemed like a logical thing to assume to me, considering that I witnessed a fair number of people talking about the refunds that they got from Trinity.

    This apparently happens a lot with kickstarters, and if these guys were some kind of Bernard Madoff scheme, then their products wouldn't be as stellar as they were. I'm personally really sad that I'll never get a chance to buy another Trinity product, or get repairs or replacement parts for my Hunter or Atlas if I ever need them.
  11. Watermelon Boi
    Yep, real sad as well that I won't be able to see more TA products from now on. (used to be a TA fanboy)

    Though the situation with TA is different from kickstarters. TA told people that they got stuffs in stock but won't reply or give updates after receiving orders. They also created shipping labels without actually shipping and been receiving orders even while bunch of people weren't receiving any replies or updates. Distributors & Dealers have placed order and received no communication or updates. Seems like those dealers eventually sued TA to get their money back. Now TA shutdown their website (which appears to be done by Shopify admins) for almost 3 months, leaving a single tweet that their website in under maintenance. Now that's clearly a lie.

    It confuses people even more because IMR got launched right after TA got screwed, and these two brands have such big correlation.
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  12. sejsel

    ... perhaps then, apart from stating the stuff that can be easily proved wrong (word by word and sentence by sentence, but I for one won't even bother to dignify all the nonsense - by doing that)
    you could bother to put your money where your keyboard is, and order another Hunter and PM6, and add an Icarus II DAP to that, just for the fun of it.

    That would certainly be a nice and very concrete contribution to the rescue of the Trinity; an added bonus would be that you can then, eventually, down the line, get your replacement parts for the Hunter and Atlas.
    If you would ever need them, that is ...
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  13. Karendar
    That's the thing: Phantom air and SOME PM6 were kickstarters and IGG... Hunters, PM6, Icarus line, etc. were all busines direct pre-orders, so they have a financial and business OBLIGATION to deliver on time and customers are in their RIGHT to request a refund when things go awry. People were REALLY tolerant at first...

    You say that's how financial crashes happen... You're right. It is how they happen: When companies and financial institutions abuse the system, abuse good faring customers and create a financial bubble which ends up popping, unraveling everything and raining all the crap back down. Do you blame the end-users/customers when something like this happens? No, you blame the bigger ups that took bad decisions and left customers abused and stranded.

    Trinity lied about having PRODUCTION READY items, they lied about the manufacturing of said IEM's, they lied about the chain of command, they lied about shipping so many times people have lost count, they gave sparse information, they directly insulted customers in some messages. You came in a few months before a third party got lucky and scored their order (about a year late) when everything else was already unraveling. Your bias is charming, but don't try and accuse people here of causing Trinity's demise. They did that all on their own and took A LOT of people for a very unpleasant ride. And they did you bad too, charging you full price for the hunters and offering no after sales support or not even supplying you what you signed up for and rightfully deserved (The litz cables).

    Enjoy your hunters as much as you can. If they ever die out, keep in mind that there are many other companies supplying gear that aren't about to go away and will give you as much if not more auditory satisfaction...
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  14. VocaloidDude
    You drive a very good point. Consider my mind on the subject changed. I do remember contacting them myself at one point, and they actually said that my cables were being shipped to me, and they never were. I do also remember all the people who were told that their items were shipping out next week, and it became sort of like a running joke. Lying like that is definitely shady business practice. They suck at running a company, and they created a scandal that was their own doing... they actually knew how to make good earphones, that's all I'll say.

    You're probably right that there are other good earbuds. It's been a while since I did comparison research, but when I did my research the price to performance ratio was highest for Trinity's stuff. I could probably get a really nice Campfire audio, or something, but to be honest it was sort of crazy for me to be spending 500 dollars on any earbud in the first place (usually I would spend that sort of money on stationary headphones, if I was buying any expensive audio equipment), but the stars aligned and it looked like a fantastic opportunity to get some stellar ear buds at a decent price. To be honest I rarely use them because I'm not fond of carrying around a limited to 1000 copies edition of a defunct company, which costs 500 bucks lol. The loss would be too huge.
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  15. sejsel
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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