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  1. Midgetguy
    Oh come one man, my location's been posted there in the info forever! :p

    How far back on KS was this? I only took a cursory glance to confirm that the majority of people were still saying they hadn't received anything and that everyone was completely miffed about it all.
  2. VocaloidDude
    There's someone you're in contact with from Trinity? Could you email me their contact info so I could see if I can get my Litz cables?
  3. Torment
  4. Karendar
    What @Torment said :) Kieran's email is the only one still responding to support calls... But insanely random. Seems like they don't respond to everything.
  5. Karendar
    Sorry, slept 4 hours and my brain is fried. :p Next time I'm in Vancouver, I'll come down.
  6. boblauer
    I'm almost 100% in agreement with intensesecure with 2 small exceptions. I would like to hear the truth for my edification; secondly I would like to know or understand the Watts vs Timms relationship. AFAIK Bob said he created TAE because he was not happy with Rock Jaw and the direction, now Joe is Rock Jaw lock stack and barrel, why would anyone in that position allow their lead designer to start their own thing using their funds under those circumstances?? That has always rubbed me wrong but could just be my bias due to personal issue years ago similar to that. Other than that whats done is done and we are all beating a very dead horse or one close to death.
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  7. Karendar
    Message in question off Kickstarter:

    Eric Yew le février 4

    Finally got my phantom air working properly I think. The drop out are mostly gone for me and really like the sound on them.
    On the day i received my phantom air, the back on the right bud popped open when i accidentally dropped it. So glad it did as it allowed me to see the inside.
    There are 2 pins that press against a copper foil that is placed against the back cover. I am making the assumption that this is potentially the antenna of some sort. (The pins has some spring on them like a watch band pin)

    Anyway, what I ended up doing was grab some extra copper foil/strip. Fold it into 4 layers and placed it against the original copper foil. I place the cover back on and tapped it down with strips of duct tape. (I'll get it glued one day when I am happy that the issue is definitely resolved)
    I find that it needs to be pressed down properly against the pin, not just touching the pin. After that, I stopped getting drop out accept occassionally as any TWS earbuds do (not any more compared with my Erato Muse 5).

    I think update 26 helped explains this best. Trinity mentioned about the battery causing the dropout. I think what has happened is that the mass manufacturing caused inconsistency with battery sizes. There must also be issue with the glue used as it's not keeping the back cover tightly secured on. The looseness of the pin against the foil and back cover I think is causing the dropouts for many. Unfortunately, I think this issue must have came about during mass manufacturing and wasn't picked up earlier.
    Hope this help others.
    I'll try to do a video one day if anyone is interested.

    Now, if someone could explain to me what each different filter's effect might be, that would be great! :)
  8. nealh
    I understand it seems like people are beating a dead horse. But you have to remember Trinity look to be a really great company. They wanted to do something special with the community and listen to the users to make great products.
    They made commitments and people provided them phones in advance but were then led down a very sad path.
    This is a way for people to ventAnd reduce their stress. When you are taking advantage of you need a way to deal with it. It’s a very sad and depressing situation. People work hard for their money and they gave their trust which in my opinion was abused
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  9. boblauer
    Agreed venting is great and much needed. My comment on the dead horse is more in line with asking about an explanation from those who know. I am included in that beating but I doubt anyone is going to spill the beans or tell anything.
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  10. nealh
    Forget it we will never have the truth. I pressed Bob for honesty and was beaten down

    He and the other individuals will never provide honest answers. They want people to believe they will still get their products.
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  11. VocaloidDude
    I just sent them another email... for like the half dozenth time. Let's hope that it works this time, because those Litz cables would actually be super nice to own. Fingers crossed.
  12. Midgetguy
    If you actually end up getting a pair to rip open to take a look and maybe even get some sort of soldering or fully wireless solution to work, you gotta document all that with pictures or video and let me know! Even if I don't end up getting mine, I'm curious :D

    Best of luck to you. Not to be discouraging, but while you're at your half dozen of emails to them, several other members here are probably at more like 3 dozen emails with no good answers.
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  13. nealwm
    Then they start a kickstarter campaign for an espresso maker built for the budget conscious coffee conissour (and of course the machine comes with several different colored brew screw on valves for...you know the drill).
  14. Karendar
    Espresso machine with screw on valves?!?!

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  15. boblauer
    Don't forget to make the filters proprietary so you can only use those and then discontinue the filters so if you ever have any issues you need to buy a new one. Then of course rinse and repeat.

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