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  1. VocaloidDude
  2. sejsel
    The question is rather how much **** he got himself sunk into...
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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  3. Karendar
    Glad to see I'm making sense. :) No hard feelings. They did make good earphones... And the Icarus III was an amazingly priced piece of gear, which is why I was curious about the IMR R1's...

    I feel the same way about my 64 audio U8's... :wink: Love them to death and I would be sick to my stomach losing them. I currently carry IMR R1's around and even that makes me a little uneasy carrying around... Then again, I hardly ever use IEM's at home.

    I should carry around the PM6.. :p haha
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  4. VocaloidDude
    My every day carry is the Echobox Finder x1, or the Shozy Zero. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I lost them and there's not much on them that could fall off and not be easily replaced (especially the Shozy Zero, such high quality sound for so cheap an earbud). I usually just use the Phantom Hunters on vacations with my family, because then if you're just in the car or in a hotel room or something, you're less likely to lose it than if you're walking all around your college campus.
  5. Watermelon Boi
    Even though there probably won't be any customer service available for TA products now, I'm still tempted / curious about the Hunters. I've already got IMR R1, so not sure if it's worth the money. lol
  6. harpo1
    Where would you get one?
  7. Watermelon Boi
    From FS thread.
  8. Intensecure
    From the company records, the initial share allocation was 100% Joe Watts, but some time later (2016 or 2017, it's on the thread somewhere but I'm not trawling through it all again to find!) the majority control was passed over to Marie Timms.
    Then, at approximately the same time as Bob left Trinity she relinquished majority control, ceased to be a person with significant control, and it seems that the shares reverted to Joe Watts. However, Joe claims that the company records are not up to date and that he is no longer involved. Not quite sure how true that is.
    I know that Bob likes to indignantly remind us that he "was never the owner there" but after seeing the bankruptcy details it is clear that at the time of Trinity's establishing he would not have been legally able to hold office, manage or promote the company. Trinity was always seen as Bob's idea, his "brainchild", his vision, his products... basically his company! But technically the owner? No, he is correct, he wasn't because he couldn't be! I am sure that he would have liked to have been, since it was his idea! So he operated on a freelance contractual basis, to comply with legal restraints. Not quite the same thing as "only" being a contractor, with no obligations or responsibilities for the direction or operation of the company.
    What bothers some, I feel, is that Bob never fully told the truth, preferring instead to hide behind partial facts and obfuscations.
    All the lies that he told customers, all the lies he told here, not using his full name, the fact that his wife was indeed majority shareholder for a time, that Jake is his (presumed) son, his undischarged bankruptcy, the use of the email lists from Trinity, the fact that his bankruptcy was for activities related to sales and marketing...so very many red flags!
    Even his creation of IMR is inside his time limit of bankruptcy restrictions, unless he has discharged them or obtained court permission.
    People have said that he is humble, likeable, a good guy. I'm sure he is. Jordan Belfort seems to be a great guy also, but I wouldn't trust him or give him money! Not that I am equating the two in terms of success or venality..:wink:
    As long as people are happy with their IMR products, great! But I don't think that casting around to find out who was responsible for the Trinity situation is necessary. There were two people - Robert Timms and Joe Watts. One or both bear responsibility for the money that you may have lost, and I don't think that it is more complicated than that.
  9. majo123
    I agree they made some amazing iems for the money my favourite was the sabre which I still owned until a few days ago and my work colleague who has them now loves them.
    I agree with karendars post, a lot were super tolerant I was one of the openly "hang on in there guys" but after 6 months of support and no deltas or hunters not appearing for ANYONE I had no choice but to bail before my PayPal protection ended.
    I have double edged feelings about trinity , very sad I'm not going to see anymore products from them but also can't trust a company with so much lies and deciept.
    Whatever you feel it's definitely a shame that a company that seemed to have so much promise and was bringing us great products at insanely cheap prices is gone.
  10. majo123
    I'm still curious about the hunters too ...like where the he'll are the 100s that were supposed to be made lol.
    That was when I had had enough i.e after being told they had sent 100s of Hunter out when clearly nothing.
  11. Karendar
    Well, looks like my Trinity ordeal is coming to a close. Kieran answered me on the Phantom Air asking me what color I had picked. I told him red/black and he said those they had no stock of, but they did have orange/white or gold/white if I wanted to switch... I now have a tracking number.

    Will keep everyone posted on what I receive.
  12. Midgetguy
    Some day, I may sell or perhaps even tour my Hunter unit to some of y'all if you're in the US. And I've even got the litz cable. They're getting pretty low headtime from me lately because I've been bouncing between 4 main products: Supra, Massdrop Plus, MEEAudio Pinnacle P2, and Audeze iSine10.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
  13. Midgetguy
    So you'll be getting an orange/white or gold/white brick? :p
  14. Karendar
    I'd love to do a sonic comparison between the hunter and PM6 honestly. Where in the US are you located again? :)
  15. Karendar
    Totally :D Orange/white... My goal is to gut the suckers and see what is wrong. Someone on KS opened them up and saw a short on the antenna + housing + battery which seemed to fix his... So I'm hopeful I can reproduce it. Otherwise, I'll bridge the antennas with an MMCX cable.
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