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  1. xoxiax
    If all the uk users (i don't know if the european ones, as me, can do anything about it) took legal actions i'm sure that they, the trinity guys, could have real problems. Obviously the preferred end is a refund for everyone here, but the objective of a legal action for me goes further than us because, as you correctly stated, it will be difficult to find something on the ruins of Trinity. Anyway, at least these people wouldn't leave clean their sinking boat.
    Who tells us that Bob didn't do this before?
    In my opinion, it should be a moral debt for us assuring he won't be able to repeat this fraud with other people under a different brand in just a few months or years...
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  2. bjaardker
    Well, if Bob's wife divested as the official documents say, then the only person left to go after is Joe Ashley Watts. He can say that he's not there anymore, but based on what we've seen it's legally still his company. However, based on his track record of failed corporations, I doubt there's any blood left in that turnip.

    Buyer beware. If Joe Watts is anywhere near the company you're buying from, run away...fast.
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  3. SCBob
    Hello. I'm new to this thread and am grossed out by what I am reading. Would anyone please fill me in about what was collected from people for the expected product? Thanks.
  4. Darkestred
    This whole fiasco is a bit odd to me. Some people have received their items. I've purchased a few items from them in the past. When it came time to request a cable or an item broke they were always so fast to send a replacement.

    It does seem like some money went into the PM6 and Hunters as some people have received at least something. Doesn't seem like a whole lot of money to just run off with in the grand scheme.
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  5. WhiteKnite
    I don't think anyone is saying they were intending to rip people off and just run away with the money. It just looks like absolute incompetence and overconfidence followed by lies to try and bail out a sinking ship, to me. The unforgivable dishonesty came in shortly after the second Hunter delay (over a year ago) and continues to this day. If they had just been up front and told us what was going on instead of giving us the bald faced lie that production was complete and they were doing extra QC, and continuing the "next week" BS, they might have actually been able to pull back out of this rut. All of the lies after that and the lack of any effort to be more transparent is just salt in the wound.
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  6. Darkestred
    Good point. It's been so long some of the events have been lost on me.
  7. majo123
    Hi guys, I still pop in from time to time see how this mess is going and just been reading the last few posts , I bailed last summer when apparently x amount of hunters had supposedly been shipped , if I remember rightly the figure was quoted in the few 100s ,still only a few exist out there from what I can see. Think the existing hunters are the first offs.
    I think they over estimated demand took everyone's money and kept putting off production hoping that the demand would meet expectation of which it didn't, yours and my money helped keep the business afloat while they hoped sales/orders picked up but they just kept dropping because of not fulfilling orders until no business, they can only refund what's in the pot but pot drying up because no sales because existing orders not fulfilled.
    Vicious circle
    Don't think they intended to rob anyone just think over expectations on demand and should of owned up refunded when demand not met, instead of burying heads in the sand and making promises hoping it will turn around.
    This is just my take/guess
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  8. nealwm
    Well, I can say that when it comes to myself I was introduced (some might say suckered into) to the company via the Airs project on Kickstarter several years ago. And although many people did receive the wireless Air I have not to date...not the first issue nor the second version. And in the time in between then and now I did order the Master IV and the updated version of it and received both which to date are really great cans. But because they did come through on something I was strung along believing that I would eventually get some version of the Airs and I also pre ordered the Icarus IV IEM and the Icarus I DAC/Amp...and still am waiting to receive either of those. So, overall I figure Trinity took about $350.00 USD or so from me without delivering anything other then a hollow excuse when pestered for information (which I discovered were pretty much stock replies issued to anyone who requested information with just the name of the specific item filled in). What is the most troubling thing though is that I went to Can Jam when it was in LA and spoke to Bob at length at their booth and left with quite a positive perspective. I do not know if the demise of the company was in motion at that point but it was after that meeting that I pre ordered the Icarus items so I do feel they did steal my money and it makes no difference what it was used to fix other problems or pay salaries, etc. My money was taken for several products that not only were not delivered but even produced. And they are still saying that the Airs are just behind in production that was beyond their control and hopefully will be sent in March. I am just glad that I did not pre order the Hunter... That is my two cents.
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  9. Karendar
    Not that many people received the airs... Just so you know.
  10. boblauer
    Yep I never did receive mine and long ago gave up and moved on to EOZ Air. IMO they was no instituted robbery just a litany of bad decisions after bad decisions to the point we are at. Sure would have been nice if they would have just said at some point we messed up, will refund what we can rather than dig deeper and deeper but oh well that bridge has long been run over.
  11. nealwm
    From what I could gather most every backer in Singapore got them and the second reissue as well...did not hear of anyone in the US getting even the first. Although from what I have read they just received little pieces of frustrating plastic in the end. But, damn it if I want my own little pieces of frustration so at least I could feel that the effort to make things work out was attempted. What i really wanted was the Icarus I DAC...at least I am not an early preorder(ist) of the Hunter. Still really enjoy my Master IV's.
  12. nealwm
    I also backed the EOZ Air as it looked very promising. Is the delivery still slated for April 18? i backed the Dash and still really enjoy them. Especially that they have the on board memory which virtually eliminates any drop out between the two units. Mine are still going like gang busters.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
  13. Karendar
    Most every backer in Singapore? How do you gather that??
  14. hho808
    Like others, I’ve not received all that I ordered. Backed their Kickstarter project for the Phantom Airs (I’m out two of them). Ordered a bunch of the other cheaper products. Got them all. Pre-ordered the Icarus IV, but when the Icarus III became available at half the price of the IV, I got them to send me two III’s instead (probably a wise move).

    Recently backed an Indegigo project from Crazybaby for the Nano Airs. Lots of complaints about their slow service, and some have reported functional issues with the wireless earphones. I have had mine for several weeks with no problems. Really enjoying them.
  15. Tommy C
    When it comes to wireless earphones it’s better to go with the the big boys.
    Bose, PSB, Sony, Jabra Jaybird are all solid.
    Too many thing can go wrong with wireless earphones and if those IGG and KS gigs fail to deliver or the products suck you can’t return/ exchange. Just my .02 cents.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
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